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Mytradetoken Ico Review: Leverging Of Blockchain Technology To Provide A Decentralized Bartering

About Mytradetoken

The purpose of Mytradetoken Pre- TGE round is to ascertain community interest regarding the platform and obtain pre-seed funds for the aggressive marketing strategy plan. This will allow to avoid traditional venture capital funding, and still obtain some leverage before launching the full-blown TGE. Firstly, you will be one of the early investors showing company your support and enthusiasm about the project. Secondly, you will be able to buy the tokens at a bargain price. Do NOT use exchange wallets addresses such as Poloniex, Binance, Kraken, Jaxx, Tokenomi, Tokenbase, etc. If you transfer ETH from these wallets it will result in an irreversible loss of funds. Please make sure you use ETC20 token compatible wallets such as Mist, MyEtherWallet, or Metamask. The company will release an instruction paper and transaction details on the first day of the TGE.

Basic Information

Token symbolMYTC
Social MediaMytradetoken Ico Review: Leverging Of Blockchain Technology To Provide A Decentralized BarteringMytradetoken Ico Review: Leverging Of Blockchain Technology To Provide A Decentralized BarteringMytradetoken Ico Review: Leverging Of Blockchain Technology To Provide A Decentralized Bartering
Total token supply
112,000,000 MYTC
Soft Cap3,500 ETH
Hard Cap17,800 ETH
Payment methodETH
Min Purchase0.1 ETH
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


They are charged with excessive high exchange fees, controlled through a centralized ledger, the value of the trade dollar is devalued because of limited members who cannot trade with each other due to constraints. The problem is that business, especially the small-medium businesses can only barter/trade with members who they know and are locally located near them.


MYTC Intends to create a decentralized platform for all small and medium enterprises to use a common currency to conduct reciprocal trade/barter with each other. MYTC is about helping you with your barter/trade while you focus on the cash and everyday sales. They are not looking to disrupt your business but here to help you improve your business through the use of digital cash on the revolutionary blockchain technology.


Expand your horizons

Allow for all businesses small to large to barter/trade with each other without boundaries and centralization.

Low exchange rates

Enjoy extremely low exchange rates compared to existing platforms. Current exchanges charge approximately 5%-6% per transactions. Mytradetoken platform will propose a charge of only 0.5% -1% per transaction.

Gain New Customers

Gain potential new customers by opening new markets with other members from other platforms. Every new customer brought to you by the My Trade Token community brings new income on top of what you’re already receiving, which will help to increase your profit margins.

Improve Your Cash Flow

My Trade Token adds another dimension to your enterprise by giving you the freedom to accept barter/ trade dollars to attract new customers and increase your sales. You will also have more money to operate, expand and invest back in the business.

Move Excess Stock

My Trade Token is the easiest way to sell your excess or slow-moving stock without heavy discounting. If your business experiences seasonal markets, barter/trade provides a pro table way to use the inventory on a regular basis.

Cash Convert

You will be able to resell inventories or stock bought from other business on barter/trade to your cash customers, helping you increase cash flow and profitability.

Back up your investments

Enjoy the use of a digital token that is backed up by millions of users and business traders around the world.

Decentralized application

Enable members to trade locally, nationally and internationally with each other in a cashless society with the comfort that all trades are transparent and secure using immutable smart contracts.


Widen you options

Pay for goods and services with another form of currency, which is accepted by multiple merchants and users across the globe.

Control your risks

Holding onto Mytradetoken Tokens you will be able to purchase real goods and services and assets, which are backed by members and users within the MYTC, ecosystem. You will avoid inflation and stagflation of your MYTC Tokens.


Take advantage of latest deals being offered by trading members locally, nationally and globally.

Welcome new platforms

Expand your options as Mytradetoken integrate new platforms seamlessly. As company add new ecosystems, you will be able to interact with new merchants and close deals that you could not reach before.

How it works

  • MYTC Merchants shall offer their goods and services through the MYTC platform
  • Buyers will have the ability to purchase these goods and services and pay the merchants with MYTC Tokens.
  • The merchants will be able to then save or spend those tokens with other merchants within the MTYC ecosystem.
  • Members will be able to access their tokens anywhere in the world and barter/trade with anyone around the world.

The community will be able to access merchants/businesses that will provide products and services that will provide a transparent transaction from the sale of their goods and services. Through the innovative technology, there will be less likely of fraud transactions and reliable of the delivery of the products and services to the community.

Token Generation Event

  • Bartering over $10 Billion per year
  • The ability to pay for every day good and services, which is currently not possible with other crypto tokens.
  • A token is backed by participating merchants and the trade/barter dollar
  • Product Development and platform complete at ending 2018
  • Tokens to be listed with Major exchanges globally

MYTC Token

  • The total amount of MYTC token created will be 300,000,000.
  • The company will not mint any additional tokens ever
  • Bounties tokens will be transferred after the Token generation event
  • The company reserve will be available to merchants to purchase coins with barter coins


Mytradetoken target for the pre-TGE is 1,500 ETH, and the hard cap is set to 5,000 ETH. If you want to be part of the preliminary token offering please subscribe on the company website, to receive notifications and updates about the crowd sale and project milestones. Remember the number of tokens for the pre-TGE is limited, once the hard cap is reached the company will not be able to offer the tokens for the same price and bonus.


John Tu 
Behrad Izadi
Jose Alvarado
Dr. Kenneth Yap
Paul Lopez 
Andres Arevalo
Jade Clarke
John Nguyen

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