Lympo Ico Review : Monetizing sports and health data blockchain

About Lympo is a healthy lifestyle ecosystem powered by user-generated user-controlled sports and wellness data. Lympo users will be able to connect their favourite health apps and wearables to their Lympo digital fitness wallet and earn LYM tokens for being healthy through challenges organised by fitness trainers, gyms, sports events, employees or health insurers. LYM tokens can be further used to buy other healthy lifestyle goods and services.

Basic Information

Token NameLympo
Token SymbolLYYM
Social MediaLympo Ico Review : Monetizing sports and health data blockchainLympo Ico Review : Monetizing sports and health data blockchainLympo Ico Review : Monetizing sports and health data blockchain
Soft cap150,000,000 LYM (3,255,000 USD)
Token for sale650,000,000 LYM (65%)
Hard cap650,000,000 LYM (14,105,000 USD)
ResectionChina, United States of America
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Industry shortage ownership

The quantified self is a term denoting “self-knowledge through self-tracking”. While it might
have been a voluntary movement back in 20075, nowadays they are all voluntarily or
involuntarily part of this movement if  use a smartphone with health data tracking, any
mHealth app or a fitness wearable. The problem is that while they are busy quantifying ourselves, the companies whose products are using are busy collecting our data and generating profits from it. And this is a big concern for users.

Free data flow

In the world of data economy, users produce valuable data with literally every step they make. However, because it remains stored with a single provider, every ecosystem player is participating in the race to come up with a better mechanism to lock a user within one
platform. For this reason, market players become discouraged to oer integration and data
sharing mechanisms.

The health idustry and blockchain

Blockchain-based smart contracts represent contracts that can be fully executed when
contract conditions are met. This system unbundles the need for any kind of exchange with an intermediary checking contract conditions. Until now, intermediaries played a crucial role in exchange of value situations, thus earning from their role. Smart contracts enable end users to enter a trusted relationship without any other authority.

Features for Lympo

Fitness wallets and rewards

Personal fitness wallet connected to health apps and wearables Token rewards for pre-defined trackable health goals Health and fitness data storage for an individual’s future use.

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In-platform purchases starting from an existing platform with 500+ fitness trainers Healthy lifestyle goods and services in return for data Tailor-made health and fitness advice based on data users’ and interests.

Crowdfunding platform

The crowdfunding platform will allow for businesses and service providers active in the
Lympo ecosystem to review and rate new companies seeking investment for a certain token reward oered by a start-up listed. This will help investors to better evaluate the potential of the new venture and for start-ups to find potential partners and customers operating within the same industry.

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Blockchain foundations

The foundation board, composed of famous athletes, Lympo partners and leaders in sports
communities from various countries, will oversee the foundation activities. Lympo token holders of at least 1,000,000 LYM (the amount will be adjusted in two years based on community vote) will be able to vote on funding proposals. The composition of the board and foundation governing principles will be announced before the Lympo token sale in the first quarter of 2018.



Marius Šilenskis HEAD OF ITO

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