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MILCOIN ICO Review : MilCoin is an Asset-backed ERC20 Ethereum token


Caribbean Dream


MilCoin is an Asset-backed ERC20 Ethereum token developed by Cryptocurrency Engineers and will be used to acquire a large volume of Beachfront Real Estate throughout Latin America. The LatAm OceanRE, Ltd. & MilCoin Network is a visionary project poised to become a global leader in real estate acquisition, oceanfront resort development and operations, and entertainment programming. MILCOIN mission is to be a driver for tourism and community development, a model for sustainable land use and business practices, and an innovator in technologies that reshape how transactions are conducted among investors, consumers, and enterprises alike.

Basic Information

Token SymbolMIL
Social MediaMILCOIN ICO Review : MilCoin is an Asset-backed ERC20 Ethereum tokenMILCOIN ICO Review : MilCoin is an Asset-backed ERC20 Ethereum tokenMILCOIN ICO Review : MilCoin is an Asset-backed ERC20 Ethereum token
Token for sale756,302,521,008 MIL
Token supply756,302,521,008 MIL
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Prior to launching, MilCoin Network will be LT D. (L A M O) structured into seven distinct companies according to their specifed business purpose. These businesses will be publicly trading entities in the United States via forward stock merger with existing publicly trading
companies. Once acquired, the capital structure of each company will be reorganized while
they continue trading on the market under new company names and new stock symbols.


A blockchain is a type of digital ledger that is not maintained in one central location but is instead distributed among peers. The distributed records are kept on millions of individual computers all over the world – in contrast to the traditional form of database administered by a single, central body like a bank or federal reserve. Due to the decentralized nature of the distributed ledger, all recorded transactions are fully traceable and virtually impervious to tampering.



MilCoin Network ensures all smart contracts are audited. MilCoin Network platform data will be stored on a dedicated server and secured according to state-of-the-art protocols. User accounts and wallets will be secured by two- factor authentication. All funds are stored in air-gapped cold storage.So as not to provide gateways for hackers, MILCOIN must limit the disclosure of the technology involved in running the MilCoin Network platform. The specifcs
of our system architecture will remain confdential to provide protection for MILCOIN platform and MILCOIN users.


MilCoin Network will proceed with continued due diligence on highest and best use of acquired land parcels, including applications for renewable energies, mineral resource extraction from viable land, animal preservation etc. and begin development of the frst two of sixteen resorts in Costalegre, Baja California. The remaining fourteen developments will be subsequently rolled out as part of a phased program.

Mineral resources

MilCoin Network’s real estate portfolio combines hundreds of properties in areas containing exploitable natural and mineral resources throughout the state of Baja California, and MILCOIN are to be one of the few The Baja California Peninsula is located at the Northwest of Mexico, extending 1,247 kilometers from north to south with a range from 40m kilometers to 320 kilometers wide. Predominantly suroundedby water, the state is bordered by the Pacifc Ocean to the west and Gulf of California (a.k.a. Sea of Cortez.) to the east.


Working in partnership with both the local and national government, MILCOIN goal is to create a world-class leisure and event destination encouraging tourism to Mexico and injecting an infux of jobs to the economy. The success of MilCoin Network’s leisure developments depends on a number of factors includingAppeal of the concept and ft with current market trends Size and characteristics of the available resident and tourist markets.

Resort components

From the smallest double-bed unit to the most lavish executive suites, MilCoin Network’s hotel collection will be marked by luxury, distinctive architectural style, and fdelity to local culture. Each hotel will comprise upwards of 300 guest rooms and be adorned with eye-catching paintings, wall hangings, sculptures, drapes, and upholstery.Units will be elegantly furnished and equipped with large HD televisions (ofering satellite and streaming services), soaking tubs, and maxibar stocked with an enormous selection of snack food, fresh fruit, juices, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages.



Cuahutemoc Hank CO-FOUNDER
Armando Almeida Navarro PRESIDENT & CEO

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