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MediBloc Wallet Review : We Reinvent Your Healthcare experience.


About MediBloc 

MediBloc [ERC20] (MEDX) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform. MediBloc [ERC20] has a current supply of 10,000,000,000 MEDX with 3,213,622,271 MEDX in circulation. The last known price of MediBloc [ERC20] is $0.003142 USD and is down 5.17% over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 13 active market(s) with $3,636,019USD traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at

Revolutionary and reliable healthcare data platform for all

MediBloc is the most revolutionary, and yet safe and reliable healthcare data platform; together with blockchain and the latest technologies, the platform boasts the highest level of security and integrity of data. Individual patients can utilize their data on the platform as needed, which will be the foundation of data-driven medical innovation in areas including but not limited to personalized precision medicine, big data-based prediction of diseases, and medical research.

Personal doctor for entire life

A personal doctor who knows all about your health from day one, or even when you were a fetus⏤how convenient would that be. MediBloc empowers individual patients to collect and manage their medical records using their mobile device and utilize as needed. Patients can share their records with healthcare providers, eliminating repeated tests and providing high-quality data for disease prediction and optimized medication.

Data-driven smart medical system

Healthcare providers can offer their patients a higher level of medical services using MediBloc’s solution. The solution, optimized for processing, utilizing, and exchanging medical records, can maximize patient satisfaction by offering personalized care based on their complete indexed history of medical records, and reduce the possibility of insurance claim loss.

Patient-centric Real World Data platform

As a Real World Data platform, MediBloc helps you collect and utilize health data generated not only by medical institutions but also personal IT devices such as your smartphone. RWD acts as supporting evidence and foundation of medical innovation, including new drug development, customized insurance products, and other healthcare services.

Blockchain for digital healthcare services

Using the team’s expertise in medicine and the latest technologies, MediBloc has developed and launched a high-performance blockchain designed specifically for healthcare services. MediBloc will be the first medical blockchain platform utilized in the medical field.

Why should I need Qtum Core Wallet?

The token sale is done through Smart Contract and Qtum Core Wallet is the only one that supports the ‘Send To Smart Contract’ functionality. Also, to get your MED after the token sale, you need to provide a valid personal Qtum wallet address. This is why you MUST use Qtum Core Wallet.

Download Qtum Core Walle

QTUM wallet

When you’re comparing the pros and cons of different QTUM-compatible wallets, remember to look for the following important features:

  • Compatibility. First and foremost, check the fine print to make sure that any wallet you’re considering actually supports QTUM tokens. If you want to store multiple currencies, does the wallet also support those other coins or tokens?
  • User-friendliness. Storing, sending and receiving digital currencies can be an intimidating and confusing task, so finding a wallet with a simple and easy-to-understand interface is crucial.
  • Security. The safety of your funds is paramount, so consider the security features each wallet offers. Is it offline or online? Can you set up secure passwords and PINs? Does it include features like two-factor authentication and multisignature functionality?
  • Private keys. Retaining control of your private keys allows you to retain control of your QTUM tokens, so look for a wallet that lets you retain possession of your keys and doesn’t store them on any third-party servers.
  • Back up. How easy or difficult is it to back up your wallet? What does the recovery process involve if you’re unable to access your funds?
  • Development team. Is the wallet constantly being improved by a dedicated development team? Are they continually working on upgrades to help improve the wallet’s security and functionality?
  • Customer support. If you experience any problems with your wallet, is there a customer support team available? How quickly do they respond to queries?
  • User reviews. One way you can form a clearer picture of a wallet’s quality is to check out independent reviews. These will give you a better idea of the wallet’s practicality, security and strength of customer support.

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