Ispolink Ico Review : The First Automated Job Board Platform Leveraging AI

About Ispolink

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Ispolink is offering a cutting-edge automated matchmaking job board platform that leverages Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to address one of the most fundamental challenges that exist nowadays – sourcing top talents. Ispolink’s primary objective is to disrupt the recruitment industry which valued more than $300 billion worldwide. Ispolink empower companies operating in the blockchain and IT domain to fill their positions by providing them a full spectrum of tools to conduct and manage in-house the entire recruitment process efficiently, eliminating the need of third parties such a recruitment and staffing agencies.

Token Basic Information

Token NameIspolink
Token SymbolN/A
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Telegram
Soft cap$ 500,000
Hard cap$ 2,000,000
Restricted areasUSA
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Ispolink core mission is to help business find loyal and dedicated employees, meanwhile ensuring high employee satisfaction and alignment with company’s value, working environment and career prospects.


Ispolink aim to transform the obsolete and cumbersome recruitment processes leveraging disruptive technologies, combined with a distinctive and innovative approach towards attracting the very best talents.


Ispolink strive to empower companies to fill their positions by providing them a full spectrum of tools to conduct and manage the whole hiring process efficiently – from candidate screening, through the various stages of interviews until the final offer, all of which can be executed within the platform.

Business Model

Ispolink business model is pretty straightforward. It consists of two main sources of revenue – a subscription based model for companies, that would enable them to take advantage of all platform tools including the matching and sourcing technology along with premium features at affordable price. Since we are result-oriented, employers are charged a flat fee solely on successful hires.

Recruitment Agencies Fees

There are myriads of agencies out there, offering, having a wide variety of fee and warranty structures. Below Ispolink are going to examine the three main types:


The organizations pay upfront and it usually gives them the exclusive rights to fill the position. These are rare and are generally for high-level or very difficult to fill spots.

Cost: On average 10% are paid in advance in order to commence the recruiting and another 10- 15% or more after hire.


Rather than simply paying a fee upon a successful placement, a retainer fee is staggered throughout the process and essentially rewards an agency for their time. An agency is usually paid in three parts: up-front, upon producing a shortlist and when the placement is made.

Cost: Between 15%-25%, reaching 30% for harder to fill roles of the annual salary.

Temporary or Temp to Perm

The temporary workers fall under the responsibility of the recruitment agency. This means that it is the agency that pays the candidate. Their contract can be bought out for a fee, or after a length of time you can have them for free. There’s typically a sliding scale on the buyout: The sooner you take them off the agency payroll and onto yours, the higher the cost.

Cost: 20% to 50% of the hourly wage.

No Technology, No Accepted Offer

Except for the apparent benefits, the recruitment technology can yield a high-tech image of a company. The absence of adequate tech solutions could have a negative impact on the overall hiring experience and repel talented job seekers. For instance, if Generation Z candidates find the company’s recruiting methods to be old-fashioned and unappealing, 54% of potential candidates will not proceed with the application. Thus, even those are willing to apply, there is high probability, that they might refuse to accept the job offer due to the obsolete approaches that had left them unimpressed at the end of the hiring process.

Key Features of Ispolink

Machine Learning

Ispolink use Machine Learning to match the best candidate for your business

Built-in Crypto Payments

You can pay all services with an built-in crypto payment system

Easy to use

Ispolink deeply care about your personal user experience and provide you an intuitive and easy to use interface

Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback to applicants which means no more waiting, no more stress and no poor experience

Customizable Pages

Get acquainted with company’s values, brand, culture and accomplishments

Easy Job Searching

Ispolink eliminate the tedious and prolong job searching – it takes only a few clicks to fill in your resume


MemberEmanuil Pavlov, Co-founder & CEO
Nikolay Pavlov, Co-founder & CTO
Paresh Joshi, Back End Engineer
Barry Teoh, Blockchain Developer
Jens Gantz, Creative UX/UI Director

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