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Merculet ICO Review : Merculet, positioned as the Chief Growth Officer


About Merculet 

Merculet, positioned as the Chief Growth Officer for global entrepreneurs, is dedicated to applying technical means to helping Internet enterprises readily accessible token-based operation, cultivate the products jointly created by enterprises and users, forge a brand-new productive relation of highly effective and efficient circulations between enterprises, promote innovation in business operations and the evolution of business models. At the same time, Merculet has established a large-scale coverage of Internet companies and users through the B2B2C model, bringing new users, budgets and enterprise-level participants to the blockchain world.

Basic Information

Token Name Merculet
Token Symbol MVP
Social Media Merculet ICO Review : Merculet, positioned as the Chief Growth OfficerMerculet ICO Review : Merculet, positioned as the Chief Growth OfficerMerculet ICO Review : Merculet, positioned as the Chief Growth Officer
Soft cap 10,000 ETH (1,631,800 USD)
Hard cap 36,000 ETH (5,874,480 USD)
Token for sale 3,000,000,000 MVP
Country Singapore
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

 Evaluation system

The UAV (User Attention Value) evaluation system will scientifically measure the value of the user’s attention while integrating with traditional rewardpoint systems. Entrepreneurs can access the UAV system through a set of open protocols, digitize the user behavior within the App, and measure the user’s effective workload with UAV values. UATs (User Attention Tokens) are the designated tokens for each entrepreneur. The UAT will be anchoring the basic MVP, enabling the synergy and the value exchange between entrepreneurs.


Open Content Platform will be built based on consensus and driven by tokens, becoming the sources of user attention, and encouraging all the users in the ecosystem to actively promote the virtuous cycle of the global content ecosystem as participants. The Open Content Platform will be able to realize automation operations, and will be open to all parties in the content industry: existing public chains, existing chain applications, content creators, content demanders, content copyright trading platforms etc.


Token economics

Merculet will create a total of 10B MVP tokens. Only 30% will be offered during the crowd sale. 20% will go to the team, 35% to the foundation (it’s not clear who runs it) and 15% to marketing (it’s not clear about the details). Investors from the US and China are excluded from the public sale. There is no information available about the nature of the tokens. What’s the function, the underlying technology or the token economics.

Project presence

The project is active on social media and in communities, focusing strongly on promoting tokens, ICO, bounties etc. The Merculet bounty thread on bitcointalk has 36 pages and growing. Telegram is active, with almost 11k members. Twitter has some impressive 3,700 followers. All the social media is full of the usual sales and marketing activities. At the same time, as mentioned above, there are no documents available that explain any details or specific regarding the business model, technology or token economics.


The team is not clear about the market they want to address or the competitive environment. There is no information about the potential market size or any competitors in the whitepaper or on the website. At the same time, a new, decentralized, token driven advertising business model is something a lot of smart people are working on right now.


Merculet have designed their protocol suite to appeal to both consumers and enterprise users alike. Consumers will be able to earn rewards through running the protocol and interacting with the content provided by enterprise users of the platform. From the enterprise angle, the Merculet suite includes all the protocols and templates that enable companies to quickly onboard token-based operations. Merculet focus on the idea of “unattended operation” as a crucial design principle, which allows the suite to manage the deployment of the complex architecture with minimal effort from enterprise perspective.

 Value proposition

The Merculet Value Protocol (ERC-20) token is the underlying means of value exchange for consumers and businesses. Consumers can receive rewards in either the underlying MVP or UAT tokens (denominated in MVP) based on the value of their attention. Businesses are also rewarded with MVP for utilizing content from the Open Content Platform and allowing their own advertising system to support the consumption of MVP. Users of Merculet are able to stake MVP for reputation as well.


Ivan Jiang CEO
Shenjun Zhang CTO
Jerry Gao CPO

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