ikioo Ico Review : Building Global Decentralized Healthcare Community using Digital Health


About ikioo

ikioo create novel technological synergies at the physician – patient “point of care” by merging Digital Health, AI & Blockchain. ikioo Technologies has adopted a digital securities capital structure through the issuance of ikiooTech security tokens. These digital tokens are stamped with the attributes of the INPR18 protocol and reside within the ikioo ecosystem and token holders’ wallets.

ikioo is the name of the tokenized digital programable security instrument which conveys to its legal owners’ equity ownership in ikioo Technologies Inc., a California corporation. ikioo Technologies, Inc. is a non-reporting private company. The ikiooTech tokens are issued into the ikioo ecosystem blockchain.

Token Basic Information

Token Nameikioo
Token SymbolN/A
Social MediaN/A
Email Supportinfo@ikioo.com
Phone No.1-844-454-6646
Address191 S. Buena Vista St., Suite #370 Burbank, CA 91505

Power of Convergence

By bringing together the latest healthcare technologies in four key areas, ikioo are generating unique synergies to provide excellence at any point of care.

ikioo App

The ikioo App is currently available for Beta testing on the Apple, Android and Windows Stores. The ikioo App puts the “patient/user” in the center of the care continuum. The main features of the ikioo App include:

  • Easily enter activities of daily living via voice, text, or picture AI Algorithms automatically organize your health data for quick access and viewing Connect with your health providers and Stream data, receive instant notifications, schedule appointments, take chat or video calls
  • Use ikioo.com revolutionary patient health records (PHR) platform to store, access, search and share all medical records from one secure HIPAA-compliant location
  • Connect your favorite health tracker like Fitbit, Apple or Google Health Get personally tailored monthly AI reports with overviews, insights, and AI correlations of your data

Two types of Services for Customers

Standard (Free)

  • AI-Assisted Voice, Text and Speech Input
  • Upload Your Personal Health Records (Up to 5GB)
  • Connect and Receive Provider Services
  • AI Hub Access
  • Connect Your 3rd-Party Devices
  • 5,000 Free ikioos upon Sign Up

Premium ($4.99 per Month)

  • All Free Features
  • Unlimited ikioo Vision Usage
  • Unlimited Medical and Health Records Storage
  • Monthly AI Reports
  • State of the Art ikioo Blockchain
  • Upgrade using Earned ikioos (5,000 ikioos/month)

What Makes ikioo.com Products Unique?

The ikioo vision is of a healthcare future that puts the patient at the centre of the “care continuum” mediated by its four integrated platforms which continuously captures patient data, enables integration by a constellation of smart software services and acts as a conduit for 3rd party healthcare providers.

  • Digital Health: ikioo products utilize remote health monitoring and tele-health to provide global access and care for a global decentralized healthcare community.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Multi-layered, interconnected artificial intelligence developed and deployed globally to enhance the healthcare experience of all.
  • Blockchain: Using the latest blockchain technologies, we are creating a functional healthcare economy to benefit both users and providers.
  • Health Data: ikioo are your data custodians, safeguarding the access, analysis and delivery of your sensitive healthcare data.

Features of ikioo.com

  • Instant delivery of your health and medical data to your preferred providers.
  • Get instant second opinions from different providers through voice, text, or video chat.

  • Use the ikioo AI hub to access and use algorithms created and supervised by doctors.
  • Earn money by selling and monetizing your secured de-identified data to interested 3rd parties.

  • 24/7 worldwide provider and family connectivity at your fingertips using ikioo app.










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