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The Computer Processor Giant And The World’s Largest Semiconductor Manufacturer Intel (Intel) Revealed To The Us Securities And Exchange Commission (Sec) On Friday That It Owns 3,014 Shares In The Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase . Coinbase Went Public In April .

These Coinbase Stocks Held By Intel, Based On The Current Share Price Of Us$ 261.25 Per Share , Have A Total Present Value Of Approximately Us$787,000. Intel Did Not Disclose Whether These Holdings Were Bought Before The End Of June.

“Barron’s” Reported That Intel Is Likely To Buy Shares Before Coinbase Went Public In Early April . The Reason Is That According To Corporate Standards, The Share Of These Shares In Coinbase’s Outstanding Shares Is Very Small, Which Is Lower Than That Of Coinbase. The 5% Shareholding Threshold For Investors That Must Be Announced At The Time Of Listing Has Not Been Disclosed. Intel Is Now Disclosing This Investment To The Securities And Exchange Commission Because The Company, As A Publicly Listed Company, Has Invested More Than $100 Million In Stocks, So It Must Be Declared.

Intel’s Investment In Coinbase Is Obviously Betting On The Future Of The Cryptocurrency Market, Because The Fate Of The Exchange Is Usually Linked To The Cryptocurrency Market. When Coinbase Went Public In April, The Bitcoin Avoidance Price Soared To An All-time High, But As Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Other Cryptocurrencies Plummeted In Mid-may, Coinbase’s Stock Price Plummeted, Well Below The Initial Reference Price Of $250.

As The Cryptocurrency Market Has Rebounded In Recent Weeks, Coinbase’s Share Price Has Also Risen. On July 19, Coinbase’s Share Price Was Only Slightly Higher Than $220 Per Share, But By The Close Of August 13, It Had Risen By Nearly 19 %, Reported At $261.25 Per Share . Despite This, The Current Share Price Of Coinbase Is Still Far Below The High Of Nearly $ 430 Per Share Written On The First Day Of Listing , When Investors Were Full Of Enthusiasm.

Since The Listing Of Coinbase, Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest Has Been The Largest Single Institutional Shareholder. According To A Cnn Report, Ark Investment Management Holds 5.6 Million Coinbase Shares, With A Current Value Of More Than $1.3 Billion. The Company’s Ark Innovation Etf (Ark Innovation Etf) Holds Another Batch Of Nearly 4.26 Million Shares, With A Current Value Of About Us$1 Billion.

Coinbase’s Share Price Briefly Soared To More Than Us$290 Per Share Last Week, When The Company Announced Its Second Quarter Profit Of More Than Us$1.6 Billion, Setting A Record, Almost Double The Profit In The First Quarter. Coinbase’s Monthly Trading Users Grew 44% From Q1 To Q2, Reaching 8.8 Million Monthly Active Users. The Company Now Has 68 Million Verified Users On The Platform .

Coinbase Continues To Expand Users’ Trading Options And Will List Another Five Assets On August 12, Including Request (Req), Truefi (Tru), Quickswap ( Quick), Wrapped Luna (Wluna) And Axie Infinity (Axs).

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