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IP2PGO Token ICO Review : IP2PGO App is an escrow P2P marketplace


About IP2PGO Token

IP2PGO App is an escrow P2P marketplace where users can trade ERC20 tokens using local fiat currency. Launched in Oct 2018, it is now available as localised Apps in 11 countries with over 4800 users. IP2PGO Token are currently developing a DEX & will implement a “Hub & Spoke” model to connect IP2PGO Apps (crypto/fiat) to the IP2PGO-DEX (crypto/crypto). GO token was issued in Dec 2018 as the platform token. The purpose of the ‘Reverse ICO’ is to raise funding for trade liquidity, marketing & back-end infrastructure.

Basic Information

Token Name IP2PGO Token
Token Symbol GO
Social Media IP2PGO Token ICO Review : IP2PGO App is an escrow P2P marketplaceIP2PGO Token ICO Review : IP2PGO App is an escrow P2P marketplaceIP2PGO Token ICO Review : IP2PGO App is an escrow P2P marketplace
Accepting ETH
Restricted countries Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, United States of America
Platform Ethereum
Country Cayman Islands
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Platform architecture

The iP2PGo app is simple and easy to use for users due to the use of IP2PGO Token escrow and Smart Contracts which governs the entire flow of transaction on the app from the creation of orders by the user to completing the a trade when the orders are filled. Hence, with escrow and Smart Contracts powering our decentralised platform, the back end processes are reduced to User Verification: to verify the identity of the users for users who provide supporting documents. Dispute Settlement: to act as the arbitrator in the event of any transaction dispute between users.

Country apps

As transactions over iP2PGo platform are concluded within 15 or 30 minutes intervals, IP2PGO Token do not have cross border transactions between users due to the longer time taken for overseas bank transfers to be completed. Hence, IP2PGO Token launch different apps for each country which iP2PGo is in i.e. each country app is localised for the currency and language used on the app as well. To achieve a faster expansion rate into other countries, IP2PGO Token work with local partners in other countries to be IP2PGO Token Country Partner or Group Partners.


Country partners

In most countries, IP2PGO Token have Country Partners which are exclusive partners i.e. IP2PGO Tokenonly have one local Country Partner per country such as Vietnam, Australia, Nigeria and Ghana. The local Country Partner is responsible for handling the administrative and customer support in their respective countries. For big countries such as China and India, IP2PGO Token have Group Partners doing the same things like other Country Partners but on a group basis rather than a country basis.


ERC20 tokens : the difference between iP2PGO and Remitano, is that iP2PGO will list Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Remitano list only the major coins (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, BCH, XRP). As of 29th November 2018 there are 823 ERC20 tokens, therefore iP2PGO is spoilt for choice in selecting tokens to be listed in the App. To ensure that the right tokens
are selected, iP2PGO management will select the tokens based on the strength of the token issuer, the token current community and its past trading performance.


IP2PGO App was developed to allow easier access to the crypto markets by allowing users to purchase any ERC20 tokens and pay via making bank transfer or by using mobile money services. However the issue here is that once the user has purchased the crypto what’s next ?. The current iP2PGO App does have crypto pairings, however liquidity is low. The objective of launching iP2PGO DEX is to improve the liquidity of crypto/crypto trading, by
attracting other crypto/crypto traders or DEX users.


Similar to the majority of other DEXs, the iP2PGO DEX is being developed as an “off-chain order books with on-chain settlement” and implemented over Ethereum based 0x protocol. This means while the execution of trades occurs on the Ethereum blockchain it will give users control of their funds until the trade takes place (and not having to block their funds until order is performed), the order books are hosted in iP2PGO DEX server.


A Reverse ICO basically means doing the fundraising after the product is built. The iP2PGO App development has already been completed and launched on 8th October 2018 and was fully funded by iP2P Global Ltd. The iP2PGO DEX development is also fully funded by IP2PGO Token own internal funds. The 3,475,424.41 GO token issued to 3rd parties so far were issued to them pursuant to their involvement in IP2PGO Token promotion programs and airdrop campaign. No funds were collected from any of the current 3,144 GO token holders.



Rashdan Ibrahim DIRECTOR
James Loy CEO

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