Moneyrebel Ico Review : Entrance to crypto powered by AI and a marketplace of advisors

About Moneyrebel is a financial platform that acts as a marketplace. It brings together crypto-skilled advisors and newcomers who want to explore the world of crypto. Ratings of advisors are stored on the blockchain, eliminating the problem of trust between counterparties. Banking as we know it began changing almost at the same time as crypto emerged, especially in Europe. The adoption of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) set the stage for open banking. It will enable the entry of third-party providers and FinTech companies by providing standardized access to customer data and banking infrastructure. New business models will thrive, and so will a range of completely new banking services. Moneyrebel.ico will explore that.

Moneyrebel.ico as a FinTech start-up with a team of wealth management, financial coaching, and banking professional, company partnered with a group of highly skilled tech individuals and crypto specialists to make managing money tasks completely trivial. The Moneyrebel (MR) Platform is designed like a set of independent, well-connected products.The foundation existed beforehand since the founders of the MR Platform previously developed and successfully introduced two of the products (MR Advisor and MR Portfolio) on their home market, Slovenia. Moneyrebel.ico decided to spin off the technology to pursue scaling opportunities for their current business and to upgrade and automate the set of features and processes.

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Basic Information

  • Note: €2.3 million already reached in pre-ICO crowdsale
  • Total target (hard cap): €24 million (all periods)
  • MRP ICO price of token: 1 MRP = €0.05
  • Minimum contribution: 0.2 ETH
  • Maximum contribution per person: €300,000.00
  • Contributions accepted in currencies: Ethereum (ETH)
  • Crowdsale start: May 8th, 2018 at 13:00 UTC
  • Crowdsale end: 1 week after crowdsale start or sooner if hard cap reached

Business model

The MR Platform consists of multiple products that will be built within the same technical framework. Some of them will be free to use, and for some, will charge transactional or recurring fees.

Revenue streams: Let’s look at the revenue streams which will cover the running costs of the MR Platform. As you can see from the diagram below, most of the fees are recurring.

In-app purchases (transactional): One revenue stream will be generated through sales of company merchandise products such as books, tickets, and seminars, or even partner products like investment funds, insurances etc.

Fees on the marketing of advisors (recurring): Advisory firms similar to company founders’ wealth management firm Vezovišek & Partners will pay a marketing fee to publish their advisors on the platform. When listed, they will receive inquiries from users. This way, the MR Platform will function as a marketplace for financial advisors.

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Moneyrebel strongly believes in a company project. But, there are times when one could use a bit of help. The company will award bounty tokens to all crowdfund participants who will help us promote the project in some way.
Bounty pool: 4% of all tokens issued Bounties will be awarded for:
• Telegram campaign
• Beta release testing
• Affiliate program


A bonus up to 10% and a PriorityPass with a guaranteed contribution allocation can be obtained. Please follow Moneyrebel Telegram group and our web page for more information.
The total number of issued tokens: will be known within a few hours after the end of the ICO. The mathematical formula is: = Tokens issued in PRECIO + potential airdrop + (ETH received in ICO x (ETH/EUR) conv.rate x 20 x bonus 10%) / 0.60.

Potential Airdrop
ETH and BTC prices are very volatile. From November 8th, when Moneyrebel have successfully closed PERICO, they rose quite substantially. Moneyrebel decided to compensate this price volatility and airdrop tokens to the company early supporters according to this Airdrop factor formula:

Token Allocation






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