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MinimalWin ICO Review : MinimalWin is an alternative platform for sales


About MinimalWin 

MinimalWin is a platform that is built entirely on Ethereum smart contracts. Total decentralization allows the transparent organization of the lottery. The winner of each round of sales will be chosen using a specific algorithm. Every lottery participant will offer at least one ticket to be able to participate in the lottery. In case the amount of tickets will not be collected, the smart contract will return all tokens to the participants willing to buy the lot put up for sale. Distribution and payout procedures are transparent and supported by smart contracts. The transparency and the trust attributed to the smart contracts operating on the blockchains, derive from the fact that all agreements are executed automatically and allow no third-party access or administrator intervention.

Basic Information

Token Name MinimalWin
Token Symbol MinimalWin
Social Media MinimalWin ICO Review : MinimalWin is an alternative platform for salesMinimalWin ICO Review : MinimalWin is an alternative platform for salesMinimalWin ICO Review : MinimalWin is an alternative platform for sales
Token for sale 110,000,000 MWT
Soft cap 29,500 ETH
Hard cap 110,000,000 MWT
Resection No restrictions
Country Malta
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For View website


MinimalWin is the first platform in the world that is built entirely on Ethereum smart contracts which allows you to win through an algorithm everything that is put on sale on our platform. It’s a kind of lottery, but unusual one, kind an auction, but not finished or concluded.

Statistics and facts

The luxury goods industry has faced a number of changes over the past two decades.
Currently, varying economic trends, rapid digital transformation and evolving consumer
preferences and tastes are creating a new competitive landscape where traditional
corporate strategies are under threat

Geographical market

The growing importance of non-western markets for the luxury goods industry has been
supported by supply chain leadership, technological innovation and international
investment. These factors will help maintain further strong growth in these geographical



Users from other countries cannot easily participate in some of the biggest lotteries in the world. Users are limited to playing smaller, local lotteries. New online solutions that allow such players buy worldwide tickets have recently gained some popularity, but the service charges, as well as risks of fraud remain high.

Placement of the lot

The seller has the opportunity to place the lot in one of the categories: Digital, Cars & Moto, Fashion, Real Estate, Jewelry and Ethereum & Crypto. In order to avoid placing false or indecisive lots, the seller will be charged with a fee for each lot (warranty). When placing the lot, the seller describes his product, uploads photos, the term he wishes to sell, no more than 30 days, and sets the lot price in MW Ticket, not less than $ 250 per lot, based on 1 MW Ticket = 1 $.

Choosing the winner

When the number of MWT plus 3-15 % (MinimalWin platform commission, see please all Terms and Conditions on www.minimalwin.io ) is accumulated in the pool, the smart contract runs the algorithm that establishes the winner of the lot. A winner is selected at random using a unique algorithm. In this case the system automatically transfers the winning code to the winner, based on the smart contract.


To avoid dumping tokens onto the market and creating oversupply, co-founders tokens, advisors tokens and reserve tokens are subject to a vesting schedule. All tokens distributed to the team (36 666 667, representing 15%), advisors (4 888 888MWTtokens,representing 2%) and market development (85 555 555, representing 35%) are subject to vesting. Vesting model ensures more value and security for the token contributors.


As they are based on the Ethereum blockchain, the importance of the privacy of our participants. Users’ privacy is of the utmost importance to us and maintaining the trust and confidence of our users is our top priority. Our “Privacy Policy” informs of the ways  ensure privacy and the confidentiality of personal data and the anonymity of our users. “Privacy Policy” also describes the information we gather, how may use the data and circumstances under which we may disclose such information to third parties.


Yurii Regelyuk Founder, CEO
Andrew Matsco Cofounder, CCO
Adrian Solomon Marketing Director

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