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Koalatoken Ico Review : Both the offline and the online adult entertainment



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About Koalatoken 

Koalatoken was created as a payment solution that will be integrated into blockchain, offline and online parts of the industry. Koala is all about privacy and discreteness, as a lot of clients show displeasure at the current and traditional system the adult entertainment industry is being run due to lack of privacy. That desire for anonymity is what they satisfy. You can patronize any offline and online entertainment store or services and pay without anyone knowing you are the one. Using Koala payment solution and tokens, users can access our online market, which includes paid adult entertainment content, live video streams, both private and public ones, and others. For the offline market, payment solution can be used in getting a striptease, massage, escort services, and others.

Basic Information

Token Name Koalatoken
TokenSymbol KOA
Social Media Koalatoken Ico Review : Both the offline and the online adult entertainment Koalatoken Ico Review : Both the offline and the online adult entertainment Koalatoken Ico Review : Both the offline and the online adult entertainment
Token Price $0.03 USD
Platform Ethereum
Soft Cap 1,000 ETH
Hard Cap 100,000 ETH
Accepting ETH
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Problem & Solution

Koalatoken is creating tokens to solve the world’s biggest blockchain issues surrounding Adult industry payment, data accessibility and payment.


Payments done are very anonymous and private as users do not have to reveal themselves to anyone. You can hide under the covers of our blockchain, enjoying numerous services without anyone finding out your identity. Koalatoken payment solution can be said to be safe that has a complicated lock, where solely the owner of the safe have the key.


A lot of users of this industry pay with cash to avoid being traced, but they would have preferred a convenient method like the credit card, where they can pay effortlessly. The credit card system doesn’t afford them privacy. They have to face the dilemma and choose between the deep blue sea and the monster.

Koala Ecosystem: Its Solutions

Koalatoken using blockchain and smart contract technologies solve these problems quickly, as there are no longer intermediaries, and the issue of unreliability is resolved too.
The usage of Koala token solves all these. Koala is currently revealing a lot of solutions to the problems listed above. They are incorporating a transparent and decentralized platform that works with blockchain and smart contract technologies as a flawless payment solution. Koala also has decentralized applications that are created for solving numerous problems and bringing comfort to the users of these services.


Over the years the adult Industry has been plagued with problems of payment processing, as banks and a lot of payment providers shun the industry. Those who decide to service the industry, then choose to use this and charge a lot for services done and any transaction done by an adult services provider. This has left the industry with no choice but to dine with platforms that take a lot in fees. A new payment system that removes the high costs for those payment solutions is Blockchain.

Koala Services

Apart from being a decentralized payment method, free from a lot of problems, Koala will build a lot of applications and offer many more services on its blockchain. Koala Services layer intends to have many innovative services that will build on core, while subscribers can be made to pay for them. There will be decentralized payment channels, ad network, age verification, affiliate network, live video streaming, interface builder and indexing/search, and so on. The services that will run on Koala will be easily interoperable, ensuring that different businesses can pay solely for what they want.

Koala Payment Gateway

After looking at the problems of the Adult Entertainment Industry, and how hard it is to pay
for adult entertainment-related items, Koala has introduced its decentralized payment system, where users pay to each other, thereby removing intermediaries. This sector of our ecosystem will ensure subscribers can process their payments or transactions for only a tiny transaction cost, when compared to traditional payment systems, charging a lot.

Age Verification

Koala will follow every legislation wherever they operate. They will follow the age verification rules, ensuring that every performer on Koala will be over the stipulated legal age, and will have to upload a Government issued valid ID. KOALA will ensure that whatever information provided will not be divulged to a third party. For other platforms that intend to sponsor any consenting performer, the information may be shared with the platform, after getting consent from the performer.

Koala Exchanges

After the ICO, they intend to create an exchange as a decentralized application, where users can exchange their fiat currencies with Koala token, or other cryptocurrencies for Koala token. Both merchants and clients can easily opt to change their Koala token for significant fiat currencies like USD and Euro, or from Koala to substantial cryptocurrencies. This exchange is created because before a user or merchant can make use of this platform, they must use Koala token.

Benefits Of Koala As A Payment Method

Koala payment system will allow users to have access to a payment system that they can quickly send funds, make payments in a safe, decentralized and affordable manner. With payment system, a subscriber in Canada can quickly pay for an adult entertainment merchant in Turkey quickly, without bothering about high charges in transnational fees or other numerous fees one have to pay to use centralized payment methods.


Koala payment system is high-speed. They have solved the lack of scalability issue seen in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that make it have about three transactions per minute. blockchain and payment solution is very fast because we will divide blockchain into two: the side chain and the main chain. The side chain will have the decentralized apps that will be built by us or partner businesses. The main chain is where transactions and other core services will be hosted.

Low transaction cost

Koala payment system has a low transaction cost, compared to other payment solutions like the credit card, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and the rest. Most merchants have to deal with high charges, and even users of the various payment solutions when they want to make a payment. Koala payment system solves this by reducing the cost to less than 1%. For every transaction done.


Dave Hoffman CEO & Lead Blockchain
Dick Didow CTO & Senior Developer
Terry Gobert Blochain App Developer
Jessica Haile Community Management

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