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Kingdom Game Ico Review : Online Game Platform For Digital Era Gamers

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About Kingdom Game

Kingdom Game 4.0 is a platform that paves the way for the change of Game system that is useful for community. With the combination of talent and the revolution of technology, we aspire to create a new world, the Kingdom Game 4.0, where there is an inseparable connection among Game Publisher, Gamers and Agents network system. With the mission of bringing true value, guaranty the in-game assets for Gamers, practical benefits to Agents and that is why Kingdom Game 4.0 was born. We aim to dedicate to the world a sustainable development solution with Gamers community. We hope to become a typical example for those who are pursuing patiently the 4.0 technology path. Kingdom Game 4.0 is a product of Kingdom Holding Group belongs to the ecosystem of many different fields as Kingdom Technology, Kingdom Investment, Kingdom Finance,…

Token Basic Information

Token Name Kingdom Game
Token Symbol KDG
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Telegram
Distributed in ICO
Tokens for sale 50,000,000,000 KDG
Location Vietnam
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Bringing insight and longterm cohesion between Game publishers and Gamers. Redefinition Gamer to become an equal career and create high income in society. In addition, we aim to equip and update for all Gamers as well as young generation the trend of 4.0 revolution and nurture the future technology nucleus of the country.

Issue and Demands

In this era of digital, technology is a inseparable part of life. In accordance with the statistics in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, people has spent $4.1 billion in 2019 for Games, refer to the Newzoo’s report, it has been increasing 22% in comparision with 2018 (follow Newzoo Gamer Report). The Global Gaming industry has reached nearly $150 billion, and emerging economies in the developing region will play a very important role to increase that revenue to $160 billion in 2020.

Business foibles

Currently, almost of game publisher companies are still maintaining the traditional game business model. The remaining disadvantages when players join the game as follows:
  • Most of the time in the development process, players and game publisher have an opposite relationship. While gamers want to have a new experiences to increase the interesting in game. On the other side, the publisher are always trying to edit the tasks and parameters in the game to be able to exploit more from players.
  • There is no insurance regime for valuable items in the game for players.
  • Lack of trading region, liquidity and commodity exchange for in-game items.
  • Support for gamers is not as good as expected.

Game publishers only focus on profit goals

Publishers release new game titles and opening of new servers constantly will make the players on each server less and less interactive. The publisher only focuses on increasing the events to attract players to deposit money then exempts from the remaining responsibilities. Players after depositing and playing on that server, some time later the number of members in the server dwindled as companies opened other servers. Leads to feelings of depression, frustration, and a desire to leave the game.

Unfriendly customer support service

With the current Game systems, players do not have many benefits and are properly cared for as they deserve, even though they are the financial contributors, the cost of survival and development of the game. Game publishers are still not aware of the important role of the connection between publishers and users, away from the rights and contributions of the community for themselves.


Sharing economy model

Game publisher, Agents and Gamers play important roles as a trivet, consistently, supporting each other in this Economic model. Agents and Gamers can use available resources in Kingdom Game 4.0 to generate revenue and income for themselves. Kingdom Game 4.0 shall use 25 – 50% of the revenue to refund Gamers through promotions or Tournaments.

In-game assets guarantee

All valuable assets in the game such as characters, items, … will be guaranteed (value insurance). With the important purpose of optimizing personal virtual assets. With a guarantee of up to 75% of the value of the item, guaranteed value and long-term liquidity.

Payment by cryptocurrency

Kingdom Game 4.0 released our own platform specific digital currency named KDG. In game payment transaction shall be applied Blockchain technology using KDG token. Gamers use KDG to buy items, upgrading level or use other in-game services transparently and safely.

Referral commission program

In order to support and accompany the benefit for the players, gamers can invite their friends to play the game and receive the corresponding referral reward.

Playing games, generating income

With the sharing economy model, all gamers who play any game on Kingdom Game 4.0 have the opportunity to earn income, because this is a sharing platform. The sharing rate is based on the amount of money that players join and deposit into the system with the returning rate from 25-50% of the deposit value, which will return to become rewards for in-game players through events, in-game tasks and tournaments.

Rights to invest and own the shares of Kingdom game 4.0

Kingdom Game understand and appreciate the support from our users. It’s an important part of our success. Therefore, we always try our best to create chances and opportunities for investors to have the rights to own the shares of Kingdom Game 4.0, investing and generating benefits through choosing Agents and public funding.

Kingdom Game Blockchain Technology

Kingdom Game 4.0 service will use blockchain technology based on Tron mainnet . The main points to use smart contract is including: Account registration for agents, investors, gamers, etc…; Setup the payment wallet system in order to easily execute payment for Kingdom Game 4.0.


  • From Gamers: All activities as deposit money to buy token to play game, purchasing item, trading fee and in-game activities shall cause gamers to spend Token, generating cashflow from Token of Kingdom Game 4.0 system.
  • From Guaranty System: The valuable items in the game will be participating in the guarantee mechanism. This mechanism will cost a certain fee for those items, the item’s code will be applied blockchain technology to ensure each guaranteed item will create a unique code, ensuring safety as well as maintains the long-term value of the item. Fee for guaranteeing items will depend on the time gamers want to guarantee their items. Example: 6 months, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.
  • From Ads: With a large number of gamers joining Kingdom Game 4.0 system, we will have an impressive revenue from Ads through marketing/ promoting campaigns online and offline. Moreover, we shall have revenue from selling copyrights of the pictures, revenue from eSport games that co-operated and operated by Kingdom Game 4.0.
  • From Payment System: KDG Token will be used as a payment method for Games of other Game publishers; This is a longterm and constant step to increase the value of KDG Token.

Competitive advantages of Kingdom Game 

  • The pioneer model “triple –win” for Game publishers, agents and gamers, big different from the current game publishers.
  • As one of the pioneers in applying blockchain technology in games and payment systems.
  • Advantage of big ecosystem and community cohesion.
  • Kingdom Game 4.0 team has had many years on publishing, managing, operating game.
  • The Marketing team has had experiences in media marketing, advertising digital projects.
  • Redefine a new career – gamers. Playing games generates income, making games to be a real career.

Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing: Adwords campaigns focused on the games Kingdom Game 4.0 released.
  • Social Marketing: Advertising special features of Kingdom Game 4.0 system, programs, benefits when joining Kingdom Game 4.0.
  • Email Marketing: Daily campaigns, events, campaigns based on special offers, special prizes for players…
  • SEO: Keyword-driven strategy about the games that are currently released and will be released.
  • Affiliate: Cooperate with affiliate networks such as MasOffer, InvolveAsia and iPrice.
  • Banner: Remarketing using Google Display Ads, working with Criteo and Rtbhouse.

Kingdom Game Token

Kingdom Game ventures., Ltd issued 100,000,000 Kingdom Game 4.0 token with KDG code following the Tron TRC20 standard. KDG is a cryptocurrency used for in-game payments on the Kingdom Game 4.0 platform and is distributed to investors, agents and gamers in accordance with the White Paper terms and conditions.




LUONG TUAN ANH, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

MD HIDAYAT, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder (CMO)

NGUYEN ANH VU, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

HO THIEN, Chief Business Officer (CBO)

THANH TAM, Public Relations Officer

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