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LivenPay : Liven is an incentive-based mobile payments gateway


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About LivenPay 

LivenPay is an incentive-based mobile payments gateway and ecosystem built for the lifestyle and dining industry.There are three primary functions currencies should serve; to be a store of value, a medium of exchange and a unit of account. When a currency suffers from significant price volatility its ability to meet all three of these functions is severely impaired. Mass adoption will not occur if people do not have confidence that a currency’s purchasing power will remain stable.

Basic Information

Token NameLivenPay
Token SymbolLVN
Social MediaLivenPay : Liven is an incentive-based mobile payments gatewayLivenPay : Liven is an incentive-based mobile payments gatewayLivenPay : Liven is an incentive-based mobile payments gateway
Hard cap28,000,000 USD
Token Price0.015 USD
Soft cap10,000,000 USD
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Adoption and widespread use of cryptocurrency is directly hindered by the prevailing utopian problem with cryptocurrencies, where proponents of blockchain projects fail to see the practical problems with implementing their grand designs in the real world. While cryptocurrency was created in 2009 bearing promises of a decentralised future with borderless communities of asset-sharing, open-source international business as standard, and no centralised control of owned or managed assets, the modern reality is far from this.


Beyond the above issues with the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem lies a longstanding problem with rewards and loyalty programs. In their current form, the loyalty systems used by businesses globally are fragmented and broken, existing within their own insular economies and failing to provide merchants with truly holistic solutions.Third-party loyalty systems offer minimal value to customers and businesses, but instead obscure a revenue raising mechanism for centralised payment networks and banks who administer them.



The economics of the Liven network have been designed in an attempt to achieve price stability. Consumer payments made in LVN through the Liven gateway are converted to fiat and paid to the merchant according to the Liven Platform’s internal LVN to fiat conversion rate. This is discussed further in the token economics section. This internal conversion rate is not based on a free-floating value determined by an external market such as a crypto

Large network

It is generally difficult to convince small or medium enterprise (SME) owners to adopt a new ‘crypto-payment’ method due to its associated costs and complexity. Most SME owners
are not particularly tech savvy, and do not possess wider knowledge of cryptographic assets, nor a desire to add another complicated layer to the operation of their business.
In addition, it is virtually impossible to convince these business owners to learn about and implement the necessary facilities to start accepting a new cryptocurrency, especially
if it is extremely volatile.

Global rewards

LVN will play a pivotal role in the Liven Platform as both a medium of payment and the medium of incentive. Liven currently exists in fiat form as a rewards-based payment
technology where users earn an internal network currency (that is currently pegged to the value of the Australian Dollar) on every transaction at a variable earning rate of 10-30%. User account balances are stored on a private ledger against the user’s email address and can be spent freely as fiat value at any Liven partnered merchant.


Incorporating blockchain technology into Liven’s Platform makes it possible for users to easily send currency, split bills, and share rewards – making peer-to-peer sharing simple.
Users will be able to transfer LVN externally to ‘precharge’ their account or to gift to friends and family. In order to make the Liven platform more accessible on the user level, the
Ethereum wallet address that receives externally deposited tokens will be supplemented by a username handle for internal transfers between users, similar to those used on Twitter or Instagram.


Gamification strategies that will be incorporated into Liven include ‘levelling up’, where users reach higher levels of achievement for performing certain actions. Greater rewards
for users who display desired behaviour and achievement badges for completing challenges, such as visiting a set of restaurants, referring a certain number of friends or simply discovering all of the features of the applications.




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