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Kaiser ICO Review : Kaiser having sold out the first and second pre-sale


About Kaiser 

Kaiser has made up line-up by developing PayBanC that improved portability, security and compatibility starting with Kaiser Wallet,hardware wallet has EAL6+ security authentication of CC* top class (Joint Assessment Criteria). At the center of the project is Aiser chain with the hardware security technology of Bizblocks and DApp chain, application of API of Aiserchain guarantees easy of DApp development and safety. Also, Aiserchain integrated Kaiser DEX, decentralized exchange of Kaiser into relevant blockchain and activated all coin transactions including Kaiser coin.

Basic Information

Token Name Kaiser
Token Symbol KISC
Social Media Kaiser ICO Review : Kaiser having sold out the first and second pre-saleKaiser ICO Review : Kaiser having sold out the first and second pre-saleKaiser ICO Review : Kaiser having sold out the first and second pre-sale
Hard cap 17,628,911 USD
Token supply 4,000,000,000 KISC
Soft cap 4,407,228 USD
Country Kyrgyzstan
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Security system

There have been the series of record-setting hacks by new kinds of financial crime in crypto exchange and the damage of hacking is as large as 500 billion won. The coins that were hacked were stored in an online wallet (Hot Wallet). Online Wallet is a storage that is connected with the network. Users use the online wallet because the crypto exchange is reasonable, easy to manage and is capable of real-time money transfers. However, there is a disadvantage that the online wallet stores personal assets online where it is vulnerable to

Chip card

IC Chip Card is an electronic card that has the IC Chip attached and looks just like regular credit card. The IC Chip on the card has 8 Byte or 32 Byte MPU, COS and EEPROM for secure storage. In other words, there is a small computer inside the card. The current magnetic card has security issues like key damage and card infringement. On the other hand, IC Chip Card is the next card of the century because it‟s impossible to copy and the shape of the card is makes it hard to damage.


Physical architecture

The IC Chip consists of an OS(Operating System) read by the ROM(Read Only Memory)an EEPROM(Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) where the developer can load the program with electrical stimulation, a RAM(Random Access Memory) loaded when operated, an I/O System(Input / Output System) controlling the input and output of the
chip and finally a CPU(Central Processing Unit)controlling everything. When the electrical power is supplied to the tag, the OS on the ROM gets loaded on to the RAM and starts to boot.

System procedure

Users require FIDO(Fast Identity Online) server of user verification through Kaiser App. without additional device or physical wallet in any circumstances. FIDO verifies users‟ identity through biometric information such as fingerprint and iris. And user requires electronic signature through API interworking, generates HD keys at Secure Execution Engine BSM(Back-hardware Secure Module) where is authenticated circumstances and electronic signature is done through relevant keys.


Kaiser security system project is not limited to B2C, but provides security services to companies. It provides interface-interworking with customer‟s own app. by using Kaiser API as well as Kaiser Wallet and App. service itself. Kaiser SDK, API helps minimalizing development procedures and provides interworking with customers‟ App/platform. In other words, it enables to develop customizing program for different development purpose.


Kaiser Wallet mounted the Smart OTP on the IC Card. Smart OTP is a disposable password producer. The OTP number is automatically inputted once a Smart OTP card and NFC sponsored Smartphone is tagged. Typically, there are two kinds of Smart OTP. One is a Hardware OTP, that create OTP through private device. Another is Mobile Software OTP. Kaiser Wallet‟s Smart OTP uses the IC Chip‟s security to make it impossible to copy or forge the OTP key.


The reason for the importance in personalizing a Kaiser Wallet is through this process the Back Hardware and the Smart Card share the same key. With both components sharing the same key, when important information is saved, modified or deleted on the Kaiser Wallet, through a Smart OTP, a two way authentication can take place.The process of personalizing a Kaiser Wallet is the process of inputting allocated information and making the card their own.




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