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What Is is a modular platform for blockchain development. It enables secure and tamper-proof exchange of public and sensitive information, with a full audit trail, ability to instantly verify data, built-in incentivization and scoring mechanisms. The platform can be used by businesses of any size to quickly start their blockchain journey: whether by launching an experiment or an enterprise-grade solution to unlock the value of distributed ledger technology. Monetha is a self-sovereign digital identity designed to ease and safeguard your interactions in the digital world while enabling users to utilize your data’s value. Storage Key Points

Coin Basic Information
Coin Name
Short Name MTH
Circulating Supply402,400,000 MTH
Total Supply402,400,000
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Why choose us

They have the Technology originally built the Monetha Platform to operate with sensitive consumer data, but now they are ready to share it with you. It is powerful, developer friendly, and ready to drive great value for your business with features like private data exchange, flexible storage schemas, an advanced scoring algorithm, and more. they have the expertise the developers are seasoned blockchain specialists who have been working at the forefront of distributed ledger technology and contributing to its advancement for years.

They have working products knowledge is grounded not only in theory but also real-world practice. they have personally battle tested the platform by developing and constantly improving a number of blockchain-based products.

They have strong partners network of partners includes leading companies in and outside of the blockchain space. Among them are cryptography experts from Perun Network and Wolfram Blockchain Labs with their unparalleled computational intelligence capabilities.

They can help you now The Monetha Platform is ready for use today: all the functionality is there, written in code rather than marketing speak, and packaged into accessible SDKs.


Comprehensive data management

  • Shared registry (products, companies)
  • Digital identity
  • Sensitive data (storage, exchange)
  • Digitized ownership confirmation
  • Flexible data structure
  • CRM, ERP, API integrations

Rich reporting

  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • API access
  • Multiple data sources

Predictive analysis

  • Custom tailored insights
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Real-time fraudulent behavior detection

Service w`ant to sell a phone? Or maybe get your nails done? Go ahead! With an intuitive interface, reputation system, and direct payments, making secure deals has never been this simple. From idea to execution and beyond, they have the resources and expertise to help you successfully launch your blockchain project.

Blockchain consulting Receive expert advice on blockchain’s compatibility with your business, suitable use cases, implementation of the distributed ledger, and more.

Kick-start your blockchain solution Leverage the Monetha Platform—our powerful and flexible technology for developing on the distributed ledger—to quickly start your blockchain experimentation. With the platform and the know-how, you will be able to launch a decentralized identity, supply chain, frictionless data exchange, or other solution in as quickly as four to eight weeks.

Security all your sensitive information is encrypted using state of art cryptography. Only you can grant access to it. Securely exchange this data without intermediary and without worrying it will be compromised.

Exchange Information about the execution of public projects is often scattered across multiple departments. Collaboration is hard and frequently requires implementing various APIs and security layers. With blockchain, companies can simply propagate data to a secure shared network and ensure that only the intended partners can access it.

Technology through better efficiency, accountability, and information flow, blockchain has the power to immensely improve a range of areas.

Supply Chain

  • Improve the traceability of goods by creating a shared network among the participants.
  • Ensure transparency throughout the entire supply chain with verifiable and tamper-proof data evidences.
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork to cut costs and expedite processes.
  • Increase trust between manufacturers and suppliers with an evidence-based scoring system.

Health Care

  • Securely manage the health data of patients through a decentralized database to minimize data tampering risks.
  • Ensure interoperability among medical service providers with portable electronic health records and a secure channel for exchanging sensitive information.
  • Increase privacy by giving patients ownership and control over their health data.
  • Incentivize patient behavior with micro-payments.
  • Verify the authenticity of drugs by tracing their movement from the source to the end customer.

Business consortiums

  • Increase interoperability with a shared blockchain-based infrastructure among stakeholders.
  • Securely and directly exchange data with verifiable proofs but without disclosing the contents.
  • Greatly simplify system integrations by doing away with APIs and extra security layers.
  • Protect data from breaches by storing it on a distributed ledger instead of centralized silos.
  • Reduce fraud by introducing transferable digital identities with an evidence-based scoring mechanism.


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