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About Marginless

Marginless is revolutionizing the betting industry. Bet against anyone, anywhere and anytime, using our unique Face to Face betting interface. Create your own, unique, betting markets and at the same time get industry-low 1% commission Each month, a part of all collected fees will go towards a monthly Jackpot that can be won by any Marginless user. Tickets can be collected by doing various tasks on the website.

Sports betting has become the fastest growing market segment within gambling worldwide, and now dominates, accounting for nearly half of the total online market. An the of sports betting takes place via mobile, and this is expected to reach 45 percent by 2018. Also, a study, which was conducted by ESPN and the Norwalk research Markitecture in 2012, found that 50% of all Americans aged 16 and older have placed a bet within 12 month period. Studies found nearly two-thirds of people in their 20s believe sports betting to be just another leisure activity.

Marginless One of the biggest problems that current bettors face is unfair odds. This is one of the fear of regularly losing against bettors while also being regulated, charged and extra taxed by governments, forces regular sportsbooks to charge up to 8.5% margin on all placed bets. For example, the biggest bookmakers in the world offers odds of 1.83 (on Additionally, those bettors, who manage to beat these unfair margins, are being taxed by governments.

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Face To Batting

Have you ever made a bet against your friend and heard that your handshake agreement Well, you will never have to be in this same situation again. Marginless is proudly presenting unique feature – Face to Face betting, where everyone can be challenged! Face To Face betting allows clashing users with different opinions to bet directly against each other. You can send a bet offer to other users with a few simple clicks and after the of you will be placed into a Face to Face betting interface

Lack of Transperancy.

Most of the time, bookmakers leave possibilities to change your betting selections, void your winning bets or decline your payouts. Bookmakers can void your winning bet due to a spelling error, incorrect odds or for various other different reasons and, in most cases.

Marginless Solution

Due to the fact that Marginless is operating as a peer-to-peer betting operator and does not require huge risk management or a full traders team, bettors will have a possibility to place bets with an industry leading 1% that will be charged from those who won only.


Marginless platform works with MRS Utility only. With that, KYC procedure becomes really user-friendly and simple. Marginless platforms solutions will offer a simp ed registration and will not centrally store any of your personal information.

No Limitation

This problem is nonexistent at Marginless. Winners are truly welcomed here. Even more bettors will be rewarded with monthly Jackpot raffle tickets for showing good results.No more worries about bookmakers adjusting your bets or not paying out your winnings due to hidden rules and regulations.

Mobile Application

Marginless application – simplest and the safest way to bet online. Integrated social network and Face to Face betting interface will allow bettors to wager against friends or other users by only having phone. Bettors will be able to send and receive bet offers instantly and directly from other app users. After the
offer is sent, recipient will get a noti tion and will be able to choose whether to accept the bet or to decline it. If the offer is accepted, both users will be placed in a unique Face to Face interface where they will be able to track their bet progress, chat, increase stakes or split the pot if both parties agree. Users will be also allowed to follow other tipsters and receive push noti tions after a certain-followed tipster places a public bet or writes an analysis.

Market opportunity

Sports betting market, in general, is massive. According to different reports, there are over a trillion USD worth of bets placed annually. In 2016 alone, legal sports betting pro s are estimated to be at over 70 billion dollars and this ure is set to reach 90 billion dollars this year. Different kinds of ICO s (Initial Coin Offerings) are bringing worldwide competition to the betting market, leaving regular gambling organizations in a fear of losing clients. We, at Marginless, believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency is ideal for betting. Having all of that in mind, here are some of the main facts about betting and its
growth throughout the years.

Token Sale Information


Token Distrubution & Token Allocation


Batting Exchange Platform

After a bet is placed on offered market, Marginless tokens will be reserved from the users wallet until the bet is accepted by another user. The bet can be accepted by several users part-by-part or by single user for full stake, which makes the wager automatically.

Live Chat

Marginless will offer a live chatting window in every upcoming betting match page. Chat will give the users an ability to speak with bettors live. Discuss upcoming matches or just talk generally about any topics that comes to your mind. This way, you can communicate with like-minded people from all around the world, get more information about different betting strategies or even make new friends. There will be both secret and public chat options for everyone to select.

Social Network

Marginless, at Marginless, believe that betting should be fun and enjoyed in a group of people who share the same love for sports and adrenaline. That is why we see Marginless platform as more of a social betting network for enthusiasts rather than just a simple betting platform. Our team has years of experience working with betting and social networking, knowing all the needs of an everyday bettor for a platform like this. Each registered user will have a personalised page with a wide variety of betting statistics available.

Monthly Jackpot

Every month, 10% of all collected fees will go to a monthly Jackpot that can be won by any active bettor or analyzer. Monthly Jackpot will be split into 3 equal parts and will be won by three users that participated in our jackpot. For example, we have a 10 000 MRS token jackpot. Any user, who has one or more tickets, can join. When the jackpot is over, 10 000 MRS tokens will be split into three equal parts and will be given randomly to three lucky winners.



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