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LXDX ICO Review : LXDX is the crypto derivatives exchange


About LXDX 

LXDX is the crypto derivatives exchange. LXDX give you access to institutional liquidity with products you can’t get anywhere else. LXDX uses Smart Routing and proprietary matching engine to secure the best-priced trades across all exchanges. Ultra-low latencies of 10 microseconds or less for full system in-and-out execution facilitate the tightest available bid-ask spreads on the market today. LXDX software runs on our proprietary hardware with both Level 3 market data distribution and support for colocation. This means that individual users can execute millions of trades per second across thousands of pairs.

Basic Information

Token Name LXDX
Token Symbol LXDX
Social Media LXDX ICO Review : LXDX is the crypto derivatives exchangeLXDX ICO Review : LXDX is the crypto derivatives exchangeLXDX ICO Review : LXDX is the crypto derivatives exchange
Hard cap 5,000,000 EUR (5,605,000 USD)
Restricted countries No restrictions
Platform Ethereum
Country Malta
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Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Blockchain technologies are positioned to have transformational impact. An autonomous,
decentralized, and robust financial system is under rapid construction — a system freed from the massive inefficiencies and corruption of the incumbent regime. Cryptocurrencies are a wholly new asset class. To the extent that they can be integrated into the existing
infrastructure, LXDX seek to facilitate that integration. Where they cannot, LXDX will build the tools to make trading and hedging new class of investments safe, fair, and cost-effective.


Looking beyond the current crypto ecosystem, the revolution is now in the way that companies seek financing. Tokenization of assets and securities is moving quickly. The combination of blockchain technology and innovations in securitization will support tens of thousands of fledgling microcap companies over the next few years. LXDX need exchange
platforms that can scale accordingly.Smart contract driven, decentralized solutions will
undoubtedly play an increasing role in any future, but LXDX are many years out in terms of backend performance and usability. Bancor’s smart token contract± feels like a transformational innovation.



Most of competitors have built their solutions on the cloud. Promising to deliver availability on systems you don’t own or control is difficult and needless. LXDX run all core exchange services on our hardware in LXDX own data centers. LXDX don’t share cores or bandwidth. Most of the engineers tasked with designing or maintaining the current systems do not come from backgrounds working on critical systems or exchanges. Nonetheless, the current projects have done an amazing job at expanding the world’s interest in both trading and cryptocurrencies. Many of the innovations in today’s crypto exchanges may meaningfully translate back to traditional capital markets.


A lot of engineering and optimization, built out over decades, has gone into the design and
implementation of traditional exchanges. Key lessons learned: focus on driving down communication times between boxes, isolate and control intraserver communication, limit TCP communication use internally, avoid OS-level networking stacks. All of these requires running your own hardware, building out your own data centers, and selecting your hardware and software according to the aforementioned specific requirements.


Security is the single greatest challenge in this space. Seriously reconsider where you trust your money with anyone who speaks on the subject with less gravity. Apprehensions about exchange security create a negative feedback loop when it comes to liquidity. Users are uncomfortable leaving large amounts of assets at exchanges, which then exacerbates the lack of liquidity available particular moment in time, especially during large price moves.


Every system on the critical path is written in C++. The internals are 150,000+ lines of highly optimized code. Because LXDX control our hardware, LXDX boxes are both tuned optimally and run the latest and greatest hardware. LXDX use kernel bypass NICs to achieve sub 3μs latency hops per box. They’re transitioning all exchange internals to Solarflare’s X2 XtremeScale architecture (25Gb, 500 nanoseconds per hop) X2522 cards become available.


Fairness is both a commitment from us to users on how LXDX , as an exchange, conduct and also the commitment to ensure that LXDX have surveillance procedures in place to ensure that LXDX markets are fair and honest for everyone. After flowing into a matching engine, all orders flow into Market Surveillance. Market Surveillance watches in real-time for suspicious trading activity. LXDX monitor for price manipulation abuses including flipping, pumping, flickering, and quote stuffing.



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