Lifetask Ico Review : The First Decentralized Competence Platform

About Lifetask

At Lifetask they stand out among competitors, because they believe when choosing the perfect person for the job, it’s not just their professional achievements which count, it’s also the personal interests and talents which define the individual. Professional candidates are still people, and they believe finding the right person for a vacancy is crucial for business. Using the latest implemented artificial intelligence (AI), LifeTask matches the right people to vacancies. Two clouds work together, containing both candidates’ personal & professional achievements, and employers’ exact employment requirements. These clouds make it possible to accurately match a person to a vacancy, or vice versa, quickly and effectively. This saves you valuable time and money, benefiting both employers and candidates alike.

Basic Information

Token Name Lifetask
Token Symbol LTS
Social Media Lifetask Ico Review : The First Decentralized Competence PlatformLifetask Ico Review : The First Decentralized Competence PlatformLifetask Ico Review : The First Decentralized Competence Platform
Country Australia
Platform Ethereum
Pre-Sale 05/27/2018 midnight – 06/27/2018 midnight
Language English
Token Sale 06/27/2018 midnight – 08/26/2018 midnight
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LifeTask puts the best candidates in front of the best jobs. Decentralized, P2P, and on the latest, fastest blockchain technology.


LifeTask creates a decentralised community of specialists, enabling global access to the very best of individual talent.


Lifetask ultimate aim? Provide an outstanding platform which exceeds the current outdated recruitment industry.

How it works

LifeTask allows people to publish their professional achievements, capabilities, and personal interests via the exclusive LifeTask Token.

How do we significantly reduce costs and time for business and candidates

Employers can publish their exact job specifications, for a wide range of jobs and services, providing detailed information about their ideal candidate. LifeTask searches the AI cloud to find the perfect candidates for the role, at which point the employer shall pay LifeTask tokens to contact the best applicants.

Token fees vary, as set by the candidate according to their level of competency. The candidate will receive LifeTask tokens each time an employer retrieves his/her contact.

The Global Recruitment Market 

Companies are increasingly turning to staffing and recruiting companies to find qualified candidates and expand their workforce in a cost-effective manner, howeverrecruitment is being disrupted by technology, which will bring about a host of new changes and opportunities in the years ahead.

What is the Recruitment Industry

Recruitmentrefers to the process of finding new employees for an organization. HR departments often take on this role, but companies may outsource these functions to a staffing firm, headhunter, orrecruiting agency in orderto locate and hire qualified candidates.

Recruitment Industry Statistics

The need forrecruitment services is often linked to gross domestic product. As economic conditions improve and the demand forlaborrises, the recruitment industry also expands. The global recruitment process outsourcing market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.66% from 2017 to 2021, according to a recent report by Technavio, a market research firm.

Recruitment Market Challenges.

Advances in technology create new opportunities, but they also open up new risks and problems.Data security and privacy are key concerns going forward. Recruitment companies store huge quantities of sensitive data, including contact information, work history, and salary details. Security breaches could be devastating for recruiters and candidates.

The Future of the Job Market

The digital age has triggered far-reaching structural changes in the economy, in the world of labor and in society in recent years. The dynamic development of new digital technologies poses new challenges for employees and companies.

How LifeTask Is Set to Spark a Revolution

Lifetask uses implemented artificial intelligence to match candidates to vacancies. It consists of two clouds, namely a cloud containing candidates’ talents and interests, together with a cloud that contains employers’ requirements. Other centralized recruiting platforms and systems collect candidates’ data and profit from it. LifeTask does away with that due to its decentralized nature – data is kept entirely under the user’s control. It will, however, be able to be connected to platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, which allow candidates to show off their unique talents in whichever way they choose.

Mission Statement

Are you tired of sending your CV and application letters to hundreds of recruiters and never hearing back from anyone? This tired old system of matching people to jobs is destined to become a thing of the past. The requirements of the modern job market necessitate doing things in a better, more efficient way. The days of using recruiting agencies and websites as middlemen are numbered, and that’s thanks to LifeTask.

The LifeTask Token & Token Acquisition

It has been proven over and over again, that centralized markets are having many problems, such as being slow, ineffective and expensive. In particular, the current job placement business model is a creation of the last century. They have served their purpose. But now a whole new era of job placement starts.

The tokens will be distributed as follows:

● 60% in the Token Offer
● 12% to the team
● 5% to advisers & seed contributors
● 15% liquidity reserve
● 6% to researchers
● 2 % bounty



Member Lukas Hubert CEO

Harald R. Schildenfeld

Stefan Huber CBO and Co-Founder

Mario Urschitz CMO & International speaker

Peter Hlavac CTO Ivana McCann

Kris StelljesHead of Online Marketing

Alexandra Lupu Head of Media Relations

Gerry SpilakHead of Cooperation Corporates East

Stefan Zavrel

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