MLB Betting Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

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Betting on sports is an exciting and popular option in the United States, with nearly 20 percent of the adult population betting on a sporting event at least once. Baseball is not only America’s Pastime but also one of the most enjoyable sports to bet on when breaking into the sports betting world.

It’s an excellent way to supplement your income, though you’ll need to understand the MLB betting trends to increase your odds and win more money. Tracking the trends helps you make wise bets using the available data. Add the rule changes in MLB for the 2023 season, and there’s a lot to monitor before placing your bets.

The good news is that you’ve discovered the perfect guide for the best MLB betting tips to grow your bankroll and have some fun. Continue reading to learn how to bet on MLB games today!

Home Runs Are Increasing

A trend that has carried over from the past few years in Major League Baseball is the trend of climbing home run rates. The results could come from a juiced ball or teams adjusting to the new pitch clock. Batters in 2023 are hitting home runs every 33 plate appearances.

It’s an excellent trend to remember if you want to place a prop bet for an upcoming MLB game. You’re looking at a lottery ticket with a home run prop bet, but your odds are better this year than ever. You can also jump on a total bases prop bet to make some side money when betting on MLB games.

Bet the Over

It’s also critical to bet the over during the 2023 MLB season. Most games this season have gone over the set run totals from Las Vegas and local bookies. It’s been an exciting season filled with a mix of stellar pitching performances and explosive offensive performances.

Games going into extra innings also helps with scores hitting the over. Still, betting the over is one of the most effective ways to win more bets with MLB betting trends in 2023. It’s a safe bet when betting on the over if you place bets on any upcoming series.

Consider Home-Field Advantage

In most sports betting situations, home-field advantage is something to consider before placing your bets. Reconsider that betting strategy when looking at MLB odds this season, as the trend is pointing to home-field advantage not mattering.

This season’s trends show that the away team wins just as often as the home team, so using the home-field advantage to choose your betting opportunities could let you down in the long run.

It’s also noteworthy to consider the favorite and underdog when comparing betting opportunities with home-field advantage. Away team favorites dominate, providing the best path toward making easy money with MLB betting tips. Home teams that enter a game as the favorite have a much lower winning percentage this season.

Avoid betting on the home team in close matchups to win more money. The home-field advantage has lost much of its power thus far in 2023.

Avoid Spread Favorites

Another trend to follow closely if you have high hopes of earning money from betting on MLB games is the point spread favorite. The point spread is designed to make the bet closer to a 50-50 proposition. Favorites are always expected to win the upcoming matchup, but the point spread allows you to get better MLB odds.

Still, in 2023, the point spread favorites weren’t safe bets for your betting strategy. The favorite has a losing record against the spread, so it’s best to avoid spending big money on spread favorites moving forward with the season. Monitor these trends and click for MLB picks to make more side income from your sports betting skills.

Tips for MLB Betting

Now that you have a better idea of the recurring trends for MLB bets during the 2023 season, you must learn some betting tips to improve your odds of winning money and growing your bankroll. Baseball is one of the more challenging sports to bet cash on since either team can win on a given night. The best MLB betting tips will put Lady Luck in your favor when you place your next bets.

Avoid Betting on Your Favorite Team

Betting on your favorite team is one of the worst things you can do when betting on MLB games. You’re more likely to be biased toward your team, resulting in bets that aren’t reasonable or thought through. Do your best to remain objective when looking at the day’s matchups, and don’t let your bias get in the way of making logical bets.

Take your time and find the best bet based on matchups, starting pitchers, recent win-loss results, and the opposing team’s success. Keep your favorite team out of your mind unless you can look at its matchup with a heavy dose of reality.

Bet Against the Public

Following the crowd is one of the worst mistakes you can make when learning how to bet on MLB matchups. It’s tempting to look at how others are betting and wonder if they know something you don’t. If you see many people betting on the same team, consider the situation a chance to bet on the opposing team.

Betting trends show that you’re more likely to win if you bet against what the public believes. The public often places bets based on bias and one-sided news about the matchup. Look for this trend and combine it with the best MLB betting tips to increase your win rate and collect your money.

Use Reverse Line Movement

The betting line is designed to get people to bet on both teams in a matchup, but there are things you can look for to get more insight into which team is the better betting option. You can use the line movement in your favor by monitoring which team fans and bettors are placing their money on.

Using reverse line movement requires you to bet on the opposing team, which most people ignore. The line will likely move in a direction that favors big winnings for you. The reverse line movement plays into your hands and makes it much easier to use MLB betting trends to your advantage.

Use Divisional Games

Divisional games are an interesting option for betting on MLB matchups. Divisional rivals know each other well since they play each other the most. It’s best to account for rivalries between the two teams before making MLB bets.

Anything can happen when two rivals get together and play a series. It’s part of the fun of sports and sports betting. Use divisional games to your advantage when betting on MLB games.

The Texas Rangers might have a far more impressive record than the Los Angeles Angels, but anything is possible in baseball, especially between rivals. It’s a safe bet when placing money on a team ranked lower in the standings within the same division. Try this method the next time you place bets on MLB games.

Consider the Climate

Major League Baseball games are most often played in outdoor stadiums. The climate and weather are critical factors to consider when preparing to place your hard-earned money on an MLB game. Research the weather forecast for the upcoming matchup before making your bets.

Cold and windy weather will often favor pitchers and defense. Monitoring the weather when betting on the Chicago Cubs for home games is especially critical. It’s a notable stadium for wind and high-scoring games, especially when the wind blows out toward the outfield fence.

Search for the Best Odds

Another wise approach to MLB betting trends is ignoring your favorite teams and sticking only to the betting odds. The best way to find success with sports betting is to remove team names and look at the raw data. Sticking to the data removes biases that could cloud your judgment and result in MLB bets with lower odds of winning you more money.

Log into your preferred betting platform and look at the odds for each matchup when preparing to bet. Comparing the odds will help you find the matchup with the best chance to come out ahead.

Manage Your Funds

You won’t have a long sports betting career if you struggle to manage your funds when making bets. Don’t chase your losses; maintain a cool head when things aren’t going your way. The law of averages will kick in, helping you recoup your losses and rebuild your bankroll.

Build Your Income With MLB Betting Trends

Following the MLB betting trends for the 2023 season is wise if you want to find sustainable success as a sports bettor. The number of home runs per game is increasing, making it an excellent option for prop bets. Home-field advantage is also an unreliable way to place bets in 2023.

Look at how the public is betting and use reverse line movement to improve your odds of winning. Take weather and climate into account to improve your MLB odds.

Finding side hustles and other ways to supplement your income is essential when making ends meet. Check out more of our Crypto and Finance blog content for the best tips and tricks to grow your income today!

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