Homemine Ico Review : Passive mining on household electrical appliances


About Homemine 

HomeMine is a project to develop a budget device for everyday home mining and bring it to the IoT market (Internet of Things). This device is universal and can be integrated into any design or electrical appliance, from kettle to air conditioner. As a prototype for the launch, we integrated the device into a network filter to which you can connect any home electrical appliances (kettle, microwave oven, hair dryer, refrigerator, etc.) using the energy spent on their work to initiate the mining process. Thus, HomeMine device allows for passive mining in a domestic environment without the cost of expensive equipment and can reduce the cost of consumed electricity or even bring you profit by doing routine operations with household appliances that all people do every day

Basic Information

Token NameHomeMine
Token SymbolHMT
Social MediaEho-tex Ico Review : Smart textile embeds pressure sensors Eho-tex Ico Review : Smart textile embeds pressure sensors Eho-tex Ico Review : Smart textile embeds pressure sensors
Soft cap5,250,000 USD
Hard cap38,430,000 USD
ResectionNo restrictions
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Implement passive mining in everyday life

Passivity is the main advantage of the HomeMine idea. Unlike classic mining, you do not have to constantly monitor the device, adjust settings, worry about increasing the complexity of the peerto-peer network or take an active part in the process in some other way.

Make the production of cryptocurrency affordable for everyone

Today, the entry to mining has become very expensive and complicated. To start it, you need to invest in expensive equipment, and also have the appropriate technical and programming skills to select, connect, configure the equipment and start the process.

Features for HomeMine

Make mining comfortable and safe

This type of mining is not an end in itself for the sake of making money, but a useful assistant which will save your energy costs that you still have to incur every day. In this case, the HomeMine works without any discomfort: it does not make noise, does not take place, does not pose a threat in terms of fire safety

Save on electricity

Each time you plug in any electrical appliance in the HomeMine outlet, you initiate the mining process. At the same time, you do not spend extra money on this process: the energy consumed by the device is comparable to the error of the electricity meter and is so insignificant.



Georgiy SandarovskyCEO & FOUNDER
Irina Koroleva CDO

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