How To Delete A Microsoft Edge: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on How To Delete a Microsoft Edge. Read our complete article they explain very easy way and all step is very simple.

You can remove Microsoft Edge from your computer by following these steps; First, make sure all of the Edge windows are closed. Next, press on Start button and pick ‘Apps and Features’. In the list of programs that were installed, find Microsoft Edge and click it. Choose “Uninstall” and respond affirmatively to all dialog boxes that pops up during uninstallation process.

Alternatively you can also uninstall Edge through Control Panel. Open Control Panel, go to Programs > Programs and Features>locate Microsoft Edge in  the list of installed programs and choose Uninstall. You will have to follow the instructions on the screen in order to remove edge from your system. Restart your computer after uninstalling so as to complete the process

How To Delete A Microsoft Edge Explained Step By Step

Close Microsoft Edge: Ensure all instances of Microsoft Edge are closed before continuing with the uninstallation process.

Open Settings: Right-click on the Windows icon (Start button) located at the bottom-left of your screen. Choose “Settings” from the displayed right-click menu.

Navigate to Apps & Features: In the search bar, type apps and click on Apps or apps & features depending on your version of Windows in order to open it.

Find Microsoft Edge: Go through them until you find Microsoft Edge among other installed apps or simply use the search bar provided at the top for speedily accessing it.

Select Microsoft Edge: Clicking on it will highlight Microsoft edge

Choose Uninstall: After picking out Microsoft Edge, one “Uninstall” button will appear at a side. Just click on this.

Confirm Uninstallation: Then, there is a pop-up message asking if you would really want to remove Microsoft Edge or not. When you see this screen, confirm by selecting “Uninstall”.

Wait for Uninstallation: However, since this is a big application uninstallation might last some minutes. Now wait while windows removes it from your PC system.

Restart Your Computer (if necessary): Once un-installation is complete, you may be prompted to restart your computer. If that occurs, save any work that may be running and then select “Restart Now.”

Confirmation: Following restarting your PC; check start menu. If MS-Edge still exists, locate programs and observe its presence there else go to search box and look for it.

What Is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is a web browser that originated from Microsoft. It came out in 2015 as a successor to Internet Explorer with the main need for being fast, secure and a good supporter of the modern web standards. It’s inherently installed in Windows 10 and can additionally run on Mac OS, iOS as well as the Android OS.

Among other things, this Microsoft Edge has got its integration with Microsoft services like Bing search engine, Cortana personal assistant and syncing of Microsoft accounts. Other capabilities include built-in reading mode, annotation tools and a web notes feature to mark up any page.

In terms of improvements and updates received by Edge since its formation there is also notable move to Chromium engine done in 2020 which made it more compatible with websites and extensions while enhancing its performance. Essentially, it seeks to offer users an ideal browsing experience that incorporates various MS services alongside features from different platforms all aimed at ensuring efficiency in online surfing.

Why Delete Microsoft Edge Necessary?

There are situations where some users might need to uninstall Microsoft Edge:

Personal Preference: Some people may opt for other internet browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. They may find those more beneficial or easier to navigate.

Performance Issues: Although Microsoft Edge is much better compared to its earlier versions, it is still possible that some users will suffer from slow down, compatibility issues with certain online pages or programs that they run on the web browser. In this case, switching to another browser can help achieve faster browsing.

Privacy Concerns: For instance, privacy-concerned users would be inclined towards asking for more features of privacy in their browsers besides transparency regarding data collections therein even when tracking prevention is a feature available in Microsoft Edge. However, there are people who still doubt the manner by which this browser handles their information.

Corporate Policies: Sometimes IT policies within organizations dictate that employees use specific web browsers due to security and compatibility reasons among others. In such instances therefore it becomes necessary that one uninstalls Microsoft Edge and instead installs an appropriate one according to company’s rules.

Disk Space Optimization: If you have limited storage space on your computer deleting unwanted software like web browsers can play a significant role in freeing up your disk space.

Troubleshooting: This involves uninstalling and reinstalling the problematic MS edge in case of crashes, freezing or other technical matters concerning your PC

How to Delete Microsoft Edge Account In Mobile Device?

To delete your Microsoft Edge account on a mobile device usually requires you to disconnect it from your Microsoft account. Here is a general guide on how to do this:

Open Microsoft Edge: On your mobile device, press the app for launching into the browser called Microsoft Edge.

Go to Settings: Look for the settings menu within this Internet application. This may be three dots in line or vertical, and often placed at the bottom of the screen as a bar. Press on them and you will see a menu.

Find Your Account Settings: In the settings window, find an option related to either account or profile settings. It may be marked “Account” “Profile” or something alike. Tap on it for opening up account settings.

Sign Out of Your Microsoft Account: Sign out of your Microsoft account from inside these account settings by tapping on that option.

Confirm Sign Out: You might need to confirm that you are truly signing out of this account. Confirm it.

Clear Browser Data (Optional): Alternatively, clear your cookies; cache and browsing data after having signed out so that no traces of your account information exist on this device, if desired. This can normally be found in some browsers’ menus like ‘privacy’ or ‘clear browsing data.’

Close Microsoft Edge: Close down the app for Microsoft Edge once you have logged off from your MSN/Hotmail Live accounts and cleared away all web browsing history etcetera if needed in order not to reveal any personal information about yourself though remember that even here we deleted any login credentials such as usernames/passwords because they’re redundant


To sum up, removing Microsoft Edge from your computer or mobile phone is a simple process which can be done through internal system settings or control panel options. No matter what reason you want to uninstall it for instance personal choice or performance anxieties.

The steps generally include opening the list of installed programs and applications, location of Microsoft Edge, and selecting to uninstall. Added to that on mobile devices unlinking your Microsoft account found within the browser settings will effectively do away with your association with Microsoft edge.

Whatever causes are there for deletion, it is important to follow these steps cautiously considering the possible consequences like data loss or change in browsing experience. Ultimately, deleting Microsoft Edge should be based on individual needs and preferences because users can easily re-install their browsers when necessary.


Will deleting Microsoft Edge remove my browsing history and saved passwords?

Uninstalling Microsoft Edge will not automatically delete your browsing history or saved passwords. However, you can choose to clear your browsing data before uninstalling the browser to remove this information.

Can I reinstall Microsoft Edge after deleting it?

Yes, you can reinstall Microsoft Edge at any time by downloading it from the Microsoft website or app store relevant to your device (e.g., Microsoft Store, Google Play Store, Apple App Store).

Why would I want to delete Microsoft Edge?

There could be various reasons for wanting to delete Microsoft Edge, including personal preference for alternative browsers, performance issues, privacy concerns, or corporate policies mandating the use of specific browsers.

Is it safe to delete Microsoft Edge from my device?

Yes, it is safe to delete Microsoft Edge from your device if you no longer wish to use it. However, it’s recommended to consider any potential implications and to ensure that you have an alternative browser installed if needed for browsing purposes.

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