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Netcoins Crypto Exchange : In this article, we cover a detailed review of Netcoins Crypto. How does Netcoins Crypto work & Are important features?

About Netcoins Review

The Netcoins platform, which was founded in 2014 to meet the demands of its clients located all over the world, is one of the oldest and greatest cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada (Vancouver).

In its early years, Netcoins served over 170,000 retailers worldwide on three continents as a provider of Virtual Bitcoin ATM Solutions. Additionally, it provided private brokerage services for significant institutional crypto investors. Soon later, under the parent firm BIGG Digital Assets, Netcoins began to operate as a reputable cryptocurrency trading platform and became a publicly traded corporation.

As a result, compared to many other crypto exchanges in the market, the company’s operations are far more open. It debuted its own OTC (over-the-counter) trading desk and the web-based Netcoins software for cryptocurrency trading.

Information Table

Exchange Name Netcoins Exchange
Exchange Service Spot and futures trading
Exchange Launch Year2014
Made InCanada
Mobile App Android & IOS
Fiat Option Available
2FA SecurityAvailable
Withdraw FeeDepends on Currency
Transactions Fees0.50%
Deposit Fee Free
SupportEmail & Live Chat Option Available
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How To Register At Netcoins Review ?

To register for an account on Netcoins, follow these steps:

Click the “Sign Up” button on the Netcoins website at

Put your contact information, such as your full name, email address, and password, in the registration form. Click the “Register” button after accepting the terms and conditions.

By clicking the link delivered to your email inbox, you can confirm your email address.

To finish the verification procedure, provide other details such as your phone number and identification documentation.

Log into your account after it has been validated, then add money to your Netcoins wallet. You can accomplish this by selecting the “Deposit” button and then adhering to the guidelines.

You can start buying and trading cryptocurrencies on the Netcoins platform after making a deposit of cash.

How To Verify Your Netcoins Account ?

There is no mandatory verification at Netcoins , but you can pass it if you wish. At the moment, the only restriction imposed on unverified users is the withdrawal Fee of 0.001 BTC per day. In the future, depending on the actions of regulatory authorities, conditions may change.

For verification, you can use one of four documents to choose from: passport, driver’s license, identity card or residence permit. Artificial intelligence is used to evaluate the authenticity of documents. This service is provided by the Onfido online identification service, already used by the Bitstamp, Revolut platforms.

How To Buy Crypto Or Deposit Crypto At Netcoins Crypto Exchange ?

There are two main options for topping up your balance on Netcoins Exchange. Firstly, you can buy cryptocurrency with a bank card – it’s fast and convenient. Go to the ” Buy crypto ” -> ” Buy crypto with a credit card ” section.

Choose a cryptocurrency (currently there are 13 coins available for purchase in this way). Enter the amount and select the fiat currency to be used for payment.

Agree to the terms and confirm the transition to the site of the payment provider. Enter information about the card and its owner, confirm the transaction. Cryptocurrency will be credited to the exchange account within a few minutes.

Second Method

You can transfer digital assets to the balance of the exchange from any external crypto wallet. For this:

  • Go to the “Deposit” section from the “Assets” menu.
  • From the drop-down list, you can select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit into your account.
  • The wallet address will appear. You need to copy it and send funds to it from another wallet or exchange. Please note that only bitcoin can be sent to bitcoin addresses, similarly with other coins.
  • You can also click “Show QR code” – for transfers from a mobile wallet, this is a more convenient option.

How To Withdraw Crypto Asset From Netcoins Exchange ?

Having completed all the necessary trading operations, it’s time to withdraw the received assets to an external wallet. Go to ” Assets ” -> ” Withdraw “. Please note that the operation is only available after enabling two-factor authentication in the settings. This is for added security and requires less than a minute, so don’t neglect this measure.

Select a cryptocurrency and enter the withdrawal amount. Each coin has its own withdrawal fee, for example, for BTC it is 0.00057 BTC. Click ” Output “. By default, the exchange processes applications three times a day, however, hourly withdrawals are available for Premium users. Also, the time of receipt of the cryptocurrency is affected by the workload of the blockchain network.

How To Secure Your Netcoins Account ?

Also remember to go to the Security tab and activate two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app.

Netcoins Review Fees

The cost of using Netcoins is simple; traders should anticipate paying a fixed trading fee of 0.50% for each deal they make on the platform. Additionally, there are no fees associated with any deposits made using fiat money or cryptocurrency. Additionally, there are no fees associated with withdrawals; nevertheless, blockchain fees are incurred when withdrawing cryptocurrency to another platform or a cold wallet. In such situations, the following cryptocurrency withdrawal costs apply:-

0.0005 BTC in bitcoin
20 USDT Tether
$0.02 in XRP
Bitcoin: 0.005 ETH
1 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
LTC = 0.02 Litecoin

Spread of Netcoins Review

In addition to the 0.50% trading commission fee, Netcoins also charges a spread that is calculated between the listed price and the price of the cryptocurrency at the time it is purchased. Therefore, with this spread, the total fees range from 1% to 1.5% when purchasing cryptocurrency on Netcoins. Compared to other Canadian cryptocurrency trading apps, Netcoins levies a typical spread on the quoted price.

Netcoins Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Netcoins allows its users to fund their accounts with both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies; users can choose from the following methods:-

  • Bank Wire transfer– minimum limit USD 500.
  • E-transfer- minimum limit USD 10.
  • Online bill payment- minimum limit USD 50 available for Scotia bank, credit union users, or BMO.
  • Cryptocurrency transfer – BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, USDT, and QCAD.

In terms of withdrawals, This enables its registered users to sell their crypto holdings and move them either to the built-in wallet of the exchange or to their personal wallets that are not under Netcoins’ control. Although doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees, every withdrawal performed on the platform is subject to blockchain costs.

Users of the exchange’s website can easily find the ‘Withdrawal’ area under the main menu and follow the onscreen instructions as they appear to make withdrawals. If customers choose to buy cryptocurrencies using a bank card and fiat currency, Netcoins also supports a Simplex Integration. The users’ private wallets will be directly credited with the cryptocurrency currencies.

Features Of Netcoins Crypto Exchange

Government Regulated

Government Regulated Netcoins has a registration with FINTRAC, an agency of the Canadian federal government.

Publicly Traded

Publicly Traded Netcoins is run by the BIGG Digital Assets, a publicly traded business that gives its users an additional measure of protection and assurance.


This is a suitable cryptocurrency exchange platform, mainly for beginners. However, advanced traders also find the platform very useful and convenient, according to the numerous Netcoins reviews.

Rapid Transaction Times

They allows its users to buy and sell their preferred crypto coins instantly on the platform. Both deposits and withdrawals happen quickly, and therefore users are no longer required to wait for long to get their crypto coins.

Utilizes forensic instruments

Utilizing blockchain forensic and analytical technologies like QLUE and BitRank, Netcoins strengthens security and protects the assets of its clients.

Superior Support

The customer service team responds quickly to inquiries and can be reached via phone, email, live chat, or other means. Additionally very active on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram is the support team.

Netcoins Cryptocurrency Exchange Pros & Cons


Simple to use: Netcoins offers an intuitive UI that makes it simple for new users to get around and trade cryptocurrencies.

Multiple payment methods are supported by Netcoins, offering customers freedom when financing their accounts. These methods include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.

Good customer service: They offers a variety of contact options, including phone, email, and live chat, to make sure users can easily obtain help when they need it.

Secure: To safeguard customers’ money and personal information, Netcoins employs cutting-edge security features like two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and cold storage.

Comparable fees: When compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, Netcoins offers quite comparable fees.


  1. Limited cryptocurrency options: The only supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies, which may not be sufficient for users who want to trade a broader range of digital assets.
  2. Geographical limitations: Netcoins is not available in all countries, limiting its accessibility to users in certain regions.
  3. Verification process: They requires users to complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process, which may take some time and may deter some users from using the platform.
  4. Trading limits: It has trading limits, which may be frustrating for users who want to trade large volumes of cryptocurrencies.
  5. No margin trading: They does not offer margin trading, which may be a drawback for experienced traders who want to leverage their positions.


In summary, Netcoins is a trustworthy and safe cryptocurrency exchange that provides a user-friendly interface, reasonable fees, and helpful customer assistance. It does, however, have several restrictions, including trade caps, a small number of supported cryptocurrencies, and geographic limitations.

Despite these shortcomings, This is a fantastic choice for customers who value security and dependable customer assistance as well as for newbies who want to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies with simplicity. Before using any cryptocurrency exchange, it is always advised to conduct your own research. Take into account aspects like fees, supported coins, and geographical limits before selecting a platform.

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