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INFLEUM Ico Review : Blockchain based Brand Publishing Platform


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INFLEUM measures and distributes the value of influence according to user participation within all stages of the brand publishing ecosystem cycle: investment, network, marketing, sharing, consumption, and payment. INFLEUM seeks to ensure a fair and reliable distribution by measuring the contribution of all users involved in the complex supply chain, from producers to consumers. Through a variety of activities, the user can acquire the INFLEUM and the acquired INFLEUM can be used in various DAPP services.

The platform also features INFLEUM Combined Wallet to manage IFUM tokens that are used as units of payment on the platform. The Smart Contract Agent Machine simplifies contract creation and helps users to participate, verify and execute campaigns in an effective manner.

Basic Information

Token SymbolIFUM 
Social MediaINFLEUM Ico Review : Blockchain based Brand Publishing PlatformINFLEUM Ico Review : Blockchain based Brand Publishing Platform
Token Supply3,000,000,000 IFUM
Token Price0.02 USD
AcceptingETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, ETC
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Evolution of Digital Marketing Methods

The market impact of mass media has been on the downslope. Influence of traditional media such as print, radio, or television have been diminishing, and newfound digital media has been on a consistent rise. The use of traditional media is undoubtedly still notable, but the maturation of the digital media is creating a novel ecosystem.

Limitations of native advertisement

Native advertisement comes in diverse types of content and are placed in highly-relevant and natural placements that do not disturb the user experience flow. They are also targeted based on the public tastes and interests, encouraging users to voluntarily take action and consume advertised content. However, this method also carries many issues. With its maturation, many platforms have to label the native ads with words like “Ad” or “sponsor”. Plus, in the case of articles, the most commonly used form of native ads, the credibility is challenged.

High-cost/low-efficiency structure

Although influencer marketing is almost always used, the campaign effectiveness is decreasing due to a flawed system. The current method involves advertisers compensating influencers who upload reviews or promotions that meet the advertisers’ requests. Although star influencers easily raise brand awareness, there is a distance from the original purpose of maximizing advertiser profits.


The next decade for the world of advertising holds the unexpected. Recently in the crypto world, companies equipped with blockchain technology–like STEEMIT, a tokenized, decentralized blog platform–have been attempting to tokenize marketing-related ideas and to fortify participant incentives. In the real world, many changes are underway: merging of central advertisement companies; downfall of traditional media, deterioration of the creative value of advertisement; reinvention and introduction of varietal mediums; and emergence of new consumer groups. INFLEUM is a blockchain platform created by ELSOLCOMPANY that aims to create a transparent trading structure in which an individual’s small ideas or actions may translate into profit.

Advertising-Commerce Combined Platform

The end goal of INFLEUM is becoming a decentralized ad-commerce combined platform based on blockchains. In other words, it does not just stay in a decentralized platform that is aimed solely for advertising or commerce, but evolves to a new decentralized platform that combines both functionality and merits. This platform incorporates social networking, content publishing, advertising spaces and direct commercial functions as well as crowdfunding. INFLEUM aims to have DAPPs all stages of a commercial value chain covered outside just marketing and sales.

INFLEUM Platform

The initial version of INFLEUM Platform’s main functions are in advertising and brand publishing. The process starts with the advertiser submitting an ad/marketing request. At this point the advertiser selects a suitable type of campaign and fills in the smart contract details (e.g. region, marketing target, period, budget, types of activities). To clarify, anyone can easily use the Smart Contract Agent Machine as there is no special standard for a user to become an advertiser.

INFLEUM Combined W allet

To use all of DAPPs and legacy systems on the INFLEUM Platform, users must use the INFLEUM combined wallet. This wallet is automatically made during registration process and works with othercryptocurrencies. Although the DAPPs function separately and every user also works independently, a united wallet is necessary in order to distinguish the users, verify the relationships, and manage funds.



Phoenix Choi CEO, Co-Founder
Ahn June COO, Co-Founder
Seungwook Noh CMO, Co-Founder
Steve Jeong CTO, Technical Director
Ryan Lee Financial Officer
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