ICOCoinLab ICO Review : Provide End-To-End Customized And Turnkey Solutions

About ICOCoinLab 

ICOCoinLab is a sure way to a successful ICO Launch and beyond. revolutionize ICO making process. provide end-to-end customized and Turnkey solutions that allows your projects to take off! ICO Building Factory offers all the services you require to launch successful ICO including Design, Development, Marketing, Legal, Financial and Technical  Support.

Basic Information

Token Name ICOCoinLab
Token Symbol ICO
Social Media ICOCoinLab ICO Review : provide end-to-end customized and Turnkey solutionsICOCoinLab ICO Review : provide end-to-end customized and Turnkey solutionsROKKEX ICO Review : next generation crypto exchange
Soft cap 10,000 ETH
Hard cap 180,000 ETH
Token Price 0.01 ETH
Country Estonia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Marketing solution

ICOCoinLab goal is to help blockchain project owners to build their ICO sites, team, complete their whitepapers, utilize ICO services through our ICO building platform for their crowdfunding need. ICOCoinLab will be in a very unique market position to deliver bundled, Turnkey ICO solutions and/or blockchain migration services. ICOCoinLab ICO Building Platform reduces the cost of ICO projects, while keeping the industry’s high standards.


ICOCoinLab platform will be launched on website and will start gathering new projects’ applications for ICOs before the end of ICOCoinLab sale of tokens. After the completion of book building the following functional interfaces will be activated in token holders’ accounts. Voting (selection of projects for conducting an ICO paid for with the funds raised through the ICO of ICOCoinLab tokens.



This arrangement allows prospective ICO projects to conduct their own ICO paying with their future tokens, and do it at high quality and efficiency (starting at 2 weeks from the date of application to the date of PR campaign start, due to standardization and automation of processes). ICOCoinLab token holders can receive tokens of quality projects they selected at an average discount upto 50%. The market gets hundreds of great projects screened by the ICOCoinLab experts, selected.


ICOCoinLab token is an Ethereum token. It complies with and extends ERC-20 – a de facto standardandwidelyused tokenAPI. ICOCoinLabSmartContract guarantees The information on the number of tokens held by any user is public. All information on transfers is public and can be traced back in time. Only Ethereum users and contracts can be token holders. A token can be transferred to another user only by the direct command of its owner or by the command of the receiver directly authorized by the owner.

Safe approval

The token contract supports two approve() functions: a 2-parameter approve() (the ERC-20 standard) and a 3-parameterapprove (), which guarantees that spender gets new allowance only if current allowance equals presumed allowance. It is recommended to use the 3- parameter approve for all approve() calls taking the presumed allowance as the second input. Any call to the contract which results in a nerror does not change the users’ tokens or Ether balance.

Complete registry

The contract does not provide a list of all token holders. However, it is guaranteed that every token holder is either the contract creator or a token recipient in the Transfer event. The list of token holders can be obtained by checking all these events or by exploring the contract storage using blockchain explorers. The contract prohibits most, but not all means by which Ether could be sent to it by users who are not contract owners.


Token buyers must register at, entering and confirming their email address.
After the registration, users gain access to their personal accounts at where they will have separate wallets for ETH and BTC. In their accounts users can choose the desired number of ICOCoinLab tokens and transfer the required payment amount in one of the accepted cryptocurrencies orgenerate an invoice for a wire transfer.



Ahmet Asar CEO
Daniel Spyralatos MARKETING CMO

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