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Jury.Online ICO Review : Jury.Online strives to ensure a new environment


About Jury.Online

Jury.Online strives to ensure a new environment for the future of the ICOs making them responsible to deliver their ideas into viable projects by securing investor funds on a decentralized escrow smart contract published by the Project. The release of the funds and tokens may be activated only by initiation of each stage of the product’s development or by third-party decision of the arbiters linked to the smart contract. Jury.Online has released v.1.0 of the platform together with demo version Ropsten testnet.

Basic Information

Token Name Jury.Online
Token Symbol JOT
Social Media Jury.Online ICO Review : Jury.Online strives to ensure a new environmentJury.Online ICO Review : Jury.Online strives to ensure a new environmentJury.Online ICO Review : Jury.Online strives to ensure a new environment
Hard cap 6,000,000 USD
Token for sale 21,000,000 JOT
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Country Estonia
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General information

Jury.Online positions itself as a platform for concluding transactions, on the basis of which an ICO platform will also be built. The basic platform will facilitate transactions that, in the event of a claim, are arbitrated by a group of independent expert judges who can pronounce a verdict on the transaction in favor of one of the parties. The ICO platform will provide phased control over spending of funds via smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain.


Jury.Online will describe the ICO service first. With the development of the market, ICOs have evolved from being relatively cheap sources of finance to expensive, complex procedures. Not every start-up can afford a successful ICO. Jury.Online intends to help standardize the ICO process and to provide savings as a result. It assumed that an ICO on the Jury.Online will enable non-professionals to use crowdfunding to achieve their goals.



The founders are seeking to create an environment/ecosystem where three independent parties can interact – a project, an investor and expert arbitrators. By default, all parties have an interest in making the transactions successful but in the case of any problems, the platform provides an effective tool for resolution – that of independent and expert arbitration. The basic service offered by Jury.Online is a dispute resolution algorithm implemented via a smart contract, which is the the Jury.Online team’s know-how.


Cryptocurrencies used to pay for transactions will also be stored in the smart contract.
Therefore, escrow is one of the key functions of the platform. Remuneration for judges will be nominated in JOT tokens. The platform will also introduce a rating system for judges again using smart contracts. It is assumed that economic interest and a ratings system will oblige judges to study and resolve disputes fairly. In terms of how it has worked out the blockchain architecture of the smart contract and the algorithm for the functioning of the infrastructure.


The use of ICOs became extremely popular in the start-up investment market in 2017.
According to ICOdata, $5 billion was attracted in 2017. Although most of the funding was attracted during the period of May to October, November was the most active month – new projects received more than $900 million. Despite a degree of decline during the Christmas holidays, the market is currently in the growth phase.


JOT is an internal project token. As part of the basic functionality, it will be used to pay
dispute settlement fees on the Jury.Online platform. The volume of these fees will be fixed and distributed in a certain proportion between the arbitrators and the platform. After the project reaches its planned capacity, Jury.Online plans to charge 20% of fees as remuneration; 80% will be for the arbitrators who participated in the resolution of the


The future dynamics of JOT tokens will largely depend on the degree of infrastructural demand for coins within the framework of the Jury.Online platform.In turn, this will depend on many factors, including the final quality of the product being developed, the number of users, the qualifications of the arbitrators who will spend their own time resources on the platform, the advertising campaign for the product, etc.



Konstantin Kudriavtsev CTO
Nikita Alekseev ART DIRECTO
Art Pirozhkov COO

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