Minery Ico Review: The largest legal mining compound in Russia

About Minery

Minery is the largest complex of legal mining facilities, providing a turnkey mining solution with the cheapest and legal electricity in the Russian Federation. With a capacity of 55 Megawatts, it is the largest equipment hotel with unprecedented favorable conditions for mining. Their complexes are located in the Irkutsk region and rely on the renewable energy from the high-pressure hydroelectric power stations. All MNRY tokens are backed by real electrical power, each MNRY token entitles its holder to use 1 Watt of Minery power and allows using their Mining complex rent-free for 30 years. Another fairly important task facing the industry is to improve mining infrastructure by saturating the market with client-oriented services, which is the main development direction for the near future of MINERY.

Basic Information

Token Name MNRY
Token Sale 47,850,000 MNRY
Social Media Minery Ico Review: The largest legal  mining compound  in RussiaMinery Ico Review: The largest legal  mining compound  in RussiaMinery Ico Review: The largest legal  mining compound  in Russia
Token Price 1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Token Supply 55,000,000 MNRY
Hard Cap =====
Accepting ETH
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MINERY offers a complete service package for a turnkey mining setup. Flexible partnership options are the key features of the project: hardware procurement, hosting, repairs and technical support are available. They are ready to tailor the package for individual requests if our clients see fit.

Hardware repair

Their service center offers repairs of your hardware for a fair price. The service center is on-site with the mining facility, which reduces logistical expenses, both financial and time. Highly professional specialists guarantee high quality and fast repair. Prices vary depending on the type and severity of damage.


MINERY offers real-time transparency of operations in the personal area. The dashboard shows the results of mining, all the profit data, both deposits and withdrawals, fee charges, and other services are done automatically and can be audited at any moment.

Hardware Insurance

Mining equipment constitutes a fire hazard due to its technical characteristics. There are also other risks linked to the usage of this equipment in large mining facilities. That’s why it is important that hardware is insured against fire, flood, earthquake, third-party malicious activity and other risks. They are currently seeking a partnership with an insurance company to provide the necessary insurance mentioned above. As their partnership has not yet been finalized, insurance terms and conditions are to be determined later. Insurance is compulsory and insurance premiums are included in the hosting fee.

Monitoring Application

their monitoring application helps us control how software, GPU farms and ASIC miners operate. Essential indicators are monitored such as hardware temperature, hash rate, and possible software or equipment errors. With the help of our application, our operators have information on engineering system performance including climatization, telecommunications, security and other systems. Technical engineers are thus able to react to any problem quickly and efficiently.

MNRY tokens are not securities

Potential buyers and holders of MNRY tokens acknowledge, understand and agree that MNRY tokens are not securities, a digital currency, a good or any other financial instrument registered in any jurisdiction, including the jurisdiction potential buyers and holders reside in, and should not be viewed as such. MNRY tokens are designed to be used within the MINERY platform and have no value outside it. MNRY tokens do not give its holders any right for a share in the company, its profits, dividends or a right to participate in managing the MINERY company.

Ilya Bruman – CEO
Alexey Paikin – Managing Director
Kirill Sorokin – CTO
Ivan Ivanov – Chief Operating Officer

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