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#MetaHash ICO Review : #MetaHash is a next-generation network


About #MetaHash

#MetaHash is a next-generation network based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology for sharing digital assets and a platform for creating and managing decentralized apps and services in real-time.

Basic Information

Token Name #MetaHash
Token Symbol #MHC
Social Media #MetaHash ICO Review : #MetaHash is a next-generation network#MetaHash ICO Review : #MetaHash is a next-generation network #MetaHash ICO Review : #MetaHash is a next-generation network
Accepting ETH, BTC
Restricted countries China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria
Platform Own Blockchain
Country Switzerland
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The popularity of cryptocurrencies in 2017 caused thousands of blockchain projects of different scales and focus to appear. However, the growth of most of these projects was limited by the technical capabilities of the existing blockchain / operators / networks.
The low speed, closed nature of blockchain networks, and their inability to interact with each other, are the real problems slowing down the development of this technology in general. #MetaHash is designed to create a single solution that allows blockchain systems of the future to unite into a single decentralized network, capable of recording each and
every transaction.


TraceChain uses a mathematical model of optimal signal propagation across the network. The synchronization of thousands of computers overloads a network and slows it down. To solve this issue, #TraceChain relies on mathematical algorithms powered by #TraceChain AI – all signals go from the outer radius to the cores. The signals are synchronized in multiple powerful cores and go back across the network. The more computers that need to be simultaneously synchronized, the higher the load on the network. The cores are not static and are constantly altered by voting.



Modern blockchain projects imply that cryptocurrency can only be used by technical specialists, traders and blockchain enthusiasts. Cryptocurrencies are complex and incomprehensible to a mass audience; Today, none of the existing or prospective systems provide sufficient speed and convenience to make blockchain solutions usable on an industrial scale; Speed, high transaction fees and huge complexity are the issues that the #TraceChain1 protocol is designed to address.

Lightning network

Lightning Network features an excellent concept of transferring data between several participants. The system works well if a group of participants needs to make a lot of transactions amongst themselves in the course of a day. The group’s money is stored in the multi-signature wallets of the participants. However, this platform has a limited use, because the same group of participants are unlikely to need to exchange data multiple times. When a transaction has to move outside the organized group, there is no gain in speed and it is limited by the bandwidth of the network within which it operates.

Testing function

It would be required to know the performance of each node and the data transfer rate between nodes to create an optimal TraceChain AI network map. Therefore, #TraceChain AI randomly puts some nodes into testing mode to collate information. The tests are
specifically designed so that even if a node is corrupt, it will not be able to report the performance or speed above the claimed figures and will not be able to identify it is being tested, because this information is only revealed at the end of the interaction.


This document describes the principle of operation of the distributed network, which is launched together with the ICO Round A. While developing the current protocol, #MetaHashare testing an alternative network synchronization option featuring unlimited transactions (up to millions of transactions per second), reduced latency and increased protocol security. In this regard, the version described below may be different from the final public release.


The number of computers running a copy of a #MetaApp depends on the amount of #MetaHashCoins generated per day as well as its resource consumption. Anyone can top up the account from which #MHC will be debited. Alternatively, a certain percentage of an app’s income may be transferred to its account. Any app developer can program an application to use a certain share of its revenue to support its work in the network and keep the rest of the revenue to finance further app development. In this model, the team
that develops an application can be selected by the users of the project by general voting.




Gennady Yakunin CEO

Anton Agranovsky Co-Founder, Partner, CBDO

Shikhovtseva Oksana Financial specialist

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