Binance Ico Review : The largest legal mining compound in Russia

About is a turnkey mining solution: we procure the hardware, install and set it up. In case of breakdowns repair it right on the spot. Each MNRY token allows utilizing 1 Watt of our farm’s power rent-free for 30 years when it is used to pay for miners’ electricity consumption.The project is operating through the following companies: MINERY, registered under ___ jurisdiction (Company 1), conducting the initial token offering; and a hardware supplier, a Russian company LLC MINERY RU, Russia Company dealing with hardware installation and maintenance processes at mining facilities in Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk according to agreements with OOO Bratskaya stroitelno-montajnaya kompaniya (facility construction) and AO Bratskaya elektrosetevaya kompaniya (power supplier), one of the largest power suppliers in the Irkutsk region. In total the project implies construction of five mining facilities with the overall rating of 55 MW. offers a complete service package for a turnkey mining setup. Flexible partnership options are the key features of the project: hardware procurement, hosting, repairs and technical support are available. are ready to tailor the package for individual requests if clients see fit.The basic MINERY package includes installation, tuning and maintenance of mining hardware at one of company mining facilities. To become a MINERY client all you need is to buy or rent MNRY tokens, hosting at least one hardware unit: an ASIC or a GPU farm.

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Basic Information

Sale stages – Sale stages

Bonus – 20%

Softcap – 15 000 000 MNRY

Hardcap – 55 000 000 MNRY

Currency – Bitcoin

Rates – 0.04 USD

Maintenance fee – 0.03 USD

Transparency offers real-time transparency of operations in the personal area. The dashboard shows the results of mining, all the profit data, both deposits and withdrawals, fee charges and other services are done automatically and can be audited at any moment.

Market Overview Today we’re seeing explosive development of cryptocurrency mining all over the world. When choosing the location for such a business, the ideal placement will offer both low electricity rates and a low average annual temperature. The data below shows that Russia is one of the best countries to place a mining farm.


Token management

The purchased tokens can be managed via a personal account on The client’s equipment is also shown there and corresponds automatically to the tokens purchased. engineering and software solutions will help you bring your equipment into work as soon as possible. In order to be fully hosted, the amount of power consumed by your equipment should equal that of the number of tokens you have purchased or leased.

Token lease

Those token holders who either have no interest in mining or possess spare tokens are able to make use of the Leasing section on our website and put their MNRY up for leasing. Average rental fee per token is comprised of power capacity rental fee of 0,04 $/kWh. In order to find a lessee, you should place your
offer in the necessary section of your personal account with the number of tokens and rental fee indicated. The tokens will be rented out to the client upon having accepted your offer. The rent will be transferred directly to your personal account.

Token Distribution

MNRY is a standard ERC20 Ethereum token.

Each MNRY token entitles its holder to using 1 watt of MINERY mining power and our mining compounds rent-free for 30 years.

Softcap = 15 000 000 MNRY
Hardcap = 55 000 000 MNRY

Tplen Sale discription is a standard ERC20 Ethereum token. MNRY token is an Ethereum token confers the right to use 1 W of MINERY power capacity with your hardware and utilize our mining facilities for the next 30 years
rent-free. The pre-sale is the first stage of MNRY token crowdsale before the mining compounds construction is started. During the pre-sale a bonus of 20% is set. You therefore receive a bonus of 20 MNRY tokens for each 100 MNRY tokens purchased. The pre-sale runs through 15 March 2018 to 30 June 2018. Token sale runs through 01 July 2018 to 30 September 2018. Token sale supply: 55,000,000. Token purchasers will receive an additional amount of tokens as a bonus. The amount will be reduced gradually over the course of the token sale.

Risk factors token purchases involve a high degree of risk, including, but not limited to, the risks mentioned below. We highly recommend every potential buyer to study all the information and risks provided in this White Paper and other documents before purchasing MNRY tokens. We also recommend studying other available information

Payment Terms and Conditions tokens are offered for sale first during the pre-sale, then during the main sale. MNRY tokens will be available to purchase for BTC, ETH or fiat currencies via our website on The purchase can be made using any BTC or ETH wallet. You are free to make use of a wire transfer if the purchase exceeds 1000 US
dollars.The funds are then transferred to accounts belonging to MNRY initial token offering participants and may be used for token purchase. Every account has three wallets (USD/BTC/ETH). If you participate in the main sale, the minimum threshold is 1 MNRY token that is equal to 1 US dollar.


  • Bruman Ilya, CEO
  • Paikin Alexey, Managing Director
  • Sorokin Kirill, Chief Technology Officer
  • Ivanov Ivan, Operational Director
  • Kravtsov Andrey, Design director
  • Lebedev Konstantin, Lead programmer
  • Prachuk Natalia, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ekaterina Kifa, PR

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