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Involve Ico Review : Unique Cryptoplatform For Mobile Apps



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About Involve Ico 

Involve is the first crypto platform for mobile apps which engages in a relationship all parties of the market of mobile apps: users, developers, and investors. Involve is the project inspired by the modern trends such as a growth of the mobile market, robotization, crypto economy. The scariest thing is that few countries will provide their citizens with free money to support their needs and sustain living of unemployed. That is why The company came up to an idea of Involve platform.

The key task of Involve  project is to bring people ability to employ themselves, providing them with the wide range of mobile apps, which will reward users for every second spent in the app. The user is rewarded with coin, mined according to Proof-of-time protocol in companbrand-new blockchain. Involve proposing a simple and unsophisticated solution, where everyone can contribute and earn according to their efforts. The user can become a part- or full-time player-earner.

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ICoin will be the in-platform currency. ICoin can be used for trading among gamers. Every single user will be rewarded once a block is mined according to the time he/she spends playing mobile games or using other apps from Involve platform. The in-app spending of coins will be registered as developers’ and platform’s revenue, which will eventually pile the strong economic base for the ICoin price.


Involve ecosystem will enable a practically unlimited number of users to mine ICoin on a daily basis, i.e. creating a mining pull, which power will be the number of time currently spending in the apps on the  platform. The total supply of ICoin will be limited to 500 billion, that is why mining will face continuously increasing difficulty. This measure will lead to the long-lasting appreciation of ICoin and the time spent in apps of Involve platform.

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The Platform

Involve platform will take 10% commission from all games and in-game revenue compared to 30% that developers usually pay to Google Play or App Store. On top of that, we will proceed faster payout compared to 60 days in Google Play and App Store.


ICoin will be the currency for a virtual marketplace within Involve mobile platform. This marketplace allows gamers to trade directly with each other using ICoins.

Voting service

Involve platform is based on the principle stating that everyone has equal rights. Occasionally, Involve will list the number of games able for crowdfunding and gamers will choose which they prefer. Games, which need a donation, will be posted in crowdfunding section, where everyone can participate and finance developers using company coins.

Token Supply

  • ICO – 2 300 000 000.
  • Pre-ICO – 1 200 000 000
  • Team – 5 000 000 000
  • Bounty – 100 000 000
  • Advisors – 500 000 00

Token Distribution

Legal (0.5%)
Involve  will use proceeds to lay built a robust, global licensing footprint for its various services – wallet, platform, exchange and payment services.

Marketing (15 %)                                                                                                                                        Marketing to developers and gamers will be a key aspect of fueling the Involve  network, building acceptance of Involve’s platform and other services.

Product developing (70%)                                                                                                                                     Involve  team will be using such fund for developing the platform and Proof-of-time blockchain.

Administrative (10%)                                                                                                                                       Covers various administrative and general expenses that will be incurred by the company .

Overheads (4.5%)                                                                                                                                             Covers various operational expenses that will be incurred byInvolve  Involve.


In order to understand the reasons and matters which motivated us to create Involve the company need to pay attention to some of the market’s statistics and forecasts. Robots and automation are changing the job market. Involve is all concerned about robots taking over most of the jobs in near future.The company  have seen automatized cars and retail stores without human workers. So, the future is already here. There are some of the forecasts and statistics about nowadays situation on the job market presented below.


The platform Involve present will ease the way of attracting users by reducing costs. The situation at the market is quite frustrating. According to Fiksu, mobile app advertisement agency research, it can take up $200,000 of advertising expenses to push an app into the US top 25 iOS app ranks. It is $15,000 cheaper in Canada. In Germany, top app ranking can easily cost $65,000 of advertising expensive; $45,000 in the UK, $30,000 in France, $35,000 in Brazil and $10,000 in Thailand.


Involve ‘s ecosystem is unique as a unicorn, which never existed until we came up with an idea of it. The company managed to combine all the best ideas and put it together in one project. Everyone will be involved in Involve ecosystem from users to Investors. Users can become investors, investors can become users and so on. Involve managed to find the perfect balance when people can earn playing, investing, holding or developing.



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