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Maecenas ICO Review : Creating a Decentralised Art Gallery


About Maecenas 

Maecenas will democratise access to fine art by creating a decentralised art gallery — a truly open platform where anyone can own a piece of a Picasso. They are building a global art blockchain market where assets are traded quickly and fairly on a liquid exchange.

Basic Information

Token Name Maecenas
Token Symbol ART
Social Media Maecenas ICO Review : Creating a Decentralised Art GalleryMaecenas ICO Review : Creating a Decentralised Art GalleryMaecenas ICO Review : Creating a Decentralised Art Gallery
Token Price 0.66 USD
Total raised 15,660,106 USD
Token for sale 30,000,000 ART
Country United Kingdom
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Investing in a Monet has always been beyond the reach of most people; purchasing a Rembrandt the privilege of only a few… until now. The opaque world of auction houses and banks, which allows them to charge exorbitant fees, has cut off fine art investment from efficient modern markets. But it does not have to be that way. With help from visionaries like you, can democratise access to fine art by creating a decentralised art gallery — a truly open platform where anyone can own a piece of a Picasso. are building a global art
blockchain market where assets are traded quickly and fairly on a liquid exchange.

Market opportunity

There is an estimated $3 trillion worth of fine art in safe storage, of which circa $65 billion are traded annually through auction houses and art dealers. Fine art is considered a reliable and safe store of value. Wealthy families have kept art in their portfolios for centuries, and trading volumes have continued to grow steadily over the last few decades. Interest in fine art among investors and wealth managers is on the rise, and younger
generations of buyers are eager to embrace art-tech. But the $65 billion annual fine art
industry is in desperate need of open and fair marketplaces that create transparency and liquidity.


There are non-financial blockchain initiatives in the fine art space which don’t have an investment focus. Instead, they attempt to solve issues around provenance of traditional art pieces and protection of digital artworks. A prominent example is Verisart which provides permanent digital art provenance for actual artworks that would typically be stored in galleries. Another start-up is Ascribe, which focuses on providing a secure way to trace digital artworks and control how they’re shared. But fintech start-ups are beginning
to emerge with innovative alternatives to invest in art.



The platform’s design provides fault tolerance and simple recovery mechanisms. The system is also highly scalable, resilient and easy to upgrade. It has a high degree of
reusability and allows us to be agile in development. For instance, when need to integrate Maecenas with an external service (e.g. a payment processor) just create a new micro-service to handle that and link it to the rest of the services via message queues. This has the benefit of letting developers simultaneously work on different tasks and makes integration and testing relatively simple.


ART is a digital token that is required by all Maecenas functions that are exposed on the blockchain via smart contracts. believe that the art market is in desperate need of transparency and fairness. Therefore, decided that all sensitive business logic dealing with money or assets will be run on a public and decentralised blockchain. This ensures that processes can be publicly audited and known upfront. The main and most significant function of platform is the Dutch auction. This is process that receives bids from investors and issues digital shares of paintings.

World class art

Have worked very hard to build a strong shortlist of flagship artworks that qualify to be listed on platform. now have access to a diverse pipeline of art pieces by blue-chip artists that collectively is worth in excess of one-hundred million dollars. This initial lot is an
excellent starting point that will allow us to have good volume and traction when launch. These are some of the names that could make it into the initial collection. The result of this effort is a very comprehensive global view of how blockchain-based art shares would fit on each of the top financial jurisdictions worldwide.


One of the challenges that faced when started defining the business model of Maecenas was to figure out how to structure the art investments in a way that would not infringe financial regulations, while at the same time provide security and protection for investors. For that purpose, engaged numerous art finance experts, law firms and investment professionals worldwide to seek advice and to determine the best legal and financial structure to enable secure co-investment in fine art, underpinned by blockchain technology. Since this has never been done before, the process required.


Marcelo Garcia Casil CO-FOUNDER & CEO
Marc Garriga MARKETING

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