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MediBit ICO Review : MediBit will provide an HIPPA-compliment


About MediBit 

MediBit will provide an HIPPA-compliment, open platform based on blockchain technology, where healthcare consumers can authorize, choose, and control the level of sharing of their personal health information with healthcare organizations. MediBit’s aim is to replace the current inefficient and problematic healthcare system that puts significant time and financial constraint on the population.

Basic Information

Token Name MediBit
Token Symbol MEDIBIT
Social Media MediBit ICO Review : MediBit will provide an HIPPA-complimentMediBit ICO Review : MediBit will provide an HIPPA-complimentMediBit ICO Review : MediBit will provide an HIPPA-compliment
Soft cap 3,000 ETH (502,080 USD)
Hard cap 12,000 ETH (2,008,320 USD)
Platform Ethereum
Country Singapore
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


In the healthcare industry, a large quantity of data is generated and used instantaneously by not only healthcare providers, but also by healthcare consumers and researchers. Most of the data is generated by healthcare organizations, but unfortunately, the medical data is
fragmented and dispersed due to the current medical data system and regulations from
various governances.Unfortunately, current regulatory restrictions obstruct and stand in the way of an efficient healthcare system. The HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) of the United States set forth strict guidelines in sharing healthcare information among providers, insurers, and consumers, which minimize the sharing of healthcare information in the name of protecting privacy.


The inability to access a patient’s complete medical history hinders proper medical care,
promotes wasteful medical services, and generates unnecessary administrative overhead.
Medical data generated by current healthcare organizations use individual and incompatible
platforms, making the data less reliable. Also, the costs of setting up and maintaining current healthcare platforms are very expensive. This results in reduced quality of care for patients and healthcare consumers. Since the emergence of blockchain technology, various platforms have attempted to distribute healthcare information securely and efficiently.


Insurance companies

Currently, insurance companies in the United States do not have an efficient means
to obtain accurate and complete medical history of their customers. Insurance
companies using the MediBit platform can obtain the complete medical information
of the customer all in one place, and in doing so not only can reduce the
administrative cost the companies are able to provide more accurate premiums. In
the future, insurance companies will become important member of MediBit


In United States, there is a tremendous interest in personal health. Reflecting this, there are 36,000 to 40,000 fitness centers throughout the country, with more than 55 million members and growing. The MediBit is working closely with fitness centers to launch an ambitious project. The MediBit project will offer advanced massage chairs and weight scales to fitness centers. The members of these fitness centers will not be required to pay a fee to use the massage chair and weight scale but instead share the health data (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, and ankle-brachial index) collected to MediBit platform and fitness centers.


Benefit for the Fitness Center Members Fitness center members can use the massage chairs for free after they receive a MediBit card from their fitness center. By using the massage chair and MediBit platform, fitness center members can track various health data such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, and ankle-brachial index, and receive MediBit coin for sharing their health data info in which can be used for other services offered by MediBit platform.


Development of the advanced massage chairs for fitness clubs are completed without investment due to partnership with another blockchain project, SRCOIN. SRCOIN has already been developing advanced massage chairs with equipped with sensors that collect health data. The cost purchasing the massage chairs SRCOIN will be paid in MediBit coins.

Healthcare system

The demand for healthcare is growing and puts great pressure on government budgets
and creates problems for aging population. The Congressional Budget Office calculates
that major health programs will account for one-third of the growth in total federal
outlays over the next 10 years and being the largest of any major category. Yet, the
U.S. healthcare system is severely inefficient. According to ProPublica, U.S. healthcare
system wastes about $765 billion a year.



Stephen Wasley FOUNDER/CEO
Austin Tindle DEVELOPER

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