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Koios AI ICO Review : provide a highly distributed, planet-scale ecosystem



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About Koios AI

Koios AI elevator pitch for Koios is very simple; provide a highly distributed, planet-scale ecosystem of products to accelerate AI development. The Koios ecosystem will contain three distinct products: NeuralNet, AI Lab, and Titan Protocol. The “Neural Net” component of the Koios Platform is a simple, intuitive marketplace containing a library of AI and ML content.

Basic Information

Token Name Koios AI
Token Symbol KOI
Social Media Koios AI ICO Review : provide a highly distributed, planet-scale ecosystem Koios AI ICO Review : provide a highly distributed, planet-scale ecosystem
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD
Token supply 1,000,000,000 KOI
Country Australia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


All content submitted by developers will undergo technical review by the Koios Team to ensure it adheres to industry standards and is functional prior to being advertised on the marketplace. The “AI Lab” is an AI development platform providing access to a library of complimentary tools, algorithms and data sets created and maintained by the Koios Team. AI Lab will provide the building blocks to not only accelerate AI Development.


Also allow developers to deploy their creations to a fully hosted Machine Learning Engine exposed via API for public or private consumption. Lastly, “Titan Protocol” will connect any user with the Koios desktop and mobile apps to the Koios platform and allow them to participate in AI development by “renting” their CPU power to developers. This allows users to earn Koios Tokens which can then be freely traded on Public Crypto Exchanges or used to purchase AI content.



Professional counterparties, KYC & AML, pre-trade checks, enforceable lending contracts, cold storage, segregated funds and forensic coin analysis ensure safety and security of your funds.Bridge liquidity gaps through an institutional pool of digital assets to implement your market making or short strategies.Generate enhanced yields from a diverse portfolio of digital assets.


Access to institutional counterparties and a broad selection of high quality digital asset and cryptocurrency markets.Koios AI enables hedge funds, exchanges, asset managers, traders, miners and market makers to find liquidity, generate additional yield, facilitate arbitrage strategies, settle shorts and capture directional views of market participants.truly excited to be a part of the innovation Koios AI is bringing to the blockchain financial services ecosystem.


The value of the Koios AI tokens will only grow, as its quantity is limited, and there will be more and more money in the Koios AI system not only with the help of new and renewable users, but also thanks to the money distribution – because the part of fiat money from buying tickets by fans, selling football players to another clubs, money awarding by the Football League for the matches won etc., would be exchanged in large amounts in Koios AI tokens.


The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is going viral, or at least, it feels like that. In fact, less than 0.2% of all Internet users own any cryptocurrency and only about 0.1% of all businesses accept cryptocurrency as a payment.To be qualified for online and local payments Rainbow Currency holders must go through a verification process to identify themselves, while only accredited business partners are allowed to receive these payments.


Koios AI use blockchain CellChain, which perfectly fits for games and other businesses, thanks to its speed and the absence of commissions for internal transactions. It is based upon the in-house own consensus algorithm, two-level node structure, and smart contracts. Additional module development for Bitokcoin integration. There will be ability of in and out Bitokcoin token like inner game currency 2 additional multiplayer games
Development of the partner program.


Member =====
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