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Metabase Ico Review: Smart Op-Codes Platform for Next Generation Businesses


About Metabase

Metabase is a scalable blockchain and smart opcodes platform for building next-generation businesses. A multidimensional blockchain system focused on developer usability, extensibility, scale, and security. They’ve created a blockchain infrastructure designed to empower developers, entrepreneurs, and industry, to easily create advanced distributed applications and scale them into the market-leading businesses of the future.

Basic Information

Token Name META
Token Sale 2,400,000,000 META
Social Media Metabase Ico Review: Smart Op-Codes Platform for Next Generation BusinessesMetabase Ico Review: Smart Op-Codes Platform for Next Generation BusinessesMetabase Ico Review: Smart Op-Codes Platform for Next Generation Businesses
Token Price 0.02 USD
Platform Ethereum
Token Supply 8,000,000,000 META
Hard Cap 41,840,000 USD
Soft Cap 624,000 USD
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Challenges with First-Generation Blockchains


This is a real challenge for blockchains – both crypto-currencies and platforms have hit adoption limits because of scalability issues. In the case of Bitcoin, scalability issues have given rise to significant transaction fees, clogged mempools and long drawn debates resulting in forks and community split. Ethereum’s ambitions are currently constrained by the transactions per second (TPS) factor. For it to replace Visa, it should have a TPS of 45,000; however at its current TPS of 15 – one popular application like CryptoKitties suffices to make the network unusable

Limited Programming Ecosystem

As a first-generation, blockchains have established a base programming ecosystem. But with increasing evolution, this ecosystem appears to be constrained by limited built-in primitives. The burden of programming constructs is mostly on the application layer. Certain use-cases have hit a dead wall because identity constructs are not an intrinsic part of the blockchain design.

Security and Usability

Due credit needs to be given to first-generation blockchains for their protocol layer security. Very few instances of the Bitcoin protocol or the Ethereum protocol being vulnerable have been reported – which bodes well for their security considering these networks have now been around for years. However, application layer security has been inadequate – because of which they have seen multiple incidents from the Parity Multi-Sig Wallet issue (which led to 500,000 Ether being stuck) to the infamous DAO attack – which caused an irrevocable forking of Ethereum into two different blockchains and communities.

Governance Mechanisms

First-generation blockchains – being the first-generation – didn’t foresee governance challenges that a decentralized system, with no central party calling the shots, will face. Hence, they had the Bitcoin scaling debates and the Ethereum forks which illustrate that governance mechanics should be part of the blockchain protocol.

Currency and its purposes

The current Bitcoin scaling crisis and high transaction fees have brought to limelight the economic intricacies of a currency. A currency can act as a medium of exchange, a store of value or both. For example, in modern times, the US Dollar has acted as a medium of exchange for international trade. It has also acted as a store of value, especially for people in volatile economies. Before the advent of paper currency, gold and silver coins acted as a ‘store of value’ while less precious metals like tin and copper coins provided for ‘medium of exchange’ coins.


Scalability needs redressal at a monetary policy level as the purposes of ‘store of value’ and ‘medium of exchange’ have somewhat contradictory demands from a currency. In the real world, this is addressed by having different ‘currencies’ for these two purposes.

For, eg. in a real-world economy.

The native currency acts as the ‘Medium of Exchange’ currency.

Transaction fees are a function of the native currency. Supply of the native currency is typically inflationary and is regulated by a government body (with an eye on currency competitiveness, inflation, etc). The government maintains the currency’s status as the ‘medium of exchange’ by enforcing taxation and transactions in this currency.

Metacore – Store Of Value

Metacore is the Store Of Value currency of Metabase. It is the primary token of Metabase and will be issued in ICOs and traded on exchanges. (For distribution statistics, please refer to the Token Sale Economics document). Metacore can’t be used as a medium of exchange currency on the blockchain. To pay transaction fees on the blockchain, one first needs to convert Metacore to Metabit tokens and then pay the appropriate fees denominated in Metabit tokens.

Ray Networks & Spectrum Channels

Lightning Network and Raiden Network are two protocols which implement instant P2P payments over existing blockchains. But in their current form, they are an externality to the system. Or in other words, they are not part of the base blockchain protocol – hence there are concerns about the security and stability of their payment channels.

Virtual Machine

Blockchain-based smart contracts have ushered in a new era of computational law whereby contracts are backed and agreed on by a blockchain which is unbiased and universally prevalent. Ethereum Virtual Machine was a significant step-up from the highly limited (by design) Bitcoin programming environment. However, with increasing adoption; the EVM has hit design limits and security pitfalls.

Collin Thompson- CO FOUNDER

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