Morpheus.Network ICO Review : An Integrated Cryptocurrency Payment System

About Morpheus.Network

Morpheus.Network was designed in consultation with some of world’s largest shipping, customs & banking firms to create a full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system utilizing blockchain technology. are part of the Blockchain Transport Alliance – members include FedEX, UPS, SAP, Penske, JD Logistics, Salesforce, Convoy, etc.

Basic Information

Token Name Morpheus.Network
Token Symbol MORPH
Social Media Morpheus.Network ICO Review : An Integrated Cryptocurrency Payment SystemMorpheus.Network ICO Review : An Integrated Cryptocurrency Payment SystemMorpheus.Network ICO Review : An Integrated Cryptocurrency Payment System
Soft cap 1,800,000 USD
Hard cap 36,000,000 USD
Token for sale 72,000,000 MORPH
Country Seychelles
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Morpheus.Network begins building out business requirements based on individual industry experience and one-on-one interviews with potential customers. As platform requirements are constructed and the product definition finalizes, Morpheus.Network is staffed with team members that deliver a high level of expertise in their respective fields. Initially brought on as Lead Advisor, Roger Crook, ex-CEO of DHL, Global Forwarding, Freight joins Morpheus.Network as a full team member.

Several Alliances

Morpheus.Network joins several alliances, including the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, which include top names in transport such as Fedex, UPS, SAP, Salesforce and more; Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative; and the Trusted IoT Alliance, which connects Internet of Things (IoT) technology with blockchain. To further secure and reinforce the platform’s safety and reliability for users, key partnerships are made with highly innovative firms in various segments of technology.



Developed the architecture for the middleware platform. Created first Digital Footprint for connecting and automating end-to-end supply chain, including origin, tracking and tracing, custody and compliance, and payments. By radically improving upon the experience of supply chain managers, saving them both time and money. Together with leading importers and exporters, Morpheus.Network has analyzed several compelling use cases with disconnected flows massive pain points.


This pilot includes a Chinese manufacturer, a North American distributor, an automotive exporter in Russia, and an avocado exporter from Mexico. Generating, storing, and sharing documents for customs compliances and automated logistics allow for greater efficiencies for importers, exporters, distributors, and manufacturers. To strengthen the safety and security of supply chains, Morpheus.Network is able to access, store, and share documents on the blockchain.

Fraud Protection

Consumer brands in the perfume, cosmetics, and luxury segments are able to create a Digital Footprint to integrate the data of raw material manufacturing, transportation, marketing, and PoS process; and then record this information on the blockchain. The Digital Footprint can be scanned using a QR code or RFID tags that has been printed on packaging, individually labeled, and attached on physical containers such as bottle top, cork, or foil – and hashed on blockchain.

Future Steps

Scale to Product-Market-Fit. Build a brand. Multiple uses cases, verticals, and geography. Grow customers, transactions and revenues 3T2D.  Further expansion includes Value Added Resellers (VAR) and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that can integrate the platform to their solutions. By selling to end users, partners can also develop their own integrated modules within the Morpheus.Network ecosystem to meet their supply chain requirements.

Financial Projections

Financial projections include up to 100 customers signed and using the platform by 2021, generating $6M in annual platform revenue (APR); and up to 3000 customers signed and using the platform by 2024, generating $100M in APR. However, note that these are targets and the volatility of the market, the uncertainty of adoption by users and other factors such as independently conducted negotiations with all customers and solution providers may dramatically impact the actual customer and revenue numbers.




Dan Weinberger CO-FOUNDER & CEO



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