Minexo Bitcoin Mining Review: A Professional Cryptocurrency Miner

About Minexo

Minexo is an innovative cloud mining platform designed for people who would like to have earnings on currencies of the future. They do cloud mining and offer our users to rent computational facilities and participate in the process of crypto mining. When the Minexo users buy Hashes, they provide the company with funds. Due to this, miners and traders generate crypto and sell it at the world’s largest currency exchanges. Then, the generated income is shared among users.

Minexo is a cloud mining platform that offers people worldwide to rent our mining equipment and have profits on cryptocurrency mining. They mine Bitcoin and the most promising altcoins: Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin. They use the contributed funds to maintain mining farms and keep mining processes running to get the maximum from the industry. The main idea of Minexo is to ease the use and approachability of mining forces for both amateurs and professional miners.


Minexo Bitcoin Mining Review: A Professional Cryptocurrency Miner

Mining Offer

They offer a selection of four investment plans with from 0.7% to 2.2% daily interest. The plans are developed in a way to meet the goals of different categories of clients. You can rent equipment for three, six, nine, or twelve months. The minimum mining period is three months, after that, you can either stop the plan and get your deposit back or continue mining for higher income. Every plan has minimum and maximum deposit amounts.

Choose the industry leaders

Minexo platform offers many different ways to earn on cryptocurrency. The main feature of ours is a profitable cryptocurrency mining offer. Rent mining equipment by purchasing mining contracts and receive daily profits.

Advantageous location of mining farms

Minexo wisely use the resources and value every second spent on mining. That’s why they placed the mining farms close to different power plants.

Great variety of coins

Mostly, they mine Bitcoin, which has the highest market price and capitalization. But our mining list also includes Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin.

Quick payback

Get your income since the first day of mining. Buy Hashes today and receive the first mining profits the next day. The plans consider having regular income according to the investment conditions described regarding a certain offer.

Min Withdraw

You can withdraw any amount but not less than 0.001 BTC, 0.05 ETH, 0.025 LTC, 100 DOGE, 0.0015 BCH, 100 USDT.ERC20, 75 TRX, 100 USDC, 6 XRP, 0.0015 BNB.

Manual Withdraw

Minexo use manual withdrawn type. This is one of the most reliable and suitable ways to provide investors with their profits. No, there aren’t any extra charges on the platform. The withdrawal amount is equal to that you get to your payment system.

Referral Program

The referral program consists of three levels. Partners from each level provide you with passive income. You will receive a 7% commission from each partner you invited personally. They form the first referral level. Moreover, you will get income from those who are invited by your friends. This is the second level of the program in which you get 2% of each deposit. And within the third level, you are provided with 1% commissions.


Yes, you can gain passive income without renting the mining equipment. Just invite miners to the platform and withdraw the referral commissions. The most significant factors are your team’s size and the activity of the members. The more enthusiastic are your partners and the bigger is your team, the more you can earn.

Company registration documents

Minexo has official registration that can be confirmed by the corresponding documents that we have attached for you to check. There is a certificate of the company’s registration with its number and other legal information. This document gives us the rights to officially conduct international financial transactions and investment operations. The company’s full name is MINEXO PTY LTD. The Australian Company Number is 648 952 425. The Minexo head office is located at 25 Pleasant Ave, Erskineville, New South Wales 2043. You can search for us on the official ASIC website to learn the full information on the platform.


Minexo Security is one of the top priorities. The clients can be confident about both personal and payment information they provide to. Your funds and data are protected by smart IP-tracking, EV SSL-protocol, DDoS protection, and other multilevel security systems.

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