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NATEE ICO Review : NATEE’s platform can empower a new generation



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NATEE’s platform can empower a new generation of smartphone users to earn passive income while awake, or asleep by simply downloading a mobile app. An innovative way has recently been developed by NATEE to safely capture various part of your mobile devices’ performance, redundantly and with dynamic scalability. It can share memory capacity and processing capacity. The NATEE platform bridges these shared capacities and commoditizes computer power in a coordinated way.

Basic Information

Token NameNATEE
Token SymbolNATEE
Social Media NATEE ICO Review : NATEE’s platform can empower a new generation NATEE ICO Review : NATEE’s platform can empower a new generation NATEE ICO Review : NATEE’s platform can empower a new generation
Soft Cap3,630,000 USD
Hard Cap21,800,000 USD
ResectionNo restrictions
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For View website


A vast digital influx of critical data emerges daily, yet our reach to such capacity is challenged to keep afloat. It all stems from “Big Data” commercial applications, and exponential growth of ambitious scientific research. NATEE seek to understand everything and everyone – from subatomic particles, to analysis of DNA genomes, social behavior and the outer limits of astrophysics and cosmology. From the “micro” to the NATEE’sinsatiable computational needs kept spiraling out of control.


Few realize the implications of emerging raw computational powers that modern smartphones now possess. Exceptional core CPUs on the new iPhoneTM or SamsungTM devices “show off” blazing performances with superior GPU (Graphics Processor Units) speeds to 60% of desktop home computers and exhibiting impressive on-board memory as well. The astounding powers of today’s smartphones continue to amaze the public with ever accelerating performance and novel capabilities.



Smartphones are severely under-utilized. Like cars in a garage, most of the time these devices sit idle on standby an estimated 90% of the time; and especially as users are asleep. Presently, this untapped compute potential is untradeable and goes mostly wasted. The same for other mobile devices such as Tablets, IoTxi (Internet of Things), FOGxii / Edgexiii routers, and POSxiv (Points of Sale), boxes. Collectively, this pool of latent resources is 1,000 times the size of Amazon’s global cloudxv.


The goal of grid computingxvi is simply to merge computers and their processors (CPUs) from distributed geographic locations towards a common computational goal. It is a field of
computer science that aims to speed up the processing of large datasets by chopping the data into small chunks and sending each part out to a different computer for processing. By running the same software over different compute resources in parallelxvii tasks that would take years on a single computer can be completed in days.


By leveling a tilted economic playing field, blockchain innovations have a power to create
financial freedoms, tokenized micropayments, and thus an opportunity for ordinary people to prosper. Unleashing smart phones on grid computing markets has mass potential, and can earn immediate revenue streams for all classes of people.NATEE has built a bridge to huge profits, which can now be shared by everyday people with a mobile devices and internet. A smartphone’s CPU core computing and storage are often severely under-utilized, and so offers a great potential for CPU harvesting profits. Now earning income from the NATEE platform across grid computing networks at any time their mobile device is turned “on” and connected to the internet. Profits come even if the device is in use, or the smartphone user is asleep.


A small handful of elites control the prosperity and economic realities of the majority. The blockchain community has been yearning for a new kind of Autonomous Digital Sharing Economy based on DLT and SEP. Everyday people seek an authentic open ecosystem that works for everyone – even newcomers to smartphones. The ability to freely partake in the lucrative computational outsourcing industry is a social justice issue. NATEE is emphasizing the need for egalitarianism society with equal opportunity and low barriers of entry.  priority is to derive profit for the less fortunate, while giving to science. NATEE’s platform and mobile app can elevate lower-middle class lives to greater prosperity.


Corporations and scientific researchers foment Big Data by capturing trillions of bytes of
information. These massive pools of data are captured every second, to be communicated,
aggregated, stored, and analyzed. Humans have the unique ability to develop insights, review data, determine next steps, and think creatively. In contrast, computers excel at processing, storing and explaining this information. Big Data is a category applied to a wide range of uses, in a wide range of industries and efforts. There is no single big data product or application or technology. Big Data is defined simply as datasets that can’t fit into a simple database network because they are too large to handle. Usually petabytes of data need to be filtered, groomed and worked on well after it is sampled; in other worlds asynchronously. Examples include R&D projects that analyze massive datasets, often from live streams.



Nuttapong Wong-Aree CEO & CO-FOUNDER
Samret Wajanasathian CTO & CO-FOUNDER
Eakkarach Pusuwan COO / CO-FOUNDER

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