How To Successfully Choose A Right HYIP Project

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What Is Hyip

HYIP stands for High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP). HYIP is considered as one of the efficient ways to increase your funds on little investment.HYIP have a high profit, investment plans shorter, but higher profit means a higher risk with your money.

How Hyip Founder Benefits

First, let us look at how HYIP site owners benefit. The owner of the investment program will take the funds invested by the joiners and invest these in some high yield projects in some cases. Because the owner is classed as being “offshore” they are not hit with taxes, so make taxless profits. By doing so they are able to build up enough money to keep the HYIP going as well as being able to pay interest to the people who invested.

You do need to be careful however because only 15% of HYIPs are true money earning programs. The rest are what they call “Ponzi” schemes. A Ponzi scheme makes no actual investment from the money of other investors. Rather, they rely on the principle that new investors will join and that will pay the first level of investors.

From there, more investors will join, and so on and so forth. So they work off the hope that there will be an increase of continuous investments, and all payments are used from new investors funds.

In a Ponzi scheme it will get to a point where the level of new investors are not sufficient to pay the interest of the previous investors. Or, in some cases, investments stop completely and the project shuts down, leaving the most recent investors at a loss.

How To Select Good Hyip Project 

Every good day on the internet run new HYIP-projects and immediately they fall under close attention and study of potential investors (HYIP), but unfortunately, not all of them have the prospect of development.

Understand in the case of HYIPs can not be said for sure. Sometimes all the prerequisites for success – and on you, Scam . The point as you understand the human factor. Therefore, when selecting aanHYIP for investment, it is advisable to look more in depth where the novice investor usually does not come to mind. So, in order:

1. Domain and hosting HYIP project

First of all, pay attention to the address of the project (domain), it is desirable to pass by if the domain ends on such domain zones as (IN) It-Indian domain zones.

Immediately pay attention to the string “Name Servers” and “Registrar” in general, if you see such a picture (Registrar……in) and (Name Servers…, as already wrote above, pass by.

Why, you ask? Everything is simple, any complaint and claim can lead to the blocking of the site, to unlock it takes time, that for HYIP project is not-well. It follows that the domain and hosting of the site should be foreign and did not respond to different complaints.

Hosting – has one of the most important roles. Since the availability and stability of the site depends largely on it. If the admin saves on this – reason to think.

2.Appearance-Design And Performance Of The Site

What we see first of all when we open a site-correctly, design. A pleasant and unique site is one of the main characteristics of the site.

If you opened the site, you have seen it before, it is definitely a clone! Safely close the site and forget about it. Copying a project during rapid development or after closing a super successful project is a bad thing. Cloned projects don’t live long. The performance of the site also plays an important role.

If the site curve, the text gets out beyond the boundaries of the site, not working buttons, pictures muddy, banal, not original and jaded, here the admin just give a damn about his creation (in a word-this slag!)

The site is first and foremost the face of the project. It should be convenient, understandable and carefully worked out to the smallest detail. Quality work on the site in principle can be easily assessed visually.


Advertising is either a fool or a miser, that here are considered synonyms. The advertisement is fuel for this kind of market In fact, it is important how the promotion in social networks, account activity, chatting with depositors takes place. Pay attention to the presence of gif banners. Regarding the listing – if top bloggers are connected to the site from the start, and still provide insurance – you can try. Typically, admins agree on a certain mandatory term of work; a blogger receives a $ deposit as insurance for their referrals. But if there is an obvious advertisement on “So-so” resources – think about it.

The more people do promotion of project – the more investments will be in it. But the same time when more people invest in any program this will produce more feedbacks and provide you a chance for project reputation analysis.

Bounty is also not always good, especially if by its end the most active will get a gift. For the frequent day of awarding it is the day of Scam. And of course, having it at the start is a good sign.

4. SSL-Certificate

SSL protocol Secure Sockets layer – the level of protected sockets) is used by millions of sites to protect data on the Internet. SSL is a green lock in the browser’s address bar. It is designed to ensure the security of communication.

In the absence of SSL, our personal data, such as (login and password), can be used for selfish purposes by intercepting them. Basically, all projects have SSL, but if you saw the project without it, without doubting to close the site, then the admin does not care about the security of the participants.

An extended version of SSL Greenbar. Certificate of Green Strip. From English green Bar-green stripe.

Hyip with Greenbar is not such a frequent phenomenon. At the start of a new hyip with Greenbar, he pays special attention, as the presence of it shows that the admin is set up seriously (although it can be a regular bluff, a good impression of the project).

Analyzing the new project, we can check the validity period on which SSL is redeemed, if we see at least for a year, it says about the positive mood of the admin. Note–To obtain an SSL certificate with Greenbar for HYIP, you need to have a mandatory Registered company.

5. Information On Site

Content-This is all data situated on the pages of the site-content and data content (picture, photograph, video, and so on.). Data can be content, realistic, mixed media, and so on.

The textual content should be unique, competently written and accordingly without errors.

In the event that the site “stack” mistakes, grammatical mistakes and bugs, at that point somebody was very rush to begin the task.

You can surely meet on the site two or three mistakes, (it isn’t basic) writing in those. Bolster the undertaking, they will be immediately revised.

6.HYIP Monitors and Review sites

The HYIP monitor can be your input list on which you should need to find any review to understand hidden details or have more information that will be provided there not like on HYIP project organization site. Also do not hesitate to check the reputation of the project, previous reputation of it organizers, messages about success payouts and any related details. And only after keep all of these variables take a decision do you invest in this program or should you choose something else. If you will keep all this info in your mind then you will be to earn and not to lose.

7.Start date of the HYIP 

And so, the visual and technical side we looked at, proceed to the choice HYIP project and whether it is worth to enter the project at the moment.

Firstly we determine the form: low-income, medium-income or fast (high-yielding). If the project is average profitable or low-income is allowed to enter and after a significant interval of time after the start, in the case of the fasts (high-yielding) it is desirable to pass by.

8.Amount of investment

Note on project plan. Too high input amount (example: 10,000 dollars) must be alerted. Do not confuse this point with the interest rate, as many HYIPs offer high profit on certain conditions (here, too carefully) and regularly transfer funds to the investors. It is important Pay attention to the stability of the plans. If there are new, promising even more beneficial cooperation – look for another project.

If the HYIP allows Instantly return the funds, it’s good on only one side. For the payment system, for example, you’re not getting anything at all. All should feel balanced. Ideally, there should be various options for you to have the opportunity to choose from. Good HYIP always have Worthy of a legend.

It may sound funny, but practice forces you to pay attention to this feature. If you have a video. It should be Good-quality roller, Which is full of mistakes. The story is a myth, which is based on the project. This must be blameless.

9. User Feedback And Support 

The presence of real technical support – a strong argument in favor of HYIP. Very often all present nominally. To avoid a mess, try Contact customer service for any issue. The answer must come quickly. Also, make sure that Purses project has been verified. A good owner has nothing to hide. By the way, do not be lazy to drive financial information in Yandex or Google. Quite possibly, the HYIP owners have had similar projects. On the history of their development, we can judge about the reliability of the present pyramid.

10. Referral Program

Referral Program-One of the main marketing moves to attract new partners, it is a profitable solution for both the investor and the project itself. It gives an opportunity to attract new depositors and receive additional remuneration.No of more than 15%. A more significant percentage of the Will create an increased load, So – HYIP Will not last long. Standard size payment – 7-10%. This indicator and consideration when choosing the HYIP.

How HYIP works?

Let us take a closer look at how a High Yield Investment program works. Be warned though, this is what makes them illegal in some countries, such as the USA. Someone creates a HYIP site, making them the owner. They then look to bring “investors” in by promising a tantalizing rate of return on their initial investment. This can be anywhere from 1%-2% daily or as high as 100%-200%. This sounds ridiculous and you may be thinking “That’s impossible!”. But HYIP owners rely on the greed, laziness, and ingenuity of others and there are many out there who will go for this.

Let’s say 10 people decide to join/invest. They invest $100.00 each. This means that the HYIP owner now has $1000.00 which he may or may not invest in other High Yield projects. As the site sits there and “matures” it may pull in more views, in turn getting more people to join. So let’s say that another 20 people join with $100.00 investments each. That’s another $2000.00 that the owner now has, making it $3000.00 in total. At this point the owner now has the amount to pay the first 10 people whatever rate was promised.

He takes $2000.00 to use to pay those 10 people, and from their $100.00 they received a return of $200.00. Because they have seen a return they feel they have found a legitimate investment that works. So they start to recommend this to others, showing proof of the payment they received and spreading word to more and more people. Many will even reinvest, hoping they can compound more on their investment.

The owner starts to receive many new subscribers paying in their investments which allows the owner to pay the 20 members that came in after the first 10. So those 20 are excited about making money and will further spread the news, bringing more and more people in. At some point the HYIP owner has reached the sum of money he was after.

There are no guarantees that, for all the ideal matches, Skam will not come, or vice versa, a project that looks altogether hunchbacked will pull to victory.  You see, among the hundreds of potential causes, the most important thing is the human factor. Because no one except insiders do not know what and how it will be. By this and We lose too. But if you look at the statistics on the projects, you will see that We Are in 80% of a plus. This is luck or experience, We will not answer unequivocally, but this is a dry fact.


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