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About functions allow turning simple communication skill into a real gain tool. It is not just contact and communication means, but an eco-system thoroughly designed to become a real safety and security citadel! The messenger will show you a wide range of possibilities for earning, thanks to which you’ll be not just a user, but a real investor! Develop, earn, max your account out and communicate above all! We’ll assist you with that!


0.6% for 24 hours min deposit: = 5$ max deposit: = 999.99

0.7% for 24 hours min deposit: = 1 000$ max deposit: = 4 999.99$

0.8%for 24 hours мmin deposit: = 5 000$ max deposit: = unlimited

Matew Ecosystem is the world’s only token messenger of such tools as multi-functional crypto currency wallet, arbitrage system, cloud mining, decentralized stock exchange and MATE token developed on the basis of the third generation blockchain.

Any investor can earn here. You can just keep your assets in internal wallet and obtain fees from 0.6% to 0.8% a day, if you are a green investor, or you apply your knowledge in arbitration or even do everything simultaneously if you are a real professional!

Anonimous Messanger

The messenger has all possible tools for secret communication. It is equipped with passwords manager, voice change for calls, end-to-end encryption, access control, keeping all data at its server, masking IP-address, own keyboard, auto-blocking, control of deleting messages history, no screenshots. The messenger ensure security of your communication and data!

Partnership Reward 20% – 10% – 5% – 3% offers 4 levels of partnership program for charges from your partners’ profit. Everyone can earn without personal investments, just invite your friends or acquaintances to the messenger.

Arbitrage System

As for today arbitrage at crypto currency is a quite profitable trade strategy based at difference of assets prices at various stock exchanges. This trade method was significantly automated by our team of specialists who created a unique trade bot! Our bot automatically traces prices, places orders, transfers coins between addresses of trade stock exchanges, earning stable profit from 0.25% to 0.45% every 4 hours.


Matew bot is unique and can apply several trading strategies simultaneously, execute multi-transactions and complete arbitration deals as soon as possible. Security of your investments is the main advantage of our bot. Not depending on the rate direction – up or down, you can be sure that your means are safe and you’ll obtain profit!

Novation mate token

Mate token created at blockchain platform of third generation – is a really revolutionizing platform that can token quite all your actions in our messenger. The aim of mate token is to use tokens as users awards for content, purchases and bonuses for maxing account out.

1х mate = 0.1$Emission = 1 000 000

Transfer commission = 0 Obtained – 658 MATE

When 500 000 mate are obtained  – stock exchange shall be open!

Cloud mining

The easiest and reliable way to obtain mate token is to use our cloud mining service. You obtain crypto currency for out computing capacities without using your equipment. Just select proper capacity and obtain charges from 10 to 434 tokens a day.

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