Nagricoin Ico Review :Smart Contracts For Smart Fertilizers

About Nagricoin

The Nagricoin Project offers an opportunity to invest in NGR tokens, issued to finance a global expansion.
The NGR token is backed by a real product – the distribution of which will begin in one of the largest agricultural markets!

The Nagri project provides an opportunity to invest in Nagricoin’s tokens, (a crypto currency), issued to
finance the development of a global market agricultural sector project (Initial Token Offering). Nagricoin
investors will be able to buy tokens at a significant discount, (see ITO section), which will enable them to fix
the spread as soon as the tokens sale is initiated.
The key advantage of Nagricoin is that it is one of the few ITOs in the real sector of the economy. The basic
asset of this token is the Nagri product, which has been in development for more than 7 years. Nagri is the
newest organic composite formulation of microelements and antioxidants that stimulates plant growth. One
can find it’s broadest application in the agricultural sector and plant cultivation around the world to increase
yields and improve the quality of almost all crops.
Nagri can be attributed to both the sector of organic fertilizers and the sector of micro element fertilizers,
which currently finds itself in the rapid growth phase of 8.2% annum.
During the past seven years, 5 million USD was spent on active research and field tests to gauge Nagri’s
effectiveness. Tests were conducted in more than 10 countries, including Brazil, Uruguay, Pakistan, Turkey,
Jordan, Italy, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The research involved large private agricultural holdings,
as well as state research centres and laboratories of various countries.
The results of testing showed that Nagri increases the yield of different crops from 10% to 30%, depending
on the geographical area of cultivation and weather conditions. At the same time, an increase in yield was
also observed with the addition of Nagri to almost all known combinations of fertilizers and plant protection
Along with the increase in yield, applying Nagri significantly improves the quality of virtually all crops.
Namely, it reduces the amounts of harmful substances while increasing the content of nutrients in them.
For example, when using Nagri, it is possible to reduce the level of nitrates in tomatoes, cabbage and other
vegetables by more than 50%. Nagri was also able to increase the gluten content in wheat by 30%, which
improves the wheat variety and consequently, its sale price.

Basic Information

Token symbolNGR
Social Media
Language English
Exchange rate1 NGR = 0,003 ETH
Acceptable currenciesETH, BTC,
Soft cap $500 000
Hard cap$22,000,000
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

History And Project Development

A brief history of the Nagri project’s development and plans for further development are presented below.


Initiation of Nagri scientific development by Vitaliy Smirnov, Professor of Biology (Moscow, Russia).


Field testing in different countries and product improvement, as well as market research and business strategy development. About 5 million USD was invested in development and field testing. Field tests were conducted in different climate zones of various countries.


Obtaining certificates and permits from government agencies to be able to sell Nagri to farming companies in Brazil, Italy


Establishment of production in Brazil (10 million litres of Nagri per year). Establishment of production in Europe (Bulgaria) (5 million litres of Nagri per year). Distribution of trial batches of Nagri to potential customers for field testing. Testing by farming companies — potential customers in Europe.


Beginning of active sales in Brazil and Europe. Start of expansion into other key markets.


Project reaches operational self-sufficiency.

Key features of Nagri and its competitive advantages

Nagri is an environmentally friendly composite fertilizer introduced by seed pelleting, root system watering and plant spray. It increases the growth rate and the yield, improves the appearance and nutritional properties of all types of crops.

Key competitive advantages of Nagri

Stimulates plant growth rate and increases yield by 10-30%. Increases absorption of all necessary minerals and trace elements by plants. Increases content of vitamins, sucrose and other nutrients in fruits and vegetables.
Intensifies metabolic processes in plant cells and reduces the amount of nitrates by 50%. Enables the development of a powerful root system. Strengthens the immune space is missing, helps to fight diseases and increases the shelf life of the crop. Improves plant’s drought endurance. Reduces acidity.
Improves soil structure and stimulates development of space is missing, that contributes effectively to the humun rejuvenation process. Prevents absorption of technological pollution products by plants (mercury, lead, pesticides, etc.).
Can be used at all stages of growth — from seed treatment to spraying along with the already applied combination of fertilizers and plant protection products.
Not a competitor to large players on the market or a substitute for any other products made by large companies but rather used in addition to these products.
Does not require farming companies to invest in equipment, as it can be applied by machinery already used to apply common fertilizers and plant protection products.
Produced from known components readily available on the market, while having significant copy protection due to the proprietary formula for producing a composite. Although, is it theoretically possible to find the components to produce a copy of Nagri, it would require many years of research and testing.
Can be produced locally in all markets, while the deployment of production can be organized in a very short space of time and will require relatively small capital expenditure.
Has a low cost, which makes it possible to achieve high economic benefits. Has a low operating cost for use, including logistics and storage costs, since it can be transported and stored as a highly concentrated substance that is diluted with water just before use. The finished product has a long shelf life and can be prepared in the required amount for sowing, etc.
Absolutely non-toxic and safe for humans and animals.

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Market trends

According to research provided in professional and scientific articles, supported by expert opinions in various countries,the following conclusions were drawn about trends in the fertilizer and plant protection products market.

Stimulants of plant growth are becoming increasingly popular, as they improve the yield and quality of agricultural products. The size of the world market of organic fertilizers in 2016 was 17 million tonnes, or 5.7 billion USD, and the cumulative annual increase is expected to be approximately 7% till 2025. Usually the demand defines the production… Either I didn’t understand what was the meaning of this, or it needs to be removed. According to forecasts, by the end of 2017 the micro fertilizers market will reach 5.83 billion USD, and by 2022 — 8.81 billion USD with average annual growth of 8.6%. According to estimates, the market capacity will reach 1,681,100 tonnes by 2022. This is mentioned in the study provided by the MarketsandMarkets agency, according to data.


Evgeniy Kozarenko            CEO
Vitaliy Smirnov                   Project role: Head of research and development department of the                                               company
Valentina Smirnova            Project role: research and development
Yevgeniy Kozarenko          Project role: CEO
Andrey Samoletov             Project role: Сo-founder

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