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- Advertisement - is an advanced blockchain platform that professionally builds on and enhances the functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies like blockchain. Financial systems and cryptocurrencies are widely used applications of the blockchain technology and its popularity keeps growing because it can be used for much more. At LotanChain, offer a groundbreaking platform and powerful tools that will revolutionize the financial technology, insurance, crowdfunding, education, governance industries, tax systems, charitable donations, instant payments, voting and polls, copyright infringement, and many more industries.

Token Basic Information
Token symbolLTN
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Telegram
Hard cap=====
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Problem & Solution are creating tokens to solve the world’s biggest blockchain issues surrounding cross-border payments, data accessibility and payment.


At LotanChain, we have created a developer platform that is user-friendly. Most of our developers agree that LotanChain is one of the simplest platforms for creating Smartcontracts and Dapps and we focus on innovative blockchain solutions.

Avoid Programming Language Barriers platform boasts of a multi-language coding feature. As a result, developers who are skilled in any of the popular programming languages can easily start creating Dapps and Smart contracts. With our platform, you are guaranteed of creating high-quality and secure software because the coders are conversant with the programming language.

Open Source

LotanChain Developer Portal Allows Developers To Learn, Build, Test & Deploy Smartcontracts And DAPPs LotanChain offers developers a free, open-source blockchain to develop on. We will use the developer portal to recruit and recognize a wide range of developers that develop on our platform.

Services of and our partners have created a number of highly effective strategies that can take any blockchain project to it’s next level.


Mobile Application & Blockchain developement.


We are happy to share our knowledge with clients, or offer hands-on help.


Deliver world-class marketing solutions for blockchain companies.

Support & Maintenance

Maintain your mobile application and offer technical support to your users.

Dev Portal Built on developer portal provides the tools and resources that developers and business can build and deploy decentralized applications, tokens and smart contracts quick and easy.DEV PORTAL

LTN Coin

LTN coin will be used to pay the gas fees in the smart contracts on the Lotan Blockchain. Our vision is to create an ecosystem of real world smart contracts for use across industry, government and society. LotanChain non fungible assets will spark a new wave of asset trading in the digital space.

Blockchain Network

Decentralized open source smart contract supported by masternodes.

Hybrid Bitcoin / Ethereum

Merged codebase from Bitcoin and Ethereum. This allows the Ethereum Virtual Machine to work on the entire Bitcoin ecosystem within the LotanChain Network.

X86 Virtual Machine x86 Virtual Machine supports Java, C, C++, and other popular programming languages, that allow the adoption and development of smart contracts.

Real Time Checkpoint Computing

Protects the history of our blockchain from being changed by 51% attacks. Broadcasts block height and hash of the main chain that cannot be overwritten.

Decentralized Applications

Turing-complete programming language, allowing developer to create applications within the LotanChain ecosystem of DAPPs. Wallet

Desktop Wallet desktop wallet is built for all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems. Our platform is also 100% free for you to use and even pair on multiple devices.

Mobile Wallet

At LotanChain, we believe that our users should always have access to their money whenever they need it. We also have a mobile app that brings our renowned wallet for the growing number of mobile users. LotanChain has native mobile wallets for both iOS and Android users. This allows users to always have access to their funds on the go. You can check, receive, and send funds whenever and wherever you want to.

With a LotanChain wallet, you will be up and running immediately it is installed and without the need for more syncing. Within seconds of installation, you can actually see your transactions as they occur in real time. You no longer have to check your transactions after every 30 minutes to see whether they were confirmed.

User-Friendly Wallets

At LotanChain, our wallets are user-friendly and can be used by anyone irrespective of their technical or cryptocurrency knowledge. We have prepared a range of video tutorials and detailed guides that can help you through the process of using your wallet. We strive to make it easy and fun for our users to use and learn more about their blockchain assets. We also have an online community where our users can interact with other people and share their experiences and challenges.

Features of

Suitable For All

With a, you have a secure way of managing and exchanging your blockchain assets. We make it easy for our users to download and even use their blockchain assets. At LotanChain, you will never experience any messy wallets, technical talk, or confusing steps in the download process or use. LotanChain is designed for use by people from different industries who have never used an exchange.

Secure And Private

LotanChain encrypts transaction data and private keys to ensure that whatever you do remains private and secure. This means that your information will be for your eyes only. Your data will ultimately remain private with no verification or account setup required. With LotanChain, you always have control of your private keys because we do not have access to them or store them in any way.

24/7 Support

At LotanChain, we will never leave you out on your own. This is because we offer 24/7 customer support and an online help desk to help you. We ensure that all your questions are answered and any challenges you are facing are sorted out within the shortest time possible. With LotanChain, you are never on your own because we are always there for you.


Meet the amazing team behind Very few are listed, their exposure is completely optional and we respect their preference to maintain their privacy.

MembersDavid M. Founder & Blockchain Developer
Thayne S. Strategy, Business Developement
Shehan Z. Resarch Analyst, Marketing
Dominica M. Marketing, Social Media Relations
Uche L. Community Manager

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