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Isgworld ICo Review : Global Next Generation Satellite Communication System


About Isgworld 

Isgworld tokens are released on the Ethereum platform using the ERC-20 standard, which is supported by most cryptographs. In addition to the release of the ISG token, during the ICO, it is planned to create its own blockchain ISG to support transactions within the ISG network. Within the ISG blockchain network, it is planned to create two types of tokens: ISGVALIDATOR (ISGV) and ISGSERVICE (ISGS). The owners of ISGV tokens become validators of the ISG blockchain network and will receive rewards in ISGS tokens. ISGS tokens will be designed to pay for ISG communication services and for any other transactions, similar to existing Bitcoin blockchains, etc.

Isgworld tokens issued by ISG will be converted to ISGV tokens at a 1: 1 rate. The need to create your own ISG blockchain is associated with the expected high load on the ISG network and the requirements for speed of payments. ISGV tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. ISGS tokens will be implemented by ISG through special online services. ISG’s blockchain will be focused on using IoT networks and performing Machine-to-Machine (M2M) transactions. For confirmation of transactions, the mixed Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Authority consensus (confirmation) algorithm will be used.

Basic Information

Token Name Isgworld
Token Symbol ISG
Social Media Isgworld ICo Review : Global Next Generation Satellite Communication System
Price 0.5 USD
Language English
Supply 350,000,000 ISG
No restrictions
Soft CAp 30,000,000 USD
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Technological advantages:

  • 100 % coverage of the Earth’s information surface;
  • “Long-liver satellite”, with the function of reusable re-programming during operation,
    with the weight up to 400 kg;
  • (ASL) – Active shelf life is not less than 15 years;
  • Active shelf life of the engine, with control system on APPWPTL (ablation plasma
    propulsion with pulsed transmission line), is 18 years;
  • ORC (Onboard Radio Complex) will operate in S, Ku, Ka frequency bands, communicating with ground and sub-satellite transmitters;

Growth trends of multimedia communications market

The last decade has been a time of challenges for many industries. However, mobile and satellite communications markets showed growth. The price per share of Iridium Communications Inc., Orbcomm Inc., Inmarsat Inc., ViaSat Inc. and Globalstar Inc., increased 67.3% on average from 2012 to 2014, with the later showing a dramatic market cap growth of 950%.

A 2017 report by the Broadband Commission, a joint initiative of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and UNESCO (“The State of Broadband report”) determined the growing trend of number of people with access to mobile communications and broadband Internet connection.

Value of ISG Proposal

The ability of corporations providing communications to respond quickly to changing market conditions, high speed of investments turnover, high level of profitability, make provision of information and communication services as one of the most important income sources in the world. Taking into account the published plans of a number of well-known companies entering the market of satellite communication services, and investing tens of billions dollars in projects to bring out hundreds and thousands of small satellites.

ISG system as a growth factor of “broadband economy

ISG SCS will provide a significant increase in capacity on a global scale and will create additional value for the global economy. In particular, this will provide access to multimedia communication services and will increase throughput capacity of the proposed types of communication for hard-to-reach regions of the world where no alternative is available.

Use of tokens in future

As has been already explained earlier, ISG system enables millions of people to become a part of “broadband economy”. In future, ISG will conduct a Token Generation Event (TGE) of crypto-currency, which will be used in ISG system, to pay for the services provided, and also as a means of payment for various goods and services. It is planned that this cryptocurrency will be based on ERC-20 or other similar standard, and would be available at the stage of launching the SCS in commercial operation.



Valery Dmitrov / Head of the Department

Scott Larson / Advisor

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