Best 6 Wallet For Lisk (LSK) To Store Lisk Safely

About Lisk 

Lisk (LSK) makes it easier to use blockchains with distributed creation created by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. Crypti began in 2014 and was eventually an open source blockchain application platform shared by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. Crypti needed more firepower to reach the founder’s vision and was sent to Lisk in May 2016.

Risk coins are currently using the Software Development Kit (SDK), and you can build your own personal blockchain. The SDK is implemented using JavaScript. This is as simple as Code – Deploy – Use. The dApp based on the Lisk network runs in a separate side chain to avoid damaging the entire Lisk network and its scalability.

Best 6 Wallet For Storing Lisk

1.Lisk Hub Wallet

This is one of the convenient wallets that can be used as an all-in-one solution, which can be accessed via a web browser or downloaded to Windows and Mac operating systems.

Lisk Identity uses an algorithm to create a unique visual representation for each user and uses a 12-word passphrase stored on some third-party servers, so it should be kept in a safe place. There is also a blockchain browser that allows users to vote for agents in the hub. Lisk says that in the future it will be possible to decentralize, register side chains and run your own ICO.

Download Lisk Hub Wallet

2.Lisk Nano

Lisk Nano is one of the best Lisk online wallets that makes it possible to access the Lisk ID in 2019 and is mainly aimed at maximizing convenience. You do not need to worry about blockchain synchronization as Wallet connects directly to the Lisk network.

This is a hierarchical deterministic (HD) Lisk wallet, it is easy to send and receive tokens, and you can check the status of the LSK balance. Wallet can be used on Mac, Windows, Linux operating systems. You can also control the private key.

Download Lisk Nano Wallet

3.Lisk Commander

Lisk Commander aims to be the most useful tool for developers looking for ways to efficiently encode with the command line interface (CLI). Using Lisk Commander, inserting new commands in the command line interface is easier than creating a graphical user interface (GUI) around each command. This Lisk Wallet helps delegates, operators and members easily use the Lisk function from the command line.

You can use Lisk Commander to communicate with remote or local hosts or to perform Lisk related functions using interactive or noninteractive command line tools. This makes it one of the wallets for advanced users.

Setup Lisk Commander Wallet

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4.Lisk Core

This is one of the best Lisk wallets for the desktop version designed for technical users because of the complex process using the full version node. It is not intended for amateur traders.

If you are a developer, this wallet might be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for an easy way to manage LSK tokens with new technology, it is suitable for one of the first two wallets in this list.

Setup Lisk Core Wallet

5. Lisk Paper Wallet

For cold storage of LSK token, Lisk paper wallet is suitable. This is the best offline wallet of risks that can be stored without risking theft or cyber hacking.

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Like other paper wallets, this is the last option. However, if you do appropriate treatment, you can save it as an asset.

Generate Lisk Paper Wallet

6.Lisk Freewallet

A free wallet is the best Lisk wallet for Android and iOS devices. This is a very simple and secure open source wallet. The most important point of a Free wallet is the QR code verification. In the Free wallet, the password is your wallet. Once logged in, your address and key will be fully generated.

There are no wallet files for backup or protection. Use a password to make it the perfect Lisk wallet for iOS and Android users, because you can access your wallet from a trusted computer using a web browser. You need to be careful – Free wallet does not provide users with access to the private key and always controls you perfectly.

Download Lisk Freewallet

Tips for securely storing your Decred

  • Back up your data. Regardless of which wallet you choose, ensure you back it up as often as possible. This helps you to maintain security, privacy, and protection for your funds and gives you the ability to recover your holdings if anything goes wrong.
  • Two-factor authentication. If two-factor authentication is available, make sure you enable it. It provides an added layer of protection to your wallet and gives you a second step to access your wallet in the event your password is compromised.
  • Strong passwords. If you choose a wallet that allows you to add in a passphrase on top of a PIN code, don’t pick something obvious or frequently used. The best passphrases are long, randomly generated ones, and you should change them every few months for added security.
  • Install reliable security software. Schedule routine scans and keep your antivirus software updated to better protect your devices from any sort of malware, spyware and viruses.
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