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HitBTC is a Europe-based cryptocurrency exchange that launched in 2014.In early 2015, HitBTC was hacked at around the same time as BTER and Excoin. HitBTC did not disclose how many coins was stolen.By August 2017, HitBTC had a market cap of over 100 million USD.HitBTC is known for being able to be friendly enough to people that are into creating trade bots, thanks to their API’s. When you try and search Google for “HitBTC”, a Wikipedia information shows up, not bad for a Bitcoin website! In most cases you are unable to get any results from Wikipidea when you search for Bitcoin websites.

One of the unique advantages of HitBTC is that it provides support for the FIX protocol – something you don’t see with a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Another unique feature of HitBTC is that it allows demo trading. Demo trading is surprisingly rare in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. When asked about demo trading, most exchanges simply tell you to make minimum trades of $1 and treat that as your demo.

HitBTC, however, has a full-fledged demo that can introduce users to the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Many traders got their start with HitBTC.

How to Register on HitBtc?

Registering on Hitbtc is as simple as Registering on any other website

1.) Visit Hitbtc Official Website from here.

2.]Next, Enter your First Name, Last Name, Country, Email, Phone Number (Optional), Password.

3.) Verify the Checkbox that you are not a robot. ?

4.) Click on I agree to the Terms of Use.

5.) Next, Open you Email and Verify your Email ?

Voila! You’ve successfully created your account on HitBtc. ?

Now that you’ve successfully created your account its time to make your account safe and secure so that only you can have access to have it.

How to Secure your HitBtc Account?


1.) Click on the Setting Icon at the Top right Corner.

2.) Click on the Two-Factor Authentication.

3.) Next Scan the Barcode or Enter the Authentication Code on the Google Authenticator App.

4.) Now Enter the Password and the 6 Digit Code from Google Authenticator App and Enable the Two-Factor Verification ?

Voila! You’ve successfully secured your Hitbtc Account.

How To Verify HitBtc Account?

Registration is a breeze with HitBTC and it literally just took seconds and I got my confirmation link on the email provided. But that doesn’t stop there, if you want to fund your account using FIAT, then you need to verify your account and get it out of the “general admission”. How do you get your account verified?

In order to have your account verified, you need to contact HitBTC at And request to have your account verified. Please be advised that you need to use the email address that you registered with them to send the verification email. Make sure that your email should include the following details below:

  • Personal Information (Government issued ID’s)
  • Address
  • Bank account information (For people that want to use FIAT)
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of bank account ownership

You can read more about the details on how to get verified through this link.

A note found at the end of the verification guide page says:

“Screenshots and/or electronic documents are not accepted, this document should be paper-based and drafted on original bank letterhead.”

You need to keep that in mind before you submit any requirements to them so that you wouldn’t encounter any problems when it comes to verifying your account.

Verification types offered by HitBTC

  1. General
  2. Verified
  3. Qualified

These are the levels of accounts that you would be able to get with HitBTC, each of these levels have their own advantage. Of course, the higher the level, the higher the trading volume.

For “General” accounts, you can, of course, deposit crypto currency for free and your daily withdrawal limit is EUR 5,000 worth of crypto currency per day. FIAT transactions are not available for the general verification tier.

The second tier would be “Verified” and you get free deposits for cryptos and a maximum of EUR 25,000 worth of crypto currency withdrawal per day. FIAT limit would be $2,000 (USD, EUR) per week and $10,000 (USD, EUR) per month; for deposits and withdrawals.

The final tier is called “Qualified” and, of course, you do not need to pay for any crypto deposits. If you think that $25,000 worth of crypto currency withdrawal is not enough for you then you might want to apply for this verification tier. A “Qualified” account can withdraw more than $25,000 worth of crypto currency per day and FIAT deposit/withdrawal would be $10,000 (USD, EUR) per week and $50,000 (USD, EUR) per month.

Access Cryptocoins, ICOs, Tokens, and Fiat

At HitBTC you can access a large number of crypto coins, ICOs, Tokens, and Fiat at One place which makes it better than other crypto exchange. See the image below:

HitBTC Features

Some of the key features in HitBTC include:

Trading Platform:

HitBTC has an information-packed terminal that displays recent trades, currency pairs, and movement over a set period of time. It’s not quite as beginner-friendly as other platforms we’ve seen.

It looks more like a conventional trading platform you see in the stock market world. If you’re looking for a colorful, beginner-oriented UI filled with colorful buttons, then HitBTC may not be the right choice for you.

Demo Trading:

Fortunately, newbie traders don’t have to dive right into HitBTC with real money. The platform allows demo trading. You can access all trading features without spending your own money. That’s why HitBTC is particularly popular among not just beginners, but also among developers who want to test their trading bots.

Fiat Operations:

HitBTC lets you deposit and withdraw from two fiat currencies: EUR and USD. You can also exchange these fiat currencies for a number of different cryptocurrencies.


HitBTC is popular for its API, which comes with several interfaces to make it easy to implement into custom software. Those interfaces include the RESTful API,, and Streaming API. RESTful API lets users access market data, perform trading operations, and manage funds.

Basically, it allows you to access the full range of features of HitBTC., on the other hand, is a protocol that lets you receive market data, and Streaming API lets you access market data and trading operations.

FIX Protocol Support:

One of the most attractive features of HitBTC is its support for the FIX protocol. HitBTC supports FIX via two types of interfaces, including FIX Trading and FIX Market data.

Low Fees:

Trading fees are surprising low with them as they only charge 0.1% on every market trade and LP orders have a 0.01% rebate on execution.

An in-depth guide can be read through this link regarding their fees.

Deposits and Withdrawal waiting time

Funding your account can take up to fourteen (14) business days. And when it comes to the withdrawal of funds this can take up to twenty (20) business days.

Demo Mode!

What’s really exciting about their website is that only offers a demo mode in where you can play with their websites and features and try to feel comfortable with trading without losing anything! With just a few simple clicks, you would be able to enter the “Demo Mode” where all transactions are made for practice purposes.

Website Interface for HitBTC

The website interface is something that newbies would not like. It is filled with all the information a seasoned trader would need, but too much information for a new person who just came into Bitcoin trading. Good thing that the Demo Mode is there to help you out in getting familiar with everything on the website.

HitBtc Customer Support

If you want something answered, they have a ticketing system which serves as their customer service support platform. You can choose from General Questions, Payment, Technical and Verification Questions through this channel. You might want to also read about people that are having problems with their HitBTC account through this forum post. This might give you an idea on how they operate.

Affiliate program with

You can also be an affiliate with HitBTC and earn through your referrals! They actually give a lot back to their affiliates, so do not miss out if you want to be a part of people that has good passive income with them. Click Here To Join

Should You Use HitBTC?

HitBTC is a popular cryptocurrency exchange with some unique features that set it apart from the competition. Some of the most popular features of the exchange include support for the FIX protocol and the ability to open a demo trading account.

These features, combined with a robot-friendly API, make HitBTC a very popular option among trading bot developers – and among beginners.

HitBTC is based in Hong Kong and has offered a safe, secure, reputable trading platform since 2013. Visit to learn more about the popular robot-friendly exchange.


  • New Technology
  • Demo Mode
  • Affiliate Program
  • High trading volume


  • Getting verified needs a lot of information
  • Fees are high
  • They have API

                     Click Here To Join

This article is writing on 02 September, 2017 based on information available online & news portal. If you feel it’s outdated or incorrect, please write here to update it. Mail us: Or Whatsaap Us- 918077121282


Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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