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Moonsama : In this article, we cover a detailed review of Moonsama. How does Moonsama NFT Platform work & Are important features?

About Moonsama

The dynamic and blooming Moonsama ecosystem is a centre that satisfies a variety of needs and interests. They provides a wide variety of possibilities that enthral and engage users in extraordinary ways, ranging from captivating metaverses to ground-breaking technologies. A remarkable team of over 30 professionals, including accomplished developers and creative visionaries, is at the centre of this thriving ecosystem.

They collaborate hard to push the limits of creativity and innovation, drawing on their combined knowledge to create fresh, thrilling experiences. The team’s inclusion of an art studio enriches The depth by encouraging the creation of distinctive and beautiful material. With their combined efforts, They offers useful functionality in addition to immersive and fascinating experiences.

Basic Details Of Moonsama NFT Platform

Basic Details
NFT Platform Name Moonsama
Program Commission Rate0.00%
Helpcenter Click Here To Visit External Website
Official Website Url Click Here To Visit External Website

What are NFTs?

Blockchain technology is used to create the distinctive digital assets known as NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are indivisible and cannot be swapped like-for-like like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are fungible and can be exchanged one-to-one. Each NFT differs from other tokens in terms of value and particular qualities. Various sorts of digital or physical assets, including as works of art, collectibles, music, films, virtual real estate, and more, can be represented by NFTs.

Given that the ownership and transaction history of the NFT are recorded on a public blockchain ledger, they offer a means of demonstrating the ownership and authenticity of a digital object. This makes it possible for producers, artists, and collectors to exchange and trade digital assets in a safe manner. NFTs have gained significant popularity in recent years, attracting attention in the art world and beyond, with high-profile sales and auctions capturing headlines.


Moonsama Multiverse Portal

The Web 3.0 tool and protocol for NFT 2.0 utility. It’s deployable on any EVM blockchain and makes NFTs multichain-ready, connecting them across different games, metaverses and blockchains. Also allows any digital space or game to become blockchain-ready by enabling the bridging of digital assets and in-game items between worlds.

Exosama Network

The layer 1 EVM-compatible blockchain is governed by Moonsama NFT holders. This blockchain underpins our whole ecosystem. It will be integrated with our upcoming layer 1 Moonsama blockchain on Polkadot.

Moonsama Battle Engine

A game engine offering auto-chess-style battles used in Pondsama game. Due to its modular nature it’s possible to integrate it into other metaverses in the future.

Moonsama Multiverse Chat

The tech stack for exchanging messages between Discord, Telegram and the Pondsama metaverse. It allows communication between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 on the platform of your choice.

Token Factory

Token Factory is a smart contract that mints resources. These can act as ERC-1155 and ERC-20 tokens to be traded on both NFT marketplaces and DEXs.


An interface to mint new NFT items from resources collected while playing our games. These new item NFTs can adapt to the metaverse they are used in and are fully tradeable.

Sama Box

An on-chain NFT loot box protocol. Upon opening a loot box, a randomized NFT is generated from a predefined list.


SEPT 2021 The collection and marketplace launched three days after the idea was born

OCT 2021 Carnage metaverse, resources and Multiverse Portal

APR 2022 Townhall in metaverse governance implemented

APR 2022 Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum and Polkadot, showed his support

JUN 2022 They introduced the NFT 2.0 standard




In conclusion, the Moonsama ecosystem stands as a dynamic and compelling destination, providing a multitude of offerings that cater to diverse interests. From captivating metaverses to cutting-edge technologies, Moonsama consistently delivers experiences that are both distinctive and memorable. The team of over 30 skilled individuals, comprising developers, artists, and an art studio, lies at the heart of this vibrant ecosystem.

Through their collective expertise and creativity, they breathe life into new experiences and utility, catering to the needs and desires of users and creators alike. Moonsama’s commitment to innovation and its ability to push boundaries ensure that it remains a leading force in providing unique and engaging experiences within its thriving community.


What is the Moonsama ecosystem?

The Moonsama ecosystem is a vibrant and diverse platform that encompasses a range of offerings, including metaverses and innovative technologies. It aims to provide unique and immersive experiences for users and creators alike.

What can I find in the Moonsama ecosystem?

Within the Moonsama ecosystem, you can explore captivating metaverses that offer virtual worlds with limitless possibilities. Additionally, you will find a host of innovative technologies, art studios, and a talented team of over 30 individuals comprising developers and artists.

How does Moonsama bring new experiences to life?

Moonsama’s team of developers and artists, along with the dedicated art studio, work collaboratively to bring fresh and captivating experiences to the ecosystem. They leverage their expertise and creativity to develop and implement cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that users and creators can enjoy innovative and engaging content.

What is the role of the art studio within the Moonsama ecosystem?

The art studio within the Moonsama ecosystem serves as a hub for creativity and visual expression. It plays a pivotal role in developing visually stunning content, ensuring that the ecosystem offers captivating and unique experiences to its users and creators.

How does Moonsama benefit users and creators?

Moonsama caters to the needs of both users and creators by providing a diverse range of experiences and utility. Users can explore immersive metaverses, interact with digital assets, and participate in a thriving community. Creators, on the other hand, can showcase their talent, monetize their work, and collaborate with like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive and creative environment.

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