Lobefy Ico Review : A decentralized crowdfunding platform without boundaries

About Lobefy

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Lobefy is a decentralized crowdfunding social media platform for all the possibilities. Funding and support of projects, missions and innovations, and in parallel, supporting the supporters, patrons and project volunteers. Lobefy was created as a decentralized crowdfunding platform to empower users worldwide. Lobefy uses an innovative blockchain method to allow startups, influencers, and fundraising campaigns access to better funding while also being transparent and accountable to their patrons. Lobefy is crowdfunding with the added integration of live video feeds, material receipts, and user voting.

Token Basic Information

Name Lobefy
Token symbol LOBY
Social Media Facebook, Twitter
Token Type ERC-20
Category Crowdfunding
Type ICO
Token Utility
Language English
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Welcome to LOBEFY!

Lobefy is a decentralized crowdfunding platform whose entire infrastructure is designed with the supporters’ interest in mind. Our environment makes projects more likely to succeed and supporters more likely to feel that their funding is used responsibly.

Problem Lobefy are Solving

Until now, social media was based on profiting from data taken from its users. Crowdfunding sites are centralized organizations that charge high fees and you never know how your donations are being spent. On Lobefy’s decentralized platform, users will own their data and are able to follow the campaign milestones in real-time. This increases transparency, promotes community involvement and reduces the project failure rate.

How are Lobefy different from others

There are many different crowdfunding sites to choose from. Our main difference is fees and accountability. At Lobefy, we demand no percentage for projects to advertise, reach their goal or require any fees to donate. All contributions go directly to the project they are pledged to and thanks to blockchain technology, the public ledger will be available for all to verify how funds were utilized.


Crowdfunding globally revolutionized how startups and entrepreneurs approach business. It has opened the doors to those who otherwise could not have proceeded developing their dreams. Until now, however, project donors have not been able to follow the development and outcome of the projects they fund. Current technology allows the integration of social media communities to expand the power of the crowdfunding model. The Lobefy ecosystem integrates a real time video stream to create an instant live community sharing and contributing to the dreams of everyone.

Early Incentives

To ensure the rapid growth of the Lobefy ecosystem, all new Lobefy users will receive a sign up bonus which can be used in the Lobefy Platform to help fund campaigns.

New Lobefy campaigns qualify for early incentives to help with their milestone forward progress. Limited time only!

Benefits of blockchain technology

Access and transparency to resource distribution increases credibility and community trust throughout the Lobefy ecosystem. This results in higher levels of project contributions and greater public involvement.

  • Project resource distribution is easily accessible to everyone and inspires the community members to become part of a growing movement.
  • Smart contract voting enables the community to vote on project outcomes.
  • Audit project expenses from inception to completion on a trustless ledger.

Features of Lobefy


Live community interaction through live streaming, media upload, and campaign news feeds.


Send and Receive CRWD Tokens with Lobefy’s mobile apps or web application.

Peer-to-Peer Offerings

Milestones can be met with Lobefy donations or peer volunteering services.

Live Streaming

Lobefy supporters can follow your activities in real time live feed. Receive notifications as soon as your favorite projects are live!

CRWD Token

CRWD is an ERC-20 utility token based on the Ethereum Blockchain that is used in all transactions within the Lobefy ecosystem. CRWD tokens can be used for multiple purposes such as crowdfunding campaigns, marketplace spending, and for peer-to-peer transactions.


Members N/A

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