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Mycreditchain Ico Review : Building Trust with Your Data


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About Mycreditchain

MyCreditChain (MCC) aims to solve the problem of monopolization of personal information and establish a fair ground of personal information market, where every individual owns his/her own information and where producers and consumers meet on a minimal cost. MCC aims its focus first on the personal credit information and providing credit scoring.

Basic Information

Token NameMyCreditChain
Token SymbolMCC
Social MediaMycreditchain Ico Review : Building Trust with Your DataMycreditchain Ico Review : Building Trust with Your DataMycreditchain Ico Review : Building Trust with Your Data
Hard cap40,000 ETH (18,027,600 USD)
Soft cap5,000 ETH (2,253,450 USD)
ResectionNo restriction
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WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

MCC returns the ownership of personal information back to the owner

With the person’s approval and authentication, MCC’s state of art scrapping engine
gathers personal data from official and commercial websites and packages for data
search. Personal information managed by MCC is accurate and diverse. Most up-todate
and accurate Data from diverse sources will unlock the limits of traditional
credit rating models.

MCC democratizes the accessibility to personal credit information

MCC is ablockchain of big data containing personal credit information of all participants. This open platform of data can create level-ground for various companies toward consumer-oriented markets in financial services and other retail sectors. Anyone or
any company can come into MCC network and use the data with MCC tokens.

MCC is a market network

The contains both data owners and data users of personal information as well as product consumers and producers of financial and other products. Consumers and producers can meet each other with high accuracy and a minimal cost in MCC network. With various APIs and SDKs to be provided by MCC, the information can be processed and applicable to areas such as credit evaluation, online document submission, asset status analysis, smart contract, survey and electronic voting.

MCC will bring a market creating innovation for financial services

MCC gives new business opportunities to many companies without its own means
of gathering personal information data. MCC can provide individuals with a platform
to implement true P2P businesses. In the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI
will be used substantial in MCC platform. The vast amount of data in MCC platform
will provide valuable data for AI applications. In this MCC ecosystem, participants
regain their ownership of their own information, create their own credit and build
their inter-personal business ecosystem. MCC will truly be a fertile and level ground
for people and companies as well as AI applications..


Brining the ownership of and control over personal data back to data subjects

The MCC’s user consent platform enables a data subject to exercise the full ownership and control over his/her personal data. With this unique feature, an individual can easily manage their own data and receive a fair compensation from the data consumer.

MyCreditChain builds a marketplace where corporations can get a proper access to most up-to date and accurate data

Corporations can get hands on massive potential consumer data in the MCC Ecosystem. The data provided within the ecosystem is in scope and depth unseen before because individuals are willing to reveal their own preferences, the most effective and wanted marketing tool for corporations, due to the MyCreditChain’s incentive mechanism.

Secured personal and credit data handling and management

The data handled in the MyCreditChain ecosystem will be encrypted and stored in a distributed database. The data will be kept secure since there is no centralized platform to be hacked, and it is automatically deleted after the data is being used.



Jaebong Yang FOUNDER & CE

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