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Kickzie ico Review : Transacting the world’s household consumption


About Kickzie

KlickZie Activated Imagery lets consumers gain for themselves the value of their imagery and their digital information that up to now have been funneled to social network systems. These platforms give smartphone users consumers the ability to create digital products that employ the KLK ecosystem to generate new income.

Basic Information

Token Name KlickZie
Token Symbol KLk
Social Media Kickzie ico Review : Transacting the world’s household consumptionKickzie ico Review : Transacting the world’s household consumptionKickzie ico Review : Transacting the world’s household consumption
Token for sale 4,000,000,000 KLK (50%)
Soft cap 100,000 KLK (1,000 USD)
Hard cap 30,000,000 KLK (300,000 USD)
Resection No restrictions
Country United States of America
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For View website

Business Activity

ArKs are floating interactive pictures (ArK Symbols) only visible around you in the
Augmented Reality view provided by the ArKnet app using the camera imager in your
smartphone. ArKs are intended for goods and service providers as a way to draw attention
to customers in the vicinity of a provider’s ArK Symbol. Shoppers and buyers seeing a
Symbol can interact with the provider’s goods or services via the Ark Symbol.

KlickZie Activation

Consumers download KlickZie’s free app into their mobile device (iPhone, Android or other smartphone). KlickZie technology activates the pictures and videos created thereafter by the mobile device by invisibly marking the imagery with the KlickZie marking technology. Behind the scenes software captures the imagery and available metadata related to the
imaging event, storing it in the KlickZie cloud.


Central Functions

Provide the three central functions that all money must perform in every economic ecosystem be a medium of exchange for the trade of goods and services, 2.) be a measure of value for such trades, and 3.) be a store of value, available for future trades. Other functions of money, such as the extension of credit and the provision of deferred payment in a transaction, flow from these three functions. KLK currency supplies the three central functions of money as well as the basis for all other derived functions.

Kilk Currency

The KlickZie apps, and the KLK ecosystem aim to give the smartphone user a new set of tools for transacting in goods and services. The supply of KLK currency will need to grow to fill the currency demands of the ecosystem. Because the smartphone userbase is nearly half the world’s population, and because the value of the world’s goods and services transactions is in the many trillions of dollars US annually, it is difficult -perhaps impossible- at this early stage to know and set a fixed “hard cap” for the total number of KLKs in the KLK money supply.

Crypto Offering

One billion KLK20 cryptotokens will be distributed as shown in the pie chart. Half of the tokens will be sold in token sales activity. The other half of the tokens will be distributed to Tautachrome shareholders, the KlickZie/KLK team, Tautachrome partners who will use KLK20 tokens to further the KLK ecosystem, and bounty hunters for finding/fixing KLK
technical problems.

Ownership Placement

An Ark is a chest of valuable information owned by a particular person or entity. It can be placed at any location the owner thinks best. It can be made visible or invisible to other classes of ArK owners in any lawful manner whatsoever. The ArK and its contents can be monetized in any lawful manner whatsoever. An ArK is property that can be licensed or sold. The ArK app can provide “pay to see” options for the ArK owner enabling fee charging mechanisms under contractual arrangements provided as part of the ArK app.



Dr Jon Leonard CEO
Matthew Staker CTO
Ernest Chuang MARKETING

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