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Lympo Ico Review : Personal fitness wallet connected to health apps

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About Lympo

Lympo is a healthy lifestyle ecosystem powered by user-generated user-controlled sports and wellness data. Lympo users will be able to connect their favourite health apps and wearables to their Lympo digital fitness wallet and earn LYM tokens for being healthy through challenges organised by fitness trainers, gyms, sports events, employees or health insurers. LYM tokens can be further used to buy other healthy lifestyle goods and services.
Furthermore, Lympo users will be able to monetize their valuable data giving access to it to a number of stakeholders in the ecosystem: gyms, sports apparel producers, health insurances, data driven companies. Access permissions stored on blockchain will offer a unique service to companies in the world of tightening data protection rules. Putting this valuable data in the hands of users producing it will allow a seamless precious data flow for the benefit of all healthy lifestyle stakeholders. In the future, the tokens will also be used to invest in the most promising companies in the industry which aim to utilize the data of Lympo users.

Basic Information

Token Name Lympo
Token Symbol LYM
Social Media Lympo Ico Review : Personal fitness wallet connected to health appsLympo Ico Review : Personal fitness wallet connected to health appsLympo Ico Review : Personal fitness wallet connected to health apps
Token Price 0.0360099 USD
Platform Ethereum
Total Supply 1000.0 million LYM
Available supply 723.4 million LYM
Restriction No Restriction
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How It Works

Fitness Wallet

  1. Personal fitness wallet connected to health apps and wearable.
  2. Token rewards for pre-defined trackable health goals
  3. Health and fitness data storage for individual’s future use


  1. In-platform purchases starting from an existing platform with 500+ fitness trainers
  2. Healthy lifestyle goods and services in return for data
  3. Tailor-made health and fitness advice based on data users’ and interests

Crowdfunding Platform

  1. Innovative industry startups seeking funding and expertise
  2. Lympo ecosystem community reviews and ratings for startups
  3. LYM token investments enabling access to Lympo user base

Free Data Flow

In the world of data economy, users produce valuable data with literally every step they make. However, because it remains stored with a single provider, every ecosystem player is participating in the race to come up with a better mechanism to lock a user within one platform. For this reason, market players become discouraged to oer integration and data sharing mechanisms.

Lympo Wallet and user Reward Mechanism

The Lympo digital fitness wallet and user reward mechanism is at the core of the Lympo ecosystem. Lympo fitness wallet functions as an entry to the ecosystem and allows a user to create their profile, fill in their health data and connect it to their favourite sports and health tracking apps. The individual data submitted via Lympo fitness wallet will be accessible to its user and can be viewed or shared by storing a permission on blockchain.
The rewards issued by market players interested in having direct access to Lympo digital fitness wallet users can be of two different types:
A reward for achieving a healthy lifestyle goal, i.e. running 5 kilometres or following a precise diet and submitting app records to Lympo profile.
A reward for checking into a particular location for a specified amount of time, i.e. joining a gym class or attending a karate competition.


While Lympo includes three major parts, a user reward mechanism, a marketplace and a crowdfunding platform, rewards for a healthy lifestyle are at the core of the product and will be discussed in detail. They have also included a provisional model of the data sharing environment with description of components, permissions and actors.

The fitness/health data sharing ecosystem is based on three major components: 

  • Lympo Platform: core components developed by the Lympo team and partners
  • Blockchain: Lympo tokens, smart contracts and crypto wallets
  • User community: Users, who will live healthy lifestyles and will interact with different actors in the ecosystem to find trainers, partners, make agreements, share data and get rewarded.

BlockChain Smart Contract

The Lympo ecosystem will use Lympo Token as a main facilitator of the user contracts and interactions. The unique user community and collection of the fitness/wellness data gives a wide range of opportunities for smart contracts and data exchange. The Lympo team takes user privacy very seriously, therefore all source code for the smart contracts related to the data exchange, will be fully verified by the Lympo developers. In addition, Lympo core will stay as authorizing entity for the agreements and rewards. Already at this early stage several examples of the smart contracts will be implemented:

User reward programs

User reward programs, will be made between the Lympo ecosystem participants, such as trainers/physicians/gyms/sports inventory providers and Lympo digital fitness wallet users. Let us look at a case of a fitness trainer and her client. In order to encourage users to live a healthy lifestyle, the fitness trainer will propose a contract on the Lympo platform, giving specific goals for the end user to achieve. The contract itself will be made using standard user interface. The components of such contract are the following:

  • Account of the person/company which is creating a contract
  • Account of the end user who will receive the rewards, after reaching the goals
  • The amount of Lympo tokens, which will be transferred as a reward



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