In-Built Live Streams: How EarnBIT Drives Crypto Innovation

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Education in the crypto world usually takes the form of blogs, web academies, tutorials, and other evergreen resources. There is also a growing need for real-time interaction through live streams. These are typically provided on dedicated websites and apps, but one crypto exchange is making them an organic part of its trading environment. This change is more significant than it may seem.

Crypto Learning Goes Live

Until recently, the EU-licensed EarnBIT has mainly offered user-friendly trading and exchange. Complementing these features, EarnBIT Streaming will soon let users select and connect to speakers from a menu within the trading interface. This list will include performance metrics for guidance, and the streams will open on the same page, with all the tools remaining in full view. The idea – learning by doing – is simple yet powerful.

According to research, including a study presented at the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, “many learning theorists recommend learning by doing activities, rather than through watching videos or reading text.” Practical learning has existed since ancient times, but crypto companies have yet to embrace it. Blending streaming and trading makes EarnBIT a pioneer with a unique appeal — users will no longer hop from one window to another to apply new knowledge.

Increasingly Popular Format 

Currently, crypto trading is far behind gaming – the most popular subject for live streams. Nevertheless, research backs the company’s vision, revealing the soaring popularity of the format and its efficiency compared to text and pre-recorded videos.

  • The leading streaming platforms garnered around 7.2 billion hours of content watched in Q3 2022 alone, according to Statista.
  • This exponential growth has not stopped after the pandemic – in the same quarter, Twitch had about 2.6 million concurrent viewers, more than twice as many as in 2018.
  • Live streams are also becoming more popular in professional settings, as 40% of marketing professionals expect 40% of industry events to be completely virtual.

Educational Efficiency

This format has also forged ahead in education, becoming an integral part of blended learning worldwide. Professionals tout its efficiency and interactivity, which means traders have much to gain from educational streams in crypto.

Live streams are the most engaging form of content to date. They are more interactive, memorable, and effective than articles and non-interactive videos. Practicing skills in context improves learners’ understanding and lets them ask questions as they arise.

Video hosting sites, despite democratizing access to education, offer few options for participation. When videos and practical activities are asynchronous, the learner experience is isolated. A growing body of research suggests that observational learning is insufficient, and audiences want more interaction.

Benefits for Streamers and Users

The real-time format lets users ask any questions immediately to ensure better understanding. EarnBIT will support interaction via a text chat. Users will also be able to send donations in EBT – the utility exchange token unlocking premium conditions across the ecosystem, including discounted trading fees. A private sale and airdrop for the EBT token are scheduled for the coming months.

EarnBIT’s streams will also remove a setback described by EarnBIT CEO Philipp Girusov. “It is now proven that switching between tasks causes us to feel more tired. It disrupts productivity and focus. For example, when people have to switch between digital apps, it typically takes them nine and a half minutes to get back into a productive workflow. The act of switching, even for a fraction of a second, still distracts the brain,” he explained during the company’s AMA. 

The benefits for content creators go beyond the company’s well-structured monetization. Streamers and influencers will get instant exposure to a broad audience of traders, from beginners to pros, expanding their reach. Those building their personal brand can gain credibility through performance and high-quality content. EarnBIT gives everyone a ready model, taking the guesswork out of the equation. 

Live interaction with social features is mutually beneficial. Speakers can adjust their delivery based on feedback, tailoring it to the viewers’ needs. Whether it is a trading session, Q&A, or interview – the format is highly flexible – the benefits go both ways and engagement soars. 

EarnBIT’s Investor Appeal

EarnBIT CPO Max Levin describes the company’s mission as delivering “the best user experience in the industry combined with discounted fees and benefits unlocked by our versatile EBT token.” The ecosystem approach lets the team discover more opportunities, interlinking different products and services for a smoother experience. Streaming, a new piece of this puzzle, is now its focus. 

Crypto streams are being integrated into a trading interface for the first time. Investors can support this symbiosis early and partake in its success. For more information about the EarnBIT crypto exchange, visit the official website,, and the Telegram channel

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